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Dillard Family Statement On Josh Duggar Verdict Today

Dillard Family Statement On Josh Duggar Verdict Today

Today was difficult for our family.  Our hearts go out to the victims of child abuse or any kind of exploitation.  We are thankful for the hard work of law enforcement, including investigators, forensic analysts, prosecutors, and all others involved who save kids and hold accountable those responsible for their abuse. 

Nobody is above the law.  It applies equally to everybody, no matter your wealth, status, associations, gender, race, or any other factor.  Today, the people of the Western District of Arkansas made that clear in their verdict.  As a Christian, we believe we are all equal at the foot of the cross, and, likewise, we are all equal under the law.  Jesus warned his disciples, “…[b]eware of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy.  Nothing is covered up that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known.  Therefore, whatever you have said in the dark shall be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in private rooms shall be proclaimed on the housetops.” (Luke 12:1-3).   

Moreover, “[h]e who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the righteous are both alike an abomination to the Lord.” (Proverbs 17:15).  We have been lied to so much that we wanted to hear the evidence for ourselves in court.  After seeing all the evidence as it was presented, we believe that the jury reached a just verdict today, consistent with the truth beyond a reasonable doubt.

Josh’s actions have rippled far beyond the epicenter of the offense itself.  Children have scars, but his family is also suffering the fallout of his actions.  Our hearts are sensitive to the pains Josh’s wife, Anna, and their seven children have already endured and will continue to process in the future.  This trial has felt more like a funeral than anything else.  Josh’s family has a long road ahead.  We stand with them, we are praying for them, and we will seek to support them however we can during this dark time.         

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  1. Kelly Ruth Cunningham

    My heart goes out to Jill, her sisters and innocent family members that bear the brunt of this horrible, horrible situation. I pray for healing for all of you.

  2. Jessica

    As a victim of child abuse, thank you for hearing the evidence, being strong enough to seek the truth and support the ones who have been affected.

    May your family, Anna & her children heal from this trauma.

    All the best


  3. Benicia Livorsi

    I applaud you for attending the trial every day. Sadly, Mrs. Dillard was not free to do so herself since she was under subpoena and not released. However, your views as a family member and a recent law graduate give you a unique perspective. As a former prosecutor myself, I understand Mr. Gelfand’s goals. However, I lost all respect for Mr. Duggar when he testified, under oath in front of G-d and his family and the world, that he could not recall some of the most destructive disclosures his eldest son made growing up. It is my hope that he and his wife rethink if IBLP remains an honorable life oath in light of the patterns of convictions and allegations against senior male leaders. When victims are shamed or told that they are the reason a male can’t control himself, it may just be that is the life lesson to further abuse and discourage reporting. Families like the Willis Clan publicly shared that their homeschooling left them with no vocabulary to even describe their abuse and it took well-intentioned friends to help them decipher trauma that out their father away for 40 years, they were also raised to believe that it was their duty to submit to a father and a spouse. Now, their large family is fractured and healing. If you haven’t heard of them, watch their Megyn Kelly interview. There are a lot of parallels to your wife’s family. I remain optimistic that you have been such a wonderful supportive partner.

  4. Elizabeth Gomez

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family as well.

  5. Katie

    This is a very well written statement. May God lead you in finding peace amongst all the choas. I am sorry you have had to go through this but hopefully the truth will finally set you free and allow you to heal. God Bless you both.

  6. Becky

    Sending you and your family love and support Jill.
    You are strong, you are brave, you are believed.

  7. Jennifer

    Having to endure this publicly and knowing that so much happens behind the scenes I have been praying for the truth to be brought out. So thankful you both got to attend and feel that justice was served. Prayerfully you can continue to grow and know the Lord more than ever before.

  8. Julie Downey

    It complete agreement with you on this. Praying for your family and Anna’s.

  9. Helen Gay

    My thoughts are with you all at this very difficult and troubling time… I think it’s very important for your own well being that you listened to and sought the facts in the case so you could reach your own conclusions. I see nothing but love and support for you Jill and Derick on all forms of social media and I am certain you will have a wonderful full happy life ahead of you … and I hope you put it all behind you now xxx

  10. Laura

    My brother went through this in 2019 and was sentenced to 25 years in federal prison. It is 100% a funeral. You lose that person. I saw a grief counselor that was tremendous in my processing the new “normal”. Child pornography is a major issue in our nation and the feds now have permission to punish at the full extent. I’m sorry your family was touched by it. You’re right that Anna has an incredibly tough road. It’s a nightmare. I think it is truly unfortunate that anyone who is addicted to pornography cannot go anywhere to get “help”. It’s an addiction that affects the brain like heroin. My brother said he didn’t want more sex, he wanted more aggressive.. more aggressive often means younger.. and it’s terrible. It’s rampant! He needed to be institutionalized and there was nowhere to go. The judge made it clear at his sentencing that every video he had possession of, every image he downloaded, they were all victims as if he had abused them himself. I wish you all peace on a terrible outcome. It’s taboo to talk about.. it’s horrific content.. my soul didn’t even want to head the words that were used to understand what was going on.. and learning about the prison system makes it even worse. I’m so so sorry.

