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We Weren’t Expecting This When We Got To The Animal Shelter!!

After being cooped up for awhile with the big winter storm and school still out for Israel, we decided to go visit some animals at the shelter! We love animals and always enjoy visiting them in any environment…at pet stores, the zoo, watching videos online and checking out different dog breeds, but we didn’t expect this to happen!

What kind of animal lover are you? Do you prefer cats, dogs or other? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Emily Ann

    I have 3 dogs! Sadie is therapy certified and we really miss our nursing home and library visits (can’t do anymore because of Covid). Maximilian is my hiking buddy. And Murphy keeps my company when I’m working from home

  2. Cathy

    Yay, congrats on adopting a puppy! I was just thinking for your next Q&A, why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourselves that we don’t know about, like your favorite hobby, favorite topics, routine, etc?

  3. Darlene Corcoran

    lol, i knew that dog was going home with you the second you took her outside!! thank you for adopting a shelter dog

    • Regina Shea

      We adopted a kitten from a cat shelter who is now three years old. She actually chose my daughter when we were at the shelter. She climbed up on her lap and stayed for an hour and that’s when we knew we found our kitty.

  4. Jay

    She’s a beautiful dog and she’s very energetic which is good for going walks and playing with. She will need to be properly trained by a proper dog trainer in classes which will benefit you all. She is excitable which is understandable and she’s going to jump up on you until she is trained so please watch the boys don’t pull on her or squeeze around the stomach as it will hurt her and she could snap, which is only natural as it’s painful.
    Train. train and train and also train the boys which will make a great family dog and someone who can be their best friend 🙂

  5. Chelsie Beggin

    We have 3 cats. When my first born was learning to talk, we thought it would be fun to say gatita instead of cat. That ended up being his first word (along with choo choo!) As he got older he ended up “changing” their names to Big Dita, Little Dita, and Orange Dita 🙂


    I do like black lab dog and i used to have a dog but he died and now my sister Kim has 1 and i do go to her house to hangout with the dog and it is a black lab and then my brother Jack has 1 too and my dad do like dogs


    I am the 5th kid in my family of 7 kids and now there is 26 of us in a big family and i do like to know you all have been up too

  8. name

    Who’s keeping the dog while you’re at your brother’s wedding?

  9. Charlotte

    We have two cats and a hedgehog… Congratulations on your new furry child and it’s awesome that you adopted him from a shelter. Keep up the great work

  10. anon

    It’s nice to see you having fun. It’s nice to see you guys be able to keep your faith in Jesus and be a little more balanced in your lifestyle choices. Congrats.

  11. RL

    Are you doing another Q&A?

    I want to know what really happened with Josh? How do you feel about the Megyn Kelly interview you did with Jessa in 2015? How do you and Derick REALLY feel about Josh?

  12. Gladys

    Was Justin’s wedding filmed for TLC & Counting On?


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