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A Day In The Life Of A Law Student…In Covid, With A Family!

Enjoy watching what a day in the life of a law student with a family during covid-19 might look like!

At the time this video was taken (April 2021), Derick was a 3L, partway through finals at the University of Arkansas School of Law. He graduated the next month!

With most covid restrictions still in place, law students aren’t on campus much, so most days are spent studying from home and occasionally a coffee shop.

Some days the online classes are live, while other days the classes are pre-recorded with meetings and assignments throughout the day. Some days start earlier and keep a tighter schedule, not allowing for quite as much flexibility. Other days, Derick might study part of the day, then work some of the day running Grub Hub (food delivery service) calls.

This day was a little less diverse than some and mostly spent studying antitrust law since finals were halfway over…+ we chose a day for this video that was a little more flexible to accommodate filming.

Enjoy the video & go Hogs!!

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  1. Cathy

    I really like these type of videos! Good luck on the bar!

  2. Gladys

    When will you be posting the pics from your photo shoot!? 🙂

  3. Regina Shea

    I’m glad he was able to graduate. I was wondering if Covid restrictions caused any delays.


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