  11. Michelle STERLING

    Ive been praying for you and your sisters and families. I hope healing can begin from all the lies and deceit. Many of us will always stand beside and behind you. We have different views on LGBTQ but I still have love in my heart.

  12. Lynne Bollard

    Praying you find some healing with this verdict Jill. It cannot be easy. Even with the guilty verdict the past cannot be erased. And the harm and pain that his children are now living with has changed them for the rest of their lives. I pray that they and you find peace and are surrounded by love and support. Your strength is inspirational. Your boys and future children are so lucky to have you as their mom (and Derek you are a great example of a godly man) Blessings to you always.

    • Gina

      I totally believe that the jury got it correct today. Having said that you should be mindful of his wife and his seven children that will suffer for his actions. So he probably knew that he needed somebody with also put yourself in the shoes of your parents who love their son without conditions and maybe you should take a look in the mirror and instead of your family and cousins coming out and slamming Josh and his family maybe you should keep your Christian mouth shut. Personally I think we’ve heard way too much from the Duggar family and the Dillard’s. A true Christian while they recognize the wrongs that he did and he will get his punishment would forgive their brother and try to get him the help that he’s so obviously needs.

    • CARRIE Ballard

      Thank you so much for your own honesty and my heart breaks for you all. Having a family member who is also an RSO is very difficult, especially if they refuse to deal with their own addiction. I’ll pray for all of you.

    • AnneMarie

      You’re family was so heavy in my heart this week. I’ve been praying for all involved.
      I prayed for truth, justice, grace and mercy.
      I will continue to lift you all up in my prayers

    • Sherry Boyce

      Well said.

      • Patty Schoenborn

        Justice has been served so far, now we wait for sentencing! Josh should get the MAXIMUM prison time allowed for his despicable crimes against innocent children! Has anyone thought about the possibility he has abused his own children? I’m shocked that Children Services hasn’t been in to interview the children! And if the rumor is true that Anna wouldn’t allow them to be interviewed, is she hiding something? My stomach hurts me for those children and ALL children that are raped, abused, molested, starved and mistreated in this evil world.

    • Vanessa Caballero

      Praying for your family & admiring your courage and commitment to justice. God be with Anna and the kids.

    • Joy

      I’m praying for your whole family, and praying for all of those innocent children. My heart is breaking for all involved.

    • Sarrah

      Who is Katie Joy? What lies?

      • Brandy

        I didn’t see Katie Joy mentioned but to answer your question, she’s a disgusting YouTuber. Channel name “without a crystal ball”.

    • Janice Bell

      Love your family and have you prayerfully in my heart. You are a strong family and have strong beliefs and God will get you through this verdict as well. Justice for the children, all of the children, as there is many. We are foster parents and sometimes some of the things we see and hear never leave our minds, that is hard. We just have to press on, right? Love to you all. Janice

    • yarleen cheng

      I agree with what this person is saying because child abuse is not right even if your brother Josh is a christian and i hope he is… I appreciate your honesty and how it is hard to face your parents right now. I don’t blame you guys , I’ve seen both shows on TLC before they took it off air… I hope in the near future some of the people would forgive your brother in the near future….

      Happy Holidays !!! Jill and Derek

    • Violet

      Dear Jill and Derrick – the words of those who follow your little family speak volumes. Your little family is the example that I would look to for guidance as role models for young Christians.The good, the bad, and the indescribable events that have taken place, that have caused you such pain Jill, have not broken you. Your steadfast faith, and the support of a wonderful husband in Derrick, has made you so strong. We are all here for you and your family. God bless you!!

  13. Beebs

    I appreciate the love and compassion you show to those who are suffering, I am not Christian but would imagine that is what all Christian’s should strive for. Your thoughts and actions fill my heart with joy.

  14. Erica Shubin

    So much love, respect, and support to each of you. Jill and Derick you have shown so much grace, an incredible amount of poise as you’ve spoken truth and fought for justice. Having been raised in ATI as well I know this comes with a price. Thank you for continuing to be a voice for those who have none. Joining with you in prayer for Anna and the children.

  15. KAtie

    A super classy response after the trouble and trials you all have lived with. I hope Anna takes this time to heal from the offenses her husband caused their family and that they all seek counsel and therapy because letting these wounds fester will only lead to dark troubles and paths. Seeking God is admirable, but some things we can only expect God to forgive. Sending his peace and enlightenment to all those involved. Especially your Mom. I am sure she is grieving just as much as Josh’s family if not more. It always hurts the most when people we love betray us (and this must feel like a betrayal).

  16. Patti Murphy

    ❤️ #TeamJillDillard

  17. Bevy

    I’m so glad Derick was at the trial! What a cost to pay. I’m very glad for the verdict which at least protects future children. So kind of you to support Anna and her children.

    God bless you and that He would continue to comfort you in this time of stress.

  18. Rachel

    Sending prayers to you and all of the Duggar’s. Praying that honesty and truth comes to light and is believed so that healing and unity can at some point be restored to the family. Praying for peace and rest tonight and for Josh’s children and Anna.

  19. Mazzy

    All my love and thoughts to you. You and Derek are so strong and there is no doubt your children will grow up to be strong and fight for what is right. Xoxo to you all!

