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Statement On “Counting On” Cancellation: Better Late Than Never

Statement On “Counting On” Cancellation: Better Late Than Never

Our statement about the cancellation of “Counting On” is a little late because we just learned the news with the rest of the world last Tuesday + this season of life is quite busy for us. We first heard of the cancellation when both a friend & a cousin each texted us after seeing TLC’s statement online. We do not know how long the cancellation had been planned.

It’s been over 4 years now since we chose to step away from the show, and, although we were initially barred from sharing our decision to leave the show, we have opened up a little more recently on our social media. 

During our years on the show, we had many great experiences with the network, and several of the crew members have even become like family to us! 

However, we also faced many pressures and some unexpected challenges which forced us to step away from the show in an effort to gain more control over our own lives and to do what was best for our family. 

The pursuit of freedom and authenticity has been a growing theme in our lives. Our story is still being written, and this event is just one more step forward toward that goal. Our family’s departure from 19 Kids & Counting and Counting On has allowed us to make our own decisions, including the ability to have a choice in what we share. For now, we will move forward on our own terms, and we look forward to whatever opportunities the future holds.

The photos above are considered the property of the Dillard Family and may only be used with their written permission. Please request permission to use the photos.


  1. Christina

    Jill looks so beautiful! I’m happy to see you both growing and living on your own terms. I may not agree with everything, but Derick has proven to be a loving husband and father.

    • Nicole

      So proud of you guys. Keep living in the light.

    • Danielle

      I am so happy that you are doing your own thing ,And your family is doing great God Bless your family

  2. Sarah

    Yes! Good for y’all to do what you need to do to protect yourselves and your family

    • Shannon

      While I definitely loved watching y’all and seeing all the happy moments in your lives I can’t imagine how hard it really was being under a microscope all time. Im happy that your family is doing so well and I wish the best for you all! Hopefully we can still keep up with you here over the years to come.

    • Nadine

      I love watching you and your family grow ! It’s refreshing! I’m also happy for this season of your lives , enjoy


      It’s so inspiring to see that you’re living YOUR LIVES and living YOUR AUTHENTIC LIFE TOGETHER is what God intended. BEST WISHES & LOVE BEING SENT your way !!

  3. Shannon Dunn

    Are you still going to write your “Tell All Book”? Derrick? I sure hope so.

  4. Shannon

    Good for you! I’m glad that you two are growing together. Jill, could there be some further education for you in the future? Derrick, best of luck on the bar exam!

    • Trace

      Best decision you could have made. Independence changes your life! Jill, I love your courage and determination to step away and live your OWN life and values. Well done! I’d love to see you go to school and pursue YOUR dreams!

  5. Victoria

    Hoping we get to hear your story in writing one day. I think an updated book from Jill showing how she has changed since “Growing Up Duggar” was published would be amazing. Would also love to hear Derrick’s opinion on his role in the family and how the show changed him.

  6. NM

    WTF???????????? NO COUNTING ON YOU GUYS CANNOT GET CANCELED. I am so pissed. I love watching your family on TV it is something I look forward to every year. So disappointed right now.
    Oh well wishing you and the rest of your family well and continue to stay safe. Will miss seeing your family on TLC.

    • Andrea Pait

      Just an idea here. However, you can hire someone who specializes in vlogging for YouTube. If your cancelled, there shouldn’t be a breach of contract. Anyway, the person responsible for that family’s vlog(ex: Dillard family)they’d sit with the vlogger and go through the editing process and then you know what’s shown & what’s not. It gives you more control.

  7. Denise

    Of course, only you know the truth and the full story, but I find it really sad and upsetting that you guys seem to put down the Duggar family. If nothing else, we’re commanded to honor our father and mother. I think Jim Bob and Michelle have been through enough with Josh. If you want to walk away or distance yourselves, that’s fine, but you don’t need to drag their names through the mud and give the world more ammunition to hate Christians. I don’t doubt that whatever you all went through was hurtful, but I urge you to continue with your little family and focus on your life and your happiness and let the rest of the Duggar family be.

