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Q&A: Santa & Christmas

This question & answer session is all about Christmas! We discuss our family Christmas traditions and whether or not we do Santa!

Have more questions you’d like answered in future Q&A sessions? Drop them in the comments below!

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We hope y’all have a very merry Christmas 2020 and an even better start to the 2021 new year!

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  1. Kayla

    Merry Christmas Dillards! Great q&a. Just one question, what nativity story movie do you watch?

  2. Marijke Winkel

    I’m on the same page about believing in Santa (in my country it’s not connected with christmas, but we have Sinterklaas 3 weeks earlier…based on the same person. Only here, he still looks like a Bishop… ).We tell the kids it’s kind of a play and we play along together… We sing the songs, put little presents in their shoe’s… But we also tell them they cannot tell their friends…
    We don’t want them to be scared, so we tell them its just a dressed up man…. But when they see him, they suddenly believe he’s real And that’s ok. They know what we told them and we don’t tell them lies… That’s the most important!

  3. Regina Shea

    Have a very blessed Christmas you all. I’m praying for a wonderful 2021!

  4. Debbie

    Merry Christmas. What Bible stories do the boys enjoy the most?

  5. Nicole

    Would you be willing to address the rumors that there is tension between your family and the “big family” and if that is true are you working toward reconciliation? Jill seems to be noticeably absent from Duggar activities lately. Your fans truly wish the best for all of you.

  6. BethaNy

    Jill, would you consider going back into work or further education, maybe once Sam starts school?

  7. Gynger

    Derrick I felt the same in regards to telling our daughter there was a real santa & telling her about Jesus. I also wonder if she would think as she got older what else is a lie that we lead her to believe. So actually we just talked in about Santa being a game we played at Christmas. Some my think that is having one foot in the world, I don’t know I think of it more as
    a cultural thing. We had the game…Santa, but the emphasis was Jesus ….the real reason for Christmas celebration. Actually Jesus should be celebrated every season…everyday! And that is probably something we as parents could do better…putting the emphasis on letting our children see us celebrate Jesus every day!

  8. Katie

    You guys were talking about national lampoon’s Christmas vacation. Jill have you seen that movie?

  9. Katie Del Ponte

    HI Dillard Family! I would like to know how your mom, Derick, is fairing with Covid? My brother is also in remission from cancer and has to be so cautious, is she still getting to see some people? Also, How are your kiddos handling all the pandemic news? And of course, you 2? (Our family, I feel, have loved the quarantine because it has been extra special time that we haven’t always got to enjoy) What is your family’s favorite family time activity? Jill, Are there things that you feel like you missed out on growing up that you have found now in your new family setting to be something you love? Derick, Are there things that you feel you missed out on growing up that you didn’t discover until you went to College and/or moved in with Jill? Wishing you all health and happiness.

  10. Ab

    Jill- in the past your family has stated that they discourage dancing. Is that something that you and Derrick decided to continue?

  11. Roman

    For the next Q&A my question is about circumcision. What are your thoughts and your family’s thoughts on it?


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