  20. Jessica

    They say the truth shall set you free. I know there is an immense amount of healing to go through but knowing that the truth has been revealed is a huge leap in that direction. I have been praying for your healing and will continue to do so. So much love, that you don’t even realize, is being sent your way. ❤️

  21. Tracy Walker Neer

    You ate so strong! Take care of yourself, and your boys.

  22. Cindy

    I admire you, Derrick, for attending court every day. I also admire Jill for her strength for nearly her entire life. I feel for *almost* the entire Duggar family and hope the enablers see the err of their ways, the sufferers find peace (& therapy!) and the Duggar kids find and see the light. I’m #TeamJill all the way. ❤

  23. Pat C

    I have been praying for you and your family. Thank you for upholding what true Christianity is. I hope you find peace in the midst of all this chaos.

  24. Oli

    Josh has an illness that I pray he gets “real” help for. HE IS AN ADDICT. The many lives he has affected cannot be hidden any longer; and, I pray ALL of his victims, his wife, children and family receive the continued support the will most assuredly require. God, the Father, is our supplier through all trials.

  25. Rowena

    Jill, you don’t know me from Adam but I’m also a product of ATI and IBLP (out and free for years now). I just want you to know so many of us are rooting for you and praying for you. You may never know us personally but we stand with you and behind you. May you have strength and peace and wisdom.

  26. Lori Carter

    God bless you and your precious family, Jill. You and your husband are wonderful people, and I admire the way you live with integrity, grace and strength.

  27. Brendalee

    I am sending so much light and love to all of you –

  28. Yasmin divine

    Our family loves the Duggars. I came to Jesus and the Bible because of the Duggars.
    I just wanted to say we love you and support you.
    If there is any kind of donation we can make to the family during this time please let all know how we can help in any way.
    Many prayers, love you
    The Divine Family

  29. Kristin

    Dear Dillards,

    You have continued to show grace and love through this time. You are true personifications of Christians and I will continue to be #teamjilldillard in honor of all children that have experienced this kind of trauma.

  30. Christine P

    I am so proud of you both for seeking the truth and hearing everything for yourself. Josh said it best himself.

    “I understood that if I continued down this wrong road that I would end up ruining my life”

    “As I am learning the hard way, we have the freedom to choose our actions, but we do not get to choose our consequences.”

    I can only hope and pray that Josh does end up taking accountability for his actions. If he had taken accountability none of the people in the jury would have had to be exposed to that awful content. I do pray for Anna to have the strength to walk away, but unfortunately she did not ask for any of this. She has been hurt repeatedly by the man she has blessed with 7 children with. While she has been held to the vows she made, Josh has not been held to the same standard.
    I am so sorry your family is going through this.

    • BETTI M

      Josh is a sociopath. He will never understand that what he did was wrong.

  31. Chantelle

    Thoughts and Prayers sent your way. Derrick, you were there every day, and heard everything. I hope you are ok and can heal too. Jill, stay strong, and hug those boys tight. So much sadness, I’m sorry for everyone. ❤️

  32. Sarah

    My niece’s father was also indicted in Arkansas for 3 counts CSAM (stemming from May 2019 also), and we were awarded permanent guardianship of her. His trial is upcoming. I can say firsthand that the lifelong trauma effects to children’s brains because of this is so devastating that it cannot be put into words. Our niece literally lost everything because of the evil desires of her father and the others in his home. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of Dr. Karyn Purvis, but her TBRI videos have really helped us understand why our niece behaves the way that she does, and how to help her begin to heal. You might check them out at a later time. I am thankful for law enforcement and those that work to ensure that children who are victims of the evil desires of others are held accountable. Let the healing begin. Take care. Love, from WA state.

    • Kim

      To Sarah— Washington State, caring for Neice. Thank you so much for taking care of your neice and learning the causes behind her behaviors. I am grateful for you sharing the Karyn Purvis resource. As a retired clinical social worker who worked with abused and neglected children, I so wish we would have had these resources to share with children, teens, family caregivers and foster/adoptive parents. I hope many will benefit because you have shared this program. The need, sadly, remains tremendous.

  33. Shannon

    You should write a book. Would love to hear your courageous story of escaping the IBLP

  34. Pam Woelber

    Praying for you and your family Jill. Sin is so ugly and destroys and when it is kept in the dark it festers! May light shine brightly going forth.

  35. Nancy

    Praying for you all. I can’t imagine the pain you are all enduring. Specially his wife, children and your parents who raised him and taught him right from you. God bless you all,

  36. Kim

    Jill, your strength and courage is reaching far more people than you will ever know. Thank you for standing against wrong, yet still exuding so much compassion and grace. God is working through you. Praying for your family, especially Anna and the kids as they navigate the future. So much love to your family!

    • alice G forshee

      But Anna knew about this, and still had her kids around Josh. What kind of mother is that? Why did she even marry him knowing some of the things he dowe. He even cheated on anna and she took him back. What about the kids? She is not protecting them, I think they should be taken away from all of the Duggars. Those kids are not safe around them. What more do they need to see those kids could be in danger still. PLEASE TAKE CARE OF THOSE KIDS TO KEEP THEM SAFE FROM THE DUGGARS.

  37. MArijkE schmidt

    My heart goes out to all children in the world that suffer at the hand of those that should be protecting them.