    • Marijke

      Well, Denise…In Ephesians 6, there’s also a piece about how father should act… Manipulation is not one of the things Paul asks from fathers… So I guess, adult children, whoever they are, can honour their parents while they’re not obeying them anymore… Like the scripture says: the truth will set free… That means you should not be silenced… Not even by the words “honour your father and mother”… Because that’s not what these words are meant for…

    • Kristina s.

      The scripture says that Men should be free of anger and fits of rage. It says have nothing to do with a man given to anger. It seems like Jim bob has admitted numerous times that both he and Michelle have issues with having fits/anger. They also control their children much like the horror family the Turpins controlled their kids. No, the Duggars never chained their kids to their beds (that we know of) but they have seriously hindered their lives by giving them a subpar “education” and didn’t allow their children to grow and thrive to be able to move on in life and have proper boundaries between full grown adult “children” and parent who must now take the place of friend instead of “parent”. The bible says if my mother and father forsake me, the LORD will never forsake me. Just because someone has birthed a child doesn’t give them the right to treat that child anyway they choose. There are laws against child abuse. From Blank Training, to brainwashing against societal norms, to girls being no more baby factories I’m glad Jill has broken free from the abusive, narcs who “raised” her.

    • Pollyanna

      Denise, I urge you to mind your own business! Jill has never said a word that was unkind about her family – even when she should have. Don’t you have dinner to make and a husband to please?

      • Kim

        Wow! Pollyanna sure doesn’t fit you!

    • H

      Good grief! If parents engage in deceitful behaviour regarding SA, I’d say God gives the children a pass on the ‘honouring thy mother & father’ commandment. Jill is not dragging them. They are speaking about their experiences after being personally dragged for years by people (myself included) for not using TLC money to fund their lives & missions – not knowing that Jim Bob was hoarding the money as a means of control. And the hypocrisy of JB & Michelle requiring their adult children follow their path, when they did not follow the convictions of their own parents..
      So, did JB & Michell fail at the ‘honour thy mother & father’ commandment too, by having a zillion kids (they obviously could not guide extremely well) against their own parents wishes? But then Jill is ostracized & condemned for piercing her nose? Mind blowing.

      At the end of the day, I applaud Jill & Derick. They seem to be among the very few involved who do not believe that merely invoking the words God/Jesus makes EVERYTHING (no matter how deplorable) okay. These two seem to be forgiving & loving but not unintelligent – how ‘God’ intended.

      True ministry is honest and not ‘made for TV’ smoke & mirrors.

    • E

      Oh please, they’re not dragging the Duggar name through the mud. They’re merely telling their side of the story. Yes, the Bible says to honor your parents, but it also says to leave and cleave. Jill’s parents won’t allow any of the children to do that. If the Duggars want honor then they shouldn’t have covered up for Josh all these years and not protected their girls from a very sexual predator.

  8. SM

    “The pursuit of freedom and authenticity has been a growing theme in our lives.”

    This is so clear to see watching your story from a distance.

    You seem genuinely happy and more yourself with each passing year, Jill. I really admire the bravery it takes to say “this is not for me” and walk away to choose a different path, especially when this can be difficult for family reasons.

    Happy for you both, and for your boys who will grow up surrounded by that freedom and authenticity and be encouraged to embrace it for themselves. Keep up the good work!

  9. Fran

    Jill are you going to get some college education now that Derrick graduated from Law school ?. That would set an example …. Besides opinions about everything else .

  10. tina tullin

    I really hope you open up about your experiences and how it effected you. It might help a lot of people dying to get famous and what they believe come with it. In your own time off course. But the interest around the phenomena The Duggar family became is enormous, Your perspective on what’s real on this show and what was staged would be really interesting to learn more about. Did the kids growing up on TV have any say? Could they say no and hand have their own voice? Again, your perspective could be really eye opening for a lot of people. And, though that is not the most important thing; the first one to write a book on how it was to REALLY growing up Duggar would make a lot of money. A great way of claiming money that should have been yours, seeing how you’ve been working without getting paid, the main part of your childhood and formative years.

