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Congratulations Josiah and Lauren!

Congratulations Josiah and Lauren!

Congratulations to the newlyweds, Mr. & Mrs. Josiah Duggar! We are so happy for y’all!! Marriage is awesome! Love y’all!

-Derick <3 Jill +Israel and Sam Dillard

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  1. Becky M.

    Were any of you in the wedding party? I’m looking forward to seeing more pictures! <3

    • Derick & Jill

      Hey Becky,
      No, Derick and I weren’t, but several of the siblings were. I’m not sure when the wedding episode airs, but it was certainly a beautiful wedding!

      • BECKY M.

        Were you guys able to attend?

        • Derick & Jill


  2. Regina Shea

    Congratulations to Josiah and Lauren! I know the Lord has great things planned for them. Just always remember to always keep Christ in your marriage. This is good advice for all of us who are Christ followers even those who have been married a long time.

  3. Julie

    Miss seeing you guys on TV. Love seeing your pictures on Instagram and blog. Congratulations to Josiah and Lauren.
    And a very happy 4th Wedding Anniversary to you both. God bless.


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