    Thank you to both of you for your raw honesty at this very difficult time. Take care of your boys and each other. Realize that many people draw strength from your words and the way you lead your lives.

  38. RM

    A beautiful response to such a indescribable act. May your family find peace during this time.

  39. Mariana

    Thank you Jill and Derick. I thank you from the bottom of my heart because God has set you up to be brave and courageous, and it has inspired so many of us who have been oppressed by some form of fundamentalism and or phariseeism.

    God is good, and His word comes to be in due time. Praying for everyone, and specially for all the CSAM victims in this fallen world, today.

    Love for you all.

  40. VictorIa

    Jill Duggar- you are a strong young woman who endured psychological trauma that no one should ever have to face. I am so glad that some justice has been served, even if it’s bitter sweet for your family. Hope this brings some healing.

  41. Denise

    Praying for God’s strength & comfort for you and all the family.

  42. Virginia

    I’m sorry. 🙁 I’m a mom to 14 and I have been in these shoes in a different way. A son I was just about to adopt, did something terrible, I had to report and he’s now in jail. Who did he hurt? FIVE of my biological children. It has been a horrible two years trying to get my kids help and I’ve seen the tears and nightmares. We shut down our foster license after adopting 4. The pain of seeing family hurt is unreal. We can’t forget the parents. What they go through after trying their best to raise their kids right. I can’t imagine the pain. I have guilt just knowing I allowed a boy in the house and he hurt my own. It took a long time for me to forgive myself. Jim Bob and Michele are the reason I have a large family. They taught me through exampleship that children are a blessing. No parents are perfect. There are none. But it’s obvious they care for their kids souls tremendously. ❤ Man, my heart goes to Anna, the kids, and family.

    • Betti

      Same here. We were foster parents for 11years. We had a teenage girl that was being sexually inappropriate with neighborhood children. We suspect she molested our son who was three at the time. You can’t sacrifice your own children for someone else’s children that are sick and messed up in the head.

  43. Judy

    I appreciate your words Dillards. I am truly sorry for yours, Anna’s, their kids, the Duggar Family’s, and Josh’s pain. Yes, I include Josh’s pain, because he is hurting, too, and is still beloved of God. We are all equal at the foot of the cross, and at any moment could fall just as hard, but for the grace of God. Perhaps Josh’s pain, wounds, and disillusionment go far deeper than ever articulated. I pray also for discernment and forgiveness for those who fed into and believed the lies of someone like the malicious liar Katie Joy. Be better than that Christians.

    • Sadie

      Very well said

    • Mary

      Saying that a perpetrator’s pain and wounds may “go far deeper than ever articulated” feels like a slap in the face — or worse — to victims and survivors. Please understand that your words, whether or not you mean them to, sound to a survivor as if you are excusing or justifying the criminal actions Josh made through the last 20+ years. No pain or wounds will ever justify or excuse a perpetrator’s choice to abuse and commit criminal acts.
      The Bible contains strong words about those who “cause children to stumble.” Zero excuses.

    • Marijke

      There is no need to use this website for your opinion on somebody else…. Please stop that.
      Just be kind. Not hateful. That’s what Christ says…

      • Jenn

        Judy was not hateful.

      • Melissa

        The Lord has put your entire family on my heart the past week and a half. Praying for God’s comfort as you grieve, strength as you walk through this dark time with Josh’s family, and His abundant love and grace to overflow in your hearts. Also praying for your entire family.

        Thank you for your devotion to truth and for being a wonderful example to other Christ followers. Though we have never met, your testimonies and life choices have encouraged me in my own walk with God to always seek to honor Him no matter what, always seek truth, always rest my soul in Him during hard times of brokenness and healing, and not be afraid to have healthy boundaries to guard your heart. Christ shines so beautifully through you both. May the Lord be so near to you all at this time.

      • NonYa

        This is not malicious at all and they should speak their truth and speak out against child predators! All of your love will not heal a psychopath. Stop brainwashing them and guilting them into feeling like they need to lie about what happened. This is the very reason why I do not agree with this religion. At first I was drinking the Kool aid but now I see how you all guilt innocent people into lying. It’s sinful and very contradicting and not what the Bible says at all.

      • Christina

        Hi, Jill! I know you probably don’t remember me, but my family and I visited with you and your family (before you were married) several times. We are also a large homeschool family (I have 11 children) although we never could quite buy into the Gothard cult. We used to feel so left out at Grace Bible Fellowship in Conway, lol. I have a lot of thoughts, too many to share here. But, I do have one question I am so curious about. Derrick reminds me (and my friends and family) of my oldest son, Silas. So, of course, he has a special place in our hearts. We have watched your engagement video like a hundred times My question is, how did he feel when courting you? Did he feel like he was biding his time to try to rescue you from an unhealthy situation? Since he was your dad’s prayer partner, was he seeing things he was uncomfortable with, and just decided to keep quiet so that your dad wouldn’t forbid the marriage? I know this is personal so Derrick may not want to answer, but you both seem so willing to open up and share. Thank you for that. I’m so sorry for what the Duggars are going through. When you said it felt like a funeral, I literally wanted to cry. I love you. Praying God will use this in all of your lives to bring you closer to Him.