  11. Sylvia

    Very interesting that your parents and siblings didn’t tell you this news.

  12. Vicki

    I have been proud of your family and your stance for what you believe. Wise words!

  13. Gwendolyn R.

    How about a show on Dillards and siblings from both sides? I reckon that everything is tied up so that wouldn’t be possible – pity!

    Like many, I’ve watched you all before anybody got married and it’s just like reading a great book that you hate to have come to an end. A constant new chapter keeps showing up.

    Congrats to you Derick on a job well done. Soooo much studying – NOT my forte! And to your lovely gracious wife that helped you to make this possible.

    Love to you both as you continue life’s journey.

  14. Susan

    I’m proud of your stance on transgender. I didn’t hear about it until today. God created male and female. It’s not up to us to decide what’s our gender. I applaud you breaking away from some of the strict rules you were raised Jill. Although as a Christian, I don’t believe in drinking alcohol, that’s a choice for each individual to make. I’m disabled and I enjoyed watching you grow up. I wish the best for your family.

    • MariE

      Susan, I’m sorry you don’t understand enough about biology and genetics to understand all the different gene combinations that naturally occur. It’s not just male and female, X and Y. Those may be the ones you’re used to seeing the most but there are others. If God creates us all then surely those other gene combinations are of God too. It would be impossible to look at an XXY or XYY child and say otherwise. The parents of these children and others beg you and the rest of the world for compassionate understanding and acceptance, which are Christian principles.

      • suenell

        You need to look up Klinefelter Syndrome (XXY). Also, look up Jacob’s Syndrome (XYY) while you’re at it. These only occur in males. Neither instance causes males to want to be females. There are plenty of Christians who are in the science field contrary to what many liberal thinkers want people to believe.

        • Beenthere

          @suenell How do you know that no person ever with Klinefelter’s or Jacob’s has ever transitioned or lived a life up to but not including physical transitioning? Until you’re more familiar with these issues, don’t make claims that aren’t able to be backed up.

  15. Deanna

    God guided your family to make the correct decision long before the show was canceled. . I think this has brought more fans to quit watching & following your family.

  16. Sugg

    Derrick and Jill,

    Understood. Just continue to use wisdom on revealing on social media things that would provoke, hurt, or not be Christlike towards the wrongs of the family. Many will bash them but us in Christ must strive not to. It’s hard I definitely know but reconciliation is the goal for the future. We can’t take back “TELL ALL” stuff. The World want that. Just continue praying for them and live for Jesus. Bless you!

    • H

      Why do people look at Jill & Derick and not the big picture? Deceit can’t be taken back. Her parents allowed the world to believe that Jill & Derick were spoiled brats looking for money, when they had TV money to draw from. In reality, Jim Bob Duggar hoarded the money as a means of control over his adult children. He never once took the time to be honest and correct the narrative about Jill & Derick.. For years (until legal action was taken) he let everyone believe that no one was being paid, it was only about ‘ministry’ & little perks – then pocketed the money. Where does greed & dishonesty rank on God’s list of no no’s?

      Why is it okay for Jim Bob, Michelle & company to publicly condemn behaviours they wholeheartedly disagree with, but as soon as the spotlight is on their very problematic actions they can scream victim hood?
      Doesn’t seem very ‘Christlike’ to make robocalls persecuting people they don’t understand either – but here we are.

  17. Judy

    I think it has been through its course with the show Jill, I am glad you and Derrick stick to your values and what you want for your family. I have walked away from drama like you have and happiness comes from being who you are and what you want out of life. God gave us freewill but also grace. I really am proud of you all that is a great statement and your future is yours to make with your husband and children. Family is function and dysfunction only the members can figure this out and pray for the ones who don’t they are missing out.

  18. Sandra

    May God continue to guide you and May healing and forgiveness be at the center of your walk… prayers for all the Duggar kids, parents and family!

  19. Lisa

    Fully support you and your family! Many blessings!

