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Q&A: Education, Piña Coladas & More!

We polled y’all on Instagram a few days ago and received a lot of feedback! Here is our first video response to some of the questions. We hope to answer more questions in the next several Q & A sessions.

Missed the Instagram poll? Drop more questions in our comment section below!

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  1. Jerry adams

    God bless y’all.

    • Jennifer Young

      I love that you cling to your husband as a couple and break away from under your parents does not mean you disrespect them i was raised in a christian family i wore pants growing up,dresses to church or to my christian school so i know how some things can be but as you still seek Gods guidance that is what matter so if wearing pants is ok for you and your still being modest in your way i am very glad for you

      • Janine

        Hey guys,

        What’s your stance on learning about and teaching your children about other religions such as budism, Islam, ect, as well as, other interpretations of the Bible.

        Do you learn about the history of Christianity and how certain gospels made it into the bible. Have read about other gospels such as the gospel of Mary?

        I know this can be a touchy subject but I am genuinely interested.

        I for example don’t sucribe to a religion but enjoy learning about theology and the believes of others


      • Zoro

        There are a lot of rumours going around about your (Jill) relationship with your parents and your siblings. Can you say something about that? Also, Derrick is said to be saying a lot of things that are negative about your parents. I find that disturbing as it is the number 1 action of manipulators or abusers – isolating you from your loved ones. Can you comment on that?

        • Maggie

          Hi Dillard family!

          1. Do you plan on letting Israel continue in public school? Do you worry about the science and evolution be taught?

          2. Does the Dillard family celebrate Halloween?
          3. Why didn’t you guys continue with the same first letter names?
          4. What parenting methods did your parents use that you will not use?
          5 Will you let the boys read Harry Potter?
          6. What 1 thing that you did like about havin a big family ( admit it we’ve all been there lol)
          7. Jill & Derrick how do your parents feel about you’re choices to cut ur hair, having piercings, send the kids to public school and drinking?

        • Zoe

          Lol ikr! Next to Jinger and Jeremy.

    • Ha

      I would just like to know what your favorite hair cut is for the guys. And favorite date night dinner at home is if you don’t want to go out but dine in? Favorite memory together and who said I love you first?! Sorry so nosy just so inspired by your affection towards each other!

      • Kaylee

        I want to preface my question with this…you never owe anyone an explanation for how you live your life…your body, your choice…but if you feel like sharing, what are your thoughts on birth control these days? I know your family is outspokenly opposed to it and you’ve appeared to hold similar beliefs in the past. Has your opinion changed as you’ve developed your own interpretation of the Bible?


      Jill and Derrick, have you watched Little House on the Prairie? It’s a well loved show in my household!

    • Regina Shea

      If you like court shows you two should watch the old Perry Mason series. I loved it as a kid. I was sitting here trying to think of questions for your next Q and A to ask but I guess I have a couple.

      1. Do you think the Lord may lead you back into the mission field?

      2. Do you or Derick have a favorite devotional?

      3. Derick will you be writing anymore words of wisdom on this blog? I truly appreciate what you have written in the past.

      I’m looking forward to your next Q and A. You two are such godly people, though I know you aren’t perfect( none of us are) I’m happy to call you my “siblings” in Christ.

      • Regina Shea

        Oops! I met that to be a comment to Jill and Derick. The pop up ads here sort of make it hard to comment since they get in the way.

        • Tiffany

          This is