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Congratulations Seewalds!

Congratulations Seewalds!

We are so excited for Jessa and Ben on their recent pregnancy announcement of baby Seewald #3!! We can’t wait to meet the him or her!

What’s your guess? Do you think it will be a boy or girl?

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  1. Marsi Hopkins

    I’m so happy for them and I think it’s a girl. Sure miss seeing y’all and I pray God does great things through y’all.

  2. Sarah

    I hope it is a girl!! Felicity needs a cousin best friend!!

  3. Becky

    I think it’s a boy, but I’m always wrong! LOL

    As long as baby is healthy and Mama is healthy, that’s all that matters!

  4. margaret airey

    I think another boy, whatever gender it’s another bundle of joy. congratulations

  5. Jamie

    I hope it’s a girl!! Poor Jessa is outnumbered! Haha


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