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Dog Update…Life With Fenna!

It’s been awhile since we’ve given y’all a dog update! We hope you enjoy this new video montage of some fun moments with our newly adopted dog, Fenna. And if you missed our last few videos, you can find them here! We have been loving life with her, although she’s still a little crazy puppy at times! haha! She has been doing so well in her obedience classes and recently graduated Level 1! We are looking forward to her beginning Level 2 classes very soon!

Thank y’all for the advice and helpful dog tips you’ve shared! We are learning so much and continuing to follow the advice of our vet and trainer too!

Have more dog tips? Drop them in the comments below!

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  1. Lavinia

    Is she allowed to live and sleep inside now?

    • Derick & Jill

      Yes. 🙂 She’s inside most nights.

  2. Ashley

    You can tell the hard work and dedication you’re putting into her training, well done Dillards! My sister works with Malinois in law enforcement they are so smart it’s crazy! I showed her your sweet Fenna, highly recommend a harness especially when walking but also training it protects their neck and spine especially because she’s a strong curious dog! They also have bed inserts that go in the bottom of the crate they’re usually under $20 at Petco it’s thinner than the bed you have but still makes it cozy! Be careful with the rawhide bones unless you’re getting from a butcher they can be processed in chemicals that can be harmful. Keep up the hard work you’re putting in you can tell she’s so grateful to have found such an awesome family!!

    • Derick & Jill

      Thanks so much for the tips! And good to know about rawhide!

  3. katie blake

    Please keep the dog inside more it is getting hot outside and she has no water and is outside all day long

  4. Wendy Baker

    Kong toys are amazing! We have a boxer mastiff who when we first put her in the kennel she would chew up her bed (we bought so many beds) finally we did like you we used old towels or old blankets (things we didn’t mind if she chewed up)… we would put her in the kennel for dinner so she learned not to bed. We used pocket treats for training. She can “sit, shake (both paws), and lay down all the way). Good luck! With the correct training Fenna will do amazing with you all. Great that she is coming up with the boys so she will hopefully be good around other kids.

  5. stephanie

    How did you come up with her name? She’s so sweet

  6. Chelle

    She needs to be inside full time and not just “most nights.” They take a lot of work, but dogs are social pack animals and need to be with their people full time. When you chose to adopt her … you chose to make her a part of your pack. To do that … she has to be with you. Dog fighting rings steal pets from yards all the time. PLEASE take her inside.

  7. Alexis G

    Dear Jill,

    All those years ago when you told your parents what happened, you were right.

    When he called you a tattle tale, you were still right.

    You aren’t to blame for anything that happened – not to you and not to any other children in your family. You did the RIGHT thing.

    Your parents did NOT do the right thing even when their child did. They did not get him help. They did not protect the other children after the first time they knew.

    None of what we learned today is your fault. He made these awful choices we learned about today himself as an adult. This is all on him. You couldn’t have prevented it. You did everything right.

    Young tween/teen Jill who reported him was a hero. She did all the right things. She was brave. She IS brave today. She’s still doing the right thing, this time for herself and her own kids.

    (Just in case you read here and need to be reminded by the thousands of us here this afternoon….We may disagree with you about a lot of issues but we know you did the right thing.)

    We love you.

  8. Jennifer

    I sent you a pm through Facebook messenger to try to be an encouragement to your family.

  9. Mary

    I just love watching your videos, regardless of the content. You and Derick are so patient with your children and new dog Fenna. Jill, you have grown into a lovely wife and mother. I will keep watching as long as you keep filming! Enjoy you family as the time really does fly! Congrats to Derick on his law school graduation!

  10. Theodora Polentas

    Hi guys, my puppy Dusty basically loves to eat everything he gets his hands on from clothing to shoes literally everything. I was wondering if you have ever had this issue with Fenna and have any advice you can provide as I can’t afford obedience classes being a single parent, but I would really love to stop Dusty from eating everything he gets his hands on lol. By the way Fenna is my mums name so cool to see it as your furball’s name.


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