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New YouTube Video: Book Release, Media, Signings & a Robbery in NYC!

Our memoir, “Counting The Cost,” released on September 12th, 2023! Thanks to y’all it has already made the New York Times BestSellers List!

In this new video, follow along behind the scenes through various media appearances, book signings and “get the tea”…er, uh, “coffee” on Derick’s robbery in NYC!

Order “Counting The Cost” hard copy book, audiobook or e-book today wherever books are sold, or at the links below!

Order your hard copy of our book, “COUNTING THE COST” now at this link:

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  1. JPU

    That was amazing! I read your book. I melted into a puddle. I had shocking moments. I had triggers. I had moments where I thought “it’s all coming clearer _____” from stuff I heard or read. I got mad at how your siblings seemed to have faced catch-22s with relating to you. “this is more important than law school” really? It’s good to know some are giving you private support and gives me hope they will eventually tell their stories. Jinger’s book seemed to be a stepping stone towards this one. And I cried at the last part when you and your dad looked awkward, and the tension was broken by your mom asking if he can hold baby Freddy.
    I appreciate and applaud your work. Praying for you as you continue to do these interviews as well as Derick’s lawyer work that is important as well. And as you raise your children. I’m sure more questions about that will come up as time goes on.
    Anyway, God’s blessings to you from my Canadian corner.

  2. Marijke

    I’m so proud of you, Jill en Derick! Thank you for telling the things a lot of people supected for years… I saw your father lied, when he told the girls asked for a dormitory instead of separate rooms… Then I knew there was abuse in the home and he tried to cover it up… I hope and pray you will further recover and that you can be a safe haven for your brothers ands sisters, when they decide to break free.
    Hopefully your book will also become available in the Netherlands!!

  3. Josefa Herrera

    Dear Dillard Family:
    I just finished reading your book.
    I can only imagine how difficult it has been facing a world of already internalized beliefs, overcoming fear and anxiety, and, especially Jill, doing all of that while facing the emotional rollercoaster that is postpartum.
    The story throughout the book is worthy of respect, because despite the hard moments that are described, they always do so honoring Mr. and Mrs. Duggar, even when very questionable actions are presented on their part.
    Furthermore, the fact that all this conflict has not distanced them from God, Jesus and his teachings reflected in the Bible is very inspiring.
    As a Catholic person, who has gone to therapy regularly, learned to set healthy boundaries and experienced a very complicated birth, I can easily identify with what you have written.
    Thank you very much for sharing such a valuable, respectful text that demonstrates the camaraderie you have as a married couple!
    Dear Jill, the piña colada part touches my heart because I know the feeling of having a drink with your partner, celebrating a victory that may be small but significant. I hope that one day we can share a piña colada! who knows?
    Greetings and blessings from Iquique, Chile!
    P.S: sorry if I have made mistakes in my text, although I have studied English I have not had many opportunities to put it into practice.
    ¡Cariños y bendiciones!

  4. Lauren

    I just finished reading your book and I was so blessed and encouraged. Its encouraging to see how the Lord has worked through both of you and your family throughout everything you have been through. You really are role models and I know that there will be a “Well done my good and faithful servant!” waiting for you in heaven! -Lauren

  5. Cass

    I received your book for Christmas. I devoured it in a day. Thank you for sharing your journey. Therapy is such a gift to help grow, learn and create boundaries. Blessings to your beautiful family.


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