      • Meredith

        She is speaking truth, and this is her and her husband’s blog. Jill knows the truth and that is all she and Derick are speaking! I agree with everything, and the verses she used to support it! AMEN JILL AND DERICK!

      • Me

        It was Jesus himself who said it would be better for that person to have a millstone around his neck and thrown into the sea. Jesus wouldn’t offer kindness to Josh, he said thrown into the sea.

    • Cbraaten

      Your words are confirming. However, my only issue is, when you say; “we could equally fall as hard”. He didn’t make a mistake. He didn’t stubble. He committed an act that is against women and children. I’m not saying He can’t find forgiveness. I’m saying we have to watch our actions every day. Good or bad. We have to be diligent and fight against evil. I have faith we are all equal under God. Any act against a person that is evil, should be judged.

    • Donna Christoffersen

      Josh didn’t fall from grace. He made choices. He is now having to pay for his consequences. Those were his choices over many years that got him to where he is today. Don’t blame God or another for his long list of wicked choices. God gives us our agency and we MUST BE BRAVE AND HONEST enough to take the consequences. Not lie or blame others especially GOD!!

    • Sydney

      Using god to dismiss these heinous CRIMES is a a huge reason people get away with such cases, and CHILD abuse is swept under the rug. Shame on you. Not the time…

    • NJS36

      Judy, Josh’s pain??? OMG! Seriously? Josh caused more pain to these poor children.

    • Alana

      I imagine the pain of the children in the materials found during the investigation far exceed the pain Joshua – who has never admitted guilt or shown any repentance or change of character despite numerous opportunities to do so.

    • Beks

      This is down right insensitive and inappropriate.

    • leslie lamirande

      He was found Guilty, not by Katie Joy but by the jury. that says it all.

    • Jarri Saul

      He is hurting from what? From hurting kids? That’s so painful! It’s hard for someone like me that has been a victim as a child and then grow up and never heal, their is no healing, the trauma is sometimes more than I can handle and then to read a comment like this showing you love and support to Josh, is he hurting from having to be accountable? I just don’t get comments, some things are better unsaid!

    • TBJM

      Katie offers nothing but love to Dillard’s and the victims Duggar. She wanted nothing more than for justice to be served!

      • Anna

        Who is Katie please

    • Betsy R.

      This is neither the time nor the place to malign someone else. Your post is extremely inappropriate!

    • Betsy R.

      Jill and Derrick, Your post is well written and wonderful. You both have done so well stepping away from the IBLP and all the damage that it inflicts on its members. As you continue to prosper, heal, and go forward, maybe you will be able to help Anna, her children, and any of your siblings who are of a mind to make some changes. So proud of how far you have come, Jill, in these last several years. I hope you realize how proud so many people are of the positive changes you have made in your life. Keep up the good work!

    • Rose

      why are christians always sympathetic to evil doers when those evil doers have only hidden their evil deeds under the cloak of christianity?

  44. D.K.

    My heart goes out to your family. I am saddened for what his children will have to endure. Josh is sick, that is pretty clear. It’s a shame he didn’t get the help for his mental issues before it was too late. No sane person would get pleasure in looking at the types of materials that he did,, period….. Not to mention his other past actions….I hope he gets the help he needs in prison. Please help Anna and those children… She will need much love and support. God bless you all.

  45. L Majors

    I pray for comfort & peace to fill your hearts. Such a dark troubling time. I’ll also pray for Anna & her babies. Her life & the children’s are forever changed. Just so heartbroken for ALL the victims that have been hurt in this.

  46. Nicole

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and know we’re all praying for you. I pray this next chapter starts to bring peace and healing for everyone involved but especially those he has hurt. I’m so sorry you’ve had to go through this and I’m in awe of your strength and courage.

  47. Linda Clark

    Beautifully written by you both. My you continue to find peace and love on this uncharted path of life. You have spoken God’s words and that is all anyone needs to hear. Thank you.

  48. Emily

    Thank you for sharing this. I know it must be hard for you to have to process this in the public eye. Hoping for peace and healing for your family.

  49. Terri

    I appreciate the honesty you’ve expressed. As a victim myself, I’m very happy that this was taken seriously and not just hid away which seems to be common amongst many religious organizations. God bless you and your family. Let the healing begin.

  50. ALLIE

    Very well articulated… peace and prayers with you all!

  51. Sarah katharine

    I admire your strength, bravery and courage through this truth seeking time ❤️ Thinking of you

  52. SammY

    I am so sorry for your entire family and Anna’s family. I am thankful for justice but also can’t imagine the pain you’re enduring. A funeral sounds like an apt analogy. Praying for healing your entire family and the victims of the abusive material. Also know that you have handled the situation with grace and beautiful faith.

  53. Jackie

    You are so strong, brave, and resilient Jill. My heart hurts for all involved, but am thankful that justice was served. Your words were well spoken and your use of scripture was SPOT ON. Sending you love and prayers.

  54. Katelyn

    I greatly appreciate the care and wisdom that you both put into this statement. The road that you two have traveled, so painful and public, I cannot fathom, but I also rejoice as God has sustained your family. Praying for you both.
    Also 2 songs that have comforted me in times of trial.
    Psalm 34- Taste and See by Shane & Shane
    Where Were You? By Ghost Ship

  55. Nicole

    Prayers for all of you thru this trying time!!