  20. Brittany

    I absolutely love this post and the transparency behind it. We love yall for your honesty and candor, and really I feel like it’s what makes you so relatable. “Grow” forward in love and light

  21. April

    I was under the impression, based on the statement that TLC released in 2017, that TLC did not invite Derrick back on the show. Maybe I’m wrong.
    I understand being hurt by family, but I think the better more Christian course of action would be to handle that within the family. If you can’t work it out, walk away. When two sides are not agreeing, I tend to lean towards the side not putting the other down. It’s not a good look.
    I truly hope you all can make peace, maybe now without cameras, you can.

    • Jean

      The side not putting the other side down? Why do you think Jim Bob and Michelle didn’t speak out publicly about the situation? (Hint: an image and a show to preserve, and a wad of $$$$$$ on the line) I’m positive there was plenty said and plenty of “putting down” behind the scenes. Jim Bob is not one to hold back his opinion on family matters! I’m glad Derick and Jill were brave enough to speak out publicly. It was long past time that the record was set straight. We saw hints of what was going on for years. We figured Jim Bob was pocketing the show money and turning into property that could be, in an instant, titled or sold for $1 to someone in his circle if storm clouds were brewing. (Remember a certain house that Josh once owned?) It’s not very Christian to act one way in public and another in private, Duggar parents. I and many others are waiting for someone’s tell-all book, although we could probably write it ourselves by now.

  22. Nancy

    I am so glad to see it cancelled, I just hope a whole bunch of healing can take place now! I never really watched after you and Derrick left anyway. Thank you and God bless. Oh! And I almost forgot, thank you for introducing us to Natural Life brand…can’t live without the boho bandeaus!!

  23. Pam

    I was saddened to hear that Counting On was canceled, but I know it was hard to keep the show up-to-date, and then there’s the recent news about Josh. I suppose TLC thought it was all too much. I also think it’s super sad that you found out about the cancellation from friends and not from family members. That’s very strange to me.

    When Derick spoke out against the transgender person on TLC, I absolutely agreed with his point of view, and I believe he had a perfect right to express it. Apparently, it put the network in a tough situation and they had to let you go.

    I think of your family often, and hope that God leads you back to the mission field. After all, you first met one another in person in Nepal if I’m not mistaken. You’ve both said that’s where your heart is, so I hope God brings it to pass.

    Praying for you all at this difficult time. May the Lord give you peace as you follow Him to the next stage of your lives!

    • Sarah

      @Pam I think you’re putting the cart before the horse. I think Derick had already taken the steps to be off the show BEFORE he spoke out about transgenders. I think he felt it was possible to say what he said because he already was not working on the show. I don’t think he was “let go” because of what he said. I think he was gone before then, by choice. If this comment gets posted, we may have our answer.

  24. Lindsey

    What has your spiritual study been like since you’ve been finding your own way and not just following what your parents believe?

  25. Regina

    We don’t have cable so we never saw any of Counting On but I’m glad you guys were able to get a way from TLC. I feel like they aren’t very kind to people on any of their shows.

  26. Lynn

    I enjoyed watching your journey on the show more so than the other family members, I especially enjoyed seeing you become a doula and assisting patients, friends and family members, with live births! I also believe it is your and Derrick’s choice on how you choose to dress and how many children you decide to have…I do not believe that birth control is wrong, I believe that you are very responsible and can make your own decisions on the size you want your own family to be or not to be. All the best!

  27. Kari

    I am glad to see both of you thriving. This experience might open your eyes up to accepting and loving the LGBTQIA community on their own terms. I hope you do. Love is beautiful

  28. Rachelle

    I’m so proud of both of you Jill & Derek! Jill on your courage to step away from the family, speak up for Joy and yourself on what unspeakable acts Josh has committed to you and your sisters. Josh had no right, Jim Bob protected HIM instead of you girls and Josh had the audacity to call you a “tattletale” at your wedding which was so wrong and you were the only hero to do what was right. The truth will come out during this trial and YOU will be a part of that! And Derek as the BEST husband and support system for Jill during this trying time. You’re AMAZING to get your law degree so that you can legally stop this cycle of lies and pain that has been surrounding Jill for so long. Stay amazing and strong the both of you. Sending lots of prayers and love your way!


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