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Thalia’s Chicken Spaghetti Sauce

Thalia’s Chicken Spaghetti Sauce

A friend of mine, Thalia, gave my family (the Duggars) this recipe back several years ago. It’s quite tasty and great when you’re not looking to count the calories. lol And it’s another recipe that’s easy to throw together when feeding a crowd. This recipe feeds about 6-8 people.


2 lbs. angel hair noodles (cooked)



1 green bell pepper

1 onion

2 T. garlic

2 sticks butter*

1 can cream of mushroom

2 cans cream. of chicken

1 can tomato soup

1 can diced tomatoes

2 cans mild rotel

2 tsp. chicken boullion

4 cups chicken (diced, cooked), or 3 cans of chicken

salt & pepper to taste

In large skillet or pot, sauté peppers, onion and garlic with butter. Add remaining ingredients and simmer 20 min. stirring occasionally. Serve with about 2 lbs. cooked angel hair noodles!

*or olive oil



Disclaimer: Recipes on this site are a collection of our favorites. Some are our own recipes and others may have not originated on our site and/or have been adapted from other sites.


  1. Regina Shea

    This is a lovely recipe Jill. We like to can our own food so this would be easy to put together. Please keep posting recipes and IGNORE those people who regularly come here to criticize. They seem to be the same ones I noticed who should be blocked from commenting.

    And as far as the salt content that Vicky and Emma are complaining about there is such a thing as no salt canned items, reduced sodium bouillon and unsalted butter.

    Jill, if I used olive oil how much would I use? I’m “guesstimate” about 2TBS?

    • Jan

      Butter to oil conversion ratio is about 2:1.5, so two sticks of butter (1cup) would be 3/4 cup of oil!

  2. Brenda

    Hi Jill!

    Love your family! You are are so inspirational and uplifting!

    I made this last night but am confused since it did not look anything like your photo? It was a lot whiter and creamier. It tasted ok, although it was a bit on the salty side (good to keep our blood pressure from dropping too low, though! ) I followed your instructions to a tee. Did I do something wrong??? Please let me know.

    Love you all!

    • Derick & Jill

      Hey Brenda, I used the low sodium soups, so they don’t have as creamy of a look to them. 🙂

  3. Becky

    Jill, I’m looking forward to your big photo/video post for September! <3

    • Derick & Jill

      Working on it!

      • Becky

        That is good to hear! <3

  4. Regina Shea

    Jill, I wanted to tell you we I made a very scaled down version of your taco soup for dinner last night because we were out of everything. So I just threw together chicken, sauteed garlic, a couple of bouillon cubes, canned tomatoes, taco seasoning( homemade) and brown rice. My family liked it even though wasn’t your exact recipe.
    I even somehow was able to make tortillas! I hope the rest of your week is blessed!

  5. Gladys

    Jill, do you and Derick co-sleep with the boys? I’m raising my 2 granddaughters who are just a few years older than Israel & Samuel (6 & 4) and if you have any tips or advice on getting them to sleep in their own beds I’m all ears. I never had this problem with my daughter when she was a little girl so I’m sort of flying by the seat of my pants right now. And if anyone else wants to weigh in by all means I’m open to advice! 🙂

  6. Briar

    Hi Jill, I loved the idea of this recipe, I’d put peppers in everything if I could– but my husband has a stomach problem that prevents him from eating processing chemicals, so I whipped up a knock-off inspired from this recipe and he loved it! Even the kiddos enjoyed it, so thank you (and Thalia) for the inspiration!

    Here’s my version if anyone else has a similar problem as my husband,

    1lb spaghetti noodles, cooked

    2 chicken breasts, sauteed in butter, garlic salt & pepper to taste

    2 tablespoons of butter

    1 small onion, diced

    2 garlic cloves, minced

    1 green bell pepper, sliced into strips

    1 red bell pepper, sliced into strips

    1/2 cup of white mushrooms, sliced

    1/2 cup of chicken broth

    2 cups of spaghetti sauce

    garnished with fresh parsley and Parmesan cheese

    Cook the spaghetti as you normally would. Cook chicken breasts as you normally would as well, I like mine sauteed in butter, garlic salt and pepper. Let meat rest for a few minutes after cooking then chop it into bite sized chunks, set aside.

    Melt butter down in a pan, add onions, garlic, and peppers, cook until they start to sweat. Add the mushrooms and cook them until they start to soften up. Add the chicken stock and spaghetti sauce and cook until the sauce is hot and shimmering, add the chicken and noodles and you’ve got dinner! I garnished mine with some fresh parsley and Parmesan, but that’s optional.

    Thank you again, Jill, I hope your day is wonderful!


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