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Camping On The Buffalo National River!

The week after Derick graduated law school, we took the boys on a last minute camping trip on the Buffalo National River! We had a blast camping, fishing, swimming and hiking at Steele Creek and got to check out Kyle’s Landing on our last day before heading home!

In the first video, it shows us arriving at Steele Creek where we set up camp, fish, hang out at the river and have dinner around the campfire before tucking in for bed.

In the second video, we check out how the first night tent camping with the kids went, we take a tour around Steele Creek campground, spot some critters on our long Buffalo River Trail hike and picnic, wash poison ivy off in the river, go into town in search of firewood and dinner, then come back to the camp for a cozy fire and bedtime!

In the third video, we unexpectedly get to see some unique wildlife, then we pack up camp at Steel Creek and head on to Kyle’s Landing for a bit before heading home.

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  1. Regina S.

    I’m not a camper but I admit, that does look fun and making camp coffee would definitely be fun. Thanks for sharing your camp fun.

  2. Regina Shea

    Maybe I will be brave and suggest a camping trip to my family. My idea of camping is going to a retreat center, staying in cabins and other people cook my meals. lol

  3. Aj

    Do you use eco friendly body wash? Just curious (I’ve never been camping, so I have no idea how that works!)

    • asdf

      I’d be more worried about the deadly amoebas that can be found in water like that in the summer. Get some up your nose and it’s lights out. Better to confine your body washing to the shower.


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