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A Peek Into Israel’s Homeschool Curriculum

Someone recently asked what homeschool curriculum we have started using with Israel, so we wanted to share a little video to explain! Israel just turned three in April, but he loves doing school so we have had fun letting him begin some preschool work.


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  1. Regina Shea

    I really liked the 100 Easy Lessons book. For readers we used Rod and Staff. I miss homeschooling little ones. Did you have a favorite curriculum when you were a student? We enjoyed the Prarie Primer which uses the Laura Ingalls Wilder books. I was even able to find the My First Little House books from CBD and a preschool version of Prairie Primer. These I used for my now 17 year old daughter.

    • Brenda

      I love to follow TYCtRin100EL with Alphaphonics as it teaches blending and segmenting very well. Thank you for sharing your choices.

  2. Robin Waltz

    Honey you are beautiful

  3. Jamie

    Take a look at Christian Light Publications. ( they are a wonderful company and we love their math, reading and language arts. We have used them the past 7 years.

  4. Tamara

    I’m glad you shared the homeschool information. Our eldest son is a week younger than Israel. We have started using and he likes it so far. We plan on homeschooling our boys, any information/suggestions on curriculum is appreciated. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Kaylinn

    Girl! If you made homeschool curriculum and update and I’ve videos, you’d make a killing on YoUTube. Just sayin’. The homeschool community there is amazing. You would be a fun addition. But for real. Love everything you’re doing and always interested in other Homeschool mommas journeys!
    Not that you would but I’m at Full Purpose and Heart I’m YoUTube.

  6. Andrea

    You might enjoy Montessori preschool for your boys. There are lots of activities that they could do together and countless blogs/instagram for ideas and lesson plans. One of my favorite parts is an emphasis on practical life skills and teaching little ones independence. Also, Acraftyliving is one of my favorite instagramers for young toddler activities.

  7. D.

    We used the same reading textbook for our three oldest kids. It’s easy and the lessons are not too long and cumbersome. We have and continue to use Math-U-See, which is a great program, but will need some supplemental math. If Israel enjoys school now, you might as well capitalize on that!!! My kids are older and have caught on that school is work, not just fun! 🙂

  8. Michele

    Thanks for sharing!! I love seeing what fellow homeschooling moms are doing! Good job keeping it fun, Mama!!!


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