  56. Sasha

    Beautifully said. My heart hurts for you all, and my prayers are with you.

  57. SARRAH

    Jill and Derick, all I can say is that you are good and decent people who have shown what it is to be a true Christian. Can’t tell you how much I admire you both. My prayers are with you for I realize that this is a trying time for everyone in your family.

  58. Anna R.

    I went to bed last night praying for your entire family, and I woke up praying as well. I am glad justice was served, but that doesn’t take away the pain for any of you. I can’t imagine how unbelievably hard this is. I am a former ATI student set free as well. You are an inspiration to me. If you ever need an understanding ear from someone raised with much the same beliefs, you’ve got one. I still love my Lord, but have done away with all the legalism. Whom the Son has set free is free indeed! Doesn’t freedom feel good?! I will continue to keep you in my prayers. Love you all!

  59. Marijke

    Derick and Jill, I pray that God gives you His Strength and and Comfort, in this period of mourning and sorrow… He will be around you, because He loves you so much.

    So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

    • Ella

      Praying that you would see Josh through the eyes of the Father. And that you would choose to give Josh grace and mercy just like Jesus has given you. Praying that through that there would be healing. Love you all

      • Sasha

        Of all the things that could be said to Jill right now, why did you decide this was the number one priority?

  60. Crystal Gingerich

    Jill you’ve been so brave through this whole ordeal. Derick, you are a huge part of Jill finding the courage to stand against evil. Praying for healing for you all. Losing family because they refuse to see a situation for what it is, is like a death in and of itself. Hugs!

  61. Alyssa H

    God bless you Jill & Derick for wanting to believe the truth & for seeing the truth. I am praying for everyone’s healing, including yours. There was a lengthy prayer on facebook written by someone calling herself a ‘survivor’ and it was extremely thoughtful. I’m praying it can find its way to Anna, it is addressed to her ‘Dear Anna’. But I am now realizing it could be helpful to you as well.

    Stay strong & stand on the Truth, there are plenty of people who love & support you!

  62. Donna Christoffersen

    Just know you have so much love, respect and total support from all over the world! So hold your head up high and be of good cheer. We have your back!

  63. Jenn

    This was beautifully written. I’m sorry for your pain. Jesus reigns.

  64. Amy T.

    So proud of you two. Glad you can support his children and hoping Anna has sense to do what’s best for her kids. I’m concerned for his kids. I’m concerned for Jill and hope her heart is strengthened by justice being served. Praying for you to rest peacefully now and that your focus is on family, fun and some Christmas cheer.
    Celebrating justice and hoping Jill continues her journey of personal growth and education.
    Sending love and respect.

  65. Hélida Costa

    May God continue to bless and heal your family. Take care of yourself and each other. Our God is Great.

  66. Frederika Galien

    Sending prayers and so much love to everybody involved. Lot’s of healing needs to happen and my wish for everybody involved is to find healing. I am beyond happy that justice has been served. I also hope that family members (and others) who contributed to the lies go within and start doing the right thing, starting now. I honostly admire you both for the strength and the class you both have shown during the injustice over the years. Much love, Frederika

  67. Michelle

    This whole situation makes me so sad for Anna. My former husband is addicted to pornography. As a matter of fact, I am writing a book about the effect that a man’s porn use has on his wife. It is such a deep pain. My heart goes out to Josh also, because at some point, he was exposed to something that he has not been able to overcome, as was the case with my former husband. My heart goes out to Josh’s victims, because even with this verdict, the event cannot be erased. My heart also hurts for his parents, whose hearts are grieved and his children, who don’t have their dad. This whole situation just makes me so sad, Praying for your family.

    • Me

      Pornography of consenting adults is a world of difference from child pornography.

    • Lizzie

      All due respect Michelle, please don’t equate watching legal, consenting pornography with media of child sexual abuse. They are not the same thing at all, and watching porn does not lead to consumption of the latter. Josh had a serious problem, it was never dealt with and this is the result. I hope, but sadly doubt, that Jim Bob and Michelle do some serious self examination of their actions and beliefs in all this. I hope Josh does too, he needs to accept his responsibility and not blame this in being ‘attacked by Satan’. This is Josh’s fault, his responsibility, and whilst his parents actions around his previous conduct hasn’t helped, he is accountable for what he has done.

      Jill and Derek, I hope you both continue to heal. I wish the same for your siblings and nephews and nieces too. I hope that Anna realises that she can grow and heal too, the pain she must be in must be indescribable right now. However to do that she needs to distance herself from Josh and the circumstances that led to her current predicament. Whilst I’m sure she is clinging to her faith she needs secular help too, and so do her kids. Please encourage her to seek it.

  68. Stacie

    Good bless you during this time. My heart hurts for everyone involved, but I cannot imagine standing in Jill’s shoes throughout this entire ordeal. You are such a strong, brave, and kind woman, mother, wife, sister, daughter, and disciple. I am so sorry you’ve had to experience all the fallout of your brother’s actions.

  69. Ray santos

    Praying for y’all

  70. Regina

    I too will be praying for Anna and her children. I don’t know if Josh has left the faith but if he has, I will be praying that he return. Just like in scripture where Jesus talks about the prodigal son who left his father’s home and came back after realizing what a mess he was so it is with Josh. God will welcome him back.

