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Cut Ice Cream!

Cut Ice Cream!

So, I guess this is more of a tip than a recipe, but I thought it fit under this category best. My mom (Michelle Duggar) would always buy a whole flat of those little blocks of ice cream from Aldi (anyone else know what Aldi is?) and she would cut them using a butcher knife. Yes, you heard me right! lol I guess it was easier than scooping out a ton of ice cream from the little cardboard containers that could easily be folded flat and cut, plus it made it easier to evenly divide for all the kiddos and made for a pretty quick process! I remember one other large family in particular that we always seemed to have the same dinner with when they’d come over: Eureka pizza (anyone local know that name?) and root beer floats! #memories #somuchfun When we had my siblings over recently, I was reminded of the ice cream cutting and had to post! Click here for more pics and videos of when my family came over.

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  1. Diane

    Yes, we have ALDI’s in NJ. I haven’t seen these rectangular boxes in the regular supermarket for a long time, so this is definitely a blast from the past! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Annie Richards

    Genius! Thank you so much for sharing. Please share any other tips. Your family is a blessing to me.

  3. Moonlampje

    Aldi is REALLY big over here in The Netherlands, but we’re a small country so they don’t sell those big packages. It’s definately nice to see this on your blog though.

  4. Skye H.

    I have never seen anyone cut ice cream with a knife! Of course we almost never got store bought ice cream growing up. We had one of those old crank ice cream machines. The great thing was if you took on the main duty of cranking, then you got to pick the flavor!!!
    No Aldi’s anywhere near us, and the only Eureka Pizza I’ve heard of is in Washington State. I LOVE Mod Pizza – that’s awesome if there’s one near you. You should definitely try it!


    Wow ! I must make this for my family, we have all the ingredients in the freezer and the cubards already. But quick Question: does this method work with the BlueBell ice cream in the round containers ? That is all we have. If not I will have to run out to the store to get some in the blocks so I can follow your recipe exactly. Also how much root beer do I pour in the glasses ?

    • Derick & Jill

      The rectangle half-gallons work the best since the seams are easy to tear apart and lay flat, but I’m sure the round containers could work too.

  6. Kathy

    Our family makes a super easy and delicious ice cream cake this way. Crush Oreo cookies and press into bottom of 9×13 pan. Put slices of ice cream on crust and press and smooth out. Pour chocolate fudge sauce over ice cream. Put cool whip over fudge sauce. Sprinkle top with more crushed Oreos. Pop into the freezer for st least a couple of hours, better if overnight. That’s it! So easy and it’s always a huge hit!

  7. Marilou

    I love how you’re teaching the kids manners all while serving up ice cream

  8. Heather rains

    Brilliant! Miss you on the show!

  9. Andmax

    Very happy to see that you are able to cut ice cream

  10. Kathy Payne

    That’s a great tip!! Thanks for sharing! I hope I remember to try this!!

    • MIchelle

      Aldi’s, yes! Their warehouse is just a couple of miles from our home and those trucks are always rolling! Aldi is definitely a growing thing, popping up all over our area, and they are always busy.

  11. Gloria

    Yes! My mom came from a family of 24 (22 kids and 2 parents) . They knew how to prepare servings of food to stretch a long way! We have Aldi’s in Baltimore, too.

  12. Regina Shea

    That’s a wonderful tip Jill. I’m having much hand pain and this is much better than trying to scoop the ice cream out. We don’t have an Aldi’s here locally though there may be one in Flagstaff or Phoenix.

  13. Chelsea McDaniel

    We always did this and made square ice cream sandwhiches with home made cookies! Super easy, fast and you can wrap the extras up and put them in the freezer for a fast treat on another day! They are even faster if you buy store bought dough, shape dough into a square, slice a little thicker than normal, and place two squares side by side on cookie sheets touching each other and bake. Two sets make a top and bottom for the ice cream sandwhich. You can roll the sides if you want in nuts, sprinkles, mini chips, coconut, crushed heath bars, finely smashed up hard candy like root beer barrels, peppermints, butterscotch disks, etc. If you can think of it, you can roll the ice cream sides in it! Delish!

    • Derick & Jill


  14. Karen

    Isn’t that funny! It’s one of those “why didn’t I ever think of that!” things. 🙂 This will come in very handy at all our birthday celebrations. Thank you! 🙂


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