  71. Morgan

    I hope all of your family gets the healing you all deserve. My heart goes out to you, Jill. I have always had so much admiration for you!

  72. Claire

    Jill, your bravery and strength is beyond anything I could imagine to have. Prayers to you, your family and your sisters.

  73. Jackie Biz

    Love and prayers to you and your family during this incredibly difficult and emotional time with this just verdict. Hope, love, and prayers for the future to Joy and her family as well, and that they find comfort and support in you and your family. You all have so much love and support from all over

  74. MiA J.

    Thank you for taking the time and this opportunity to weigh in on evidence the public wasn’t privy to. You two are probably as objective as any concerned family members in your positions could be, and if you are persuaded by the evidence presented, that goes a long way toward settling the matter in the hearts and minds of others who want to see justice done. May the hearts of any family members who’ve persisted in justification making, victim blaming, and the creation of bogus alternative storylines be pricked. May they stop heaping more damage on top of what’s already been done, seek forgiveness, and begin to live what they’ve so publicly and arrogantly claimed to believe.

  75. Bethany

    You have been in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you feel all the love and support you deserve. I have so much respect for you.

  76. Valerie

    Stay strong. We all love you.

  77. A Arnet

    I’ve was following the trial closely and praying for Anna and the kids. They’ll continue to be in my thoughts and prayers for the foreseeable future. I don’t know your family personally, but I wish I could give Anna a big hug and tell her how strong she is. I can’t imagine how hard this must all be for her.

    • A Arnet

      I was following**

      Sorry, I can’t type today ‍♀️

  78. Jennifer

    I have Been in Anna’s spot. As the predator not only grooms the victims. They groom everyone around them. To make all of us think that they are the perfect person. It took myself and children lots of counseling, plus several years to accept truly what he did. I pray Anna will get there. It is a long process and something you never truly get over, you just get through it. Focus on the kids give them the best possible life they can have.

  79. Heather

    Jill, you have every reason to walk away from your faith, but you didn’t. You had every reason to make this about your pain and the hardships you went through, but you didn’t. Instead, you have turned to the Cross and pointed us to it, where the one who says “He heals the broken hearted” extends his healing arms to all. You have compassion on the hurting in the midst of your difficulties. That can only come from above. If anyone wants to blame Christians for their hypocrisy, they can also look at what you have been through and how you have responded, and they won’t have an excuse. Your faith is real. Thank you for your testimony.

  80. Shirley

    Praying for your entire family. The implications of his actions are far reaching for all of you. Especially his victims and his wife and children, as they too are victims. I also pray for his soul.
    The Lord will hold you and guide you in the next steps of each of your journeys. With love and prayers.

  81. Kim

    I have truly prayed that this was all a set up and Josh would be innocent, but also for truth to prevail. I have been praying for Anna and the kids as well! I can’t imagine what they or you all are feeling! We will continue to lift each of you up in prayer. I am sure your Mom and Dad are so grieved. Please know that we The Christian family are lifting you all up in prayer. You are not standing alone!
    Love in Jesus Christ’s name,
    Brad and Kim Christian

  82. Crystal

    Praying for all effected by these horrible situation. Continue your walk and faith in His Holy Name!

  83. klayton robertson

    My name is Klayton. I am a former evangelical. I was completely repudiated and permanently banned, never to be reconciled nor forgiven, while those same people want to defend people like Josh because “Jesus forgives” yet why won’t they say the same for me? I’m pretty snarky to krisshins because of how I was treated by them, but I’m really one of the most genuine, compassionate people you could ever know. I’ve done way more than my share of snarking the fundie families, with good reason because of how they treat people while behind closed doors they do the same things as we do. the only difference between them and me is, I don’t lie about my behavior, and I don’t fake being sweet. Anyway, Jill, I’ve apologized before for anything negative I’ve said, although it really wasn’t much, just sometimes about your cooking. You’ve come such a long way and I hope you write a tell all book about the truth. They hate people who speak the truth, just like they hate me because I speak the truth. We’re misfits but Jesus hung out with us, the misfits, not them, the pharisees. If Jesus were to come back today, he would not be welcome in any of those spaces. I am the face of Jesus so how those krisshins treat me, that’s how they would treat Jesus if he were here. Anyway I’m not afraid to say that I 100% believe that this was the only way for his daughters to be safe from harm. Nobody was going to protect them and I also believe the ship has sailed for at least the first two. MAYBE the second two will actually be protected from him because their family sure as H wasn’t protecting them.

  84. Karen Mielke

    Jill, you are so strong and such a good mother. My heart goes out to you and your family for suffering from lies, minimization, and failure to believe and protect vulnerable children. Though justice has been served in the case of Josh and the unnamed exploited children, there remains so much hurt and grief. Your father’s testimony last week laid bare his culpability in leading through denial and self preservation. I know you will be the beacon of truth and healing for your family as you and Derrick stand strong with compassion, love, and honesty. We are not what we have suffered but rather who we have become as the result. May God bless you all in the days and weeks to come.

  85. Marija

    Jill, you are incredibly strong and brave. Thank you for speaking up and standing out, even when it is difficult and feels impossible. Though you don’t know us, so many people around the U.S. and around the globe are supporting you. I cannot imagine how hard this journey has been for you or Derick or any other survivor involved. It is truly a horrible and heartbreaking situation. I am glad your eyes have opened and you are finding hope and healing. “And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free,” (John 8:32) is the verse that came to my mind when I read your post. I am grateful justice has been served, and FINALLY, the truth IS out. I know there is a long road ahead for you all, but remember we are with you. Thank you for continuing to share your lives with us and speaking the truth. I will continue to pray for you all to have strength, peace, hope, and healing. May God heal your broken heart and bind up your wounds.

  86. Claire

    Hi Jill. I have been watching your family for many years now and have also been following the trial. I wouldn’t normally do this but I wanted to reach out to you during this difficult time to offer my love and support. Please don’t be afraid to take your time processing everything that has happened or to lean on anyone for help should you need it. You have so many loving fans, a supportive husband and family. You are such a strong, courageous, lovely person and you can do this, I have faith in you 🙂 much love, Claire

  87. Andrea

    Well put, bless you guys. Praying for your family during this time. I’m also lifting up all the extended Duggar family.

  88. Sue

    Since you indicated that you wanted to help to support Anna and the children please pass this message on if you deem it appropriate.

    An open letter to Anna,
    You have been sitting heavy on my heart. I want to acknowledge what you are most likely feeling. Which is probably a huge sense of betrayal, fear and sadness in so many aspects of your life. The first step in grief is denial, no one wants to believe someone they love could cause so much pain. How can you believe the facts when, this is the man you firmly believed GOD chose for you, all the praying and trusting in your faith to guide you to the person you were meant to be with and commit to. We are guided in life by our upbringing and cultural values, you from what I read, were raised to believe that women are to respect the authority of their husbands and to do so without questioning and with a smile on your face. The IBLP states that people are to hide their emotions and project a positive manner, feelings of anger and sadness must be hidden and ignored. This is an impossible and unrealistic way to process one’s emotions.

    As a person who is a survivor of incest, now in my 60’s; I beg of you to listen to your children and to trust your instincts no one wants to believe that a parent could bring such harm but in my case, my father continued to abuse me and my two sisters even after he was confronted. Out of the 3 of us girls I am the only one still surviving my sisters both committed suicide as adults as they were never able to fully overcome the abuse they endured as young girls. The effects truly affected their mental health.

    The acts your husband admitted to and was convicted of do not go away. The urge to satisfy their needs cannot be prayed away. It is most likely that your children were abused. I know you do not want to entertain the thought that someone so close could harm the children that you love so much nor that the perpetrator was someone you firmly believed was chosen for you

    I pray and hope that you will be able to find a strong support system that will hold you up and help you process the unimaginable pain you are experiencing. Surround yourself with people who truly love you and care for you. Finding a counselor or someone you can talk to can be so beneficial to the healing process. Through years of counselling and working as crisis line responder for the sexual assault hotline and a wonderful network of supportive women I not only survived but thrived and am now a third grade teacher a wife, mother and grandmother. The abuse I experienced has not been forgotten but I have let the anger go, forgiveness is not forgetting or absolution forgiveness is letting go the anger and shame it took many years to get there. I was 27 before I was able to let that go and it took confronting my father and letting him know that what he did was not ok.

    I am sorry you are hurting and cannot imagine the fears you have for the future. Taking stock in your life, I hope you will educate your children so that they are never dependent on another person in order to survive financially. Offer them the opportunity to attend a vocational school or college so that they can learn a trade in order to be self-sufficient should the need arise. Raise them to believe that all emotions are healthy and that there are appropriate ways to express them. Forgiveness does not require joy, pain and suffering should be acknowledged and talked through if the person wants to do that.

    I want you to know that you are not alone and that there are people out in the world who do care about you and keep you in their thoughts and prayers
    In love and light,

  89. Anne Southwick

    This entire situation has left me completely heartbroken for everyone involved. I’ve watched and followed your family since day one. I know it’s definitely not the same and we all have our own messed up family junk to deal with but this has kept me up at night especially most recently. My heart goes out to the sweet young victims who thought they were safe in their own home, my heart hurts deeply for those 7 children that officially no longer have a father, and my heart continues to cry for Anna. She’s been put in the most horrific and nasty situation any wife… any mother could be put in. It’s in my opinion that Josh needs to be served divorce papers in prison. She should have zero fear of repercussion from anyone in the Duggar family for doing the right thing. Divorce him!!!! She and those 7 babies should be taken excellent care of for the rest of their lives by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar INC. Anyway and anywhere Anna sees fit btw. Not living in a shed on the property…. if Anna feels the need to home teach those babies and grow lavender on Maui. Fork over the cash Jim Bob. Anna deserves to do and live where ever she wants. She’s been through enough.

  90. Mike

    Please help your father and mother understand they contributed to their sons behavior and deflection is offensive to every survivor of sexual assault.

  91. Richard Brown

    In actuality, a divorce is only considered “uncontested” when you and your spouse are able to agree on the divorce’s main problems. When both of you accept the settlement on family law Regina, the court just needs to approve it after making sure the children are well-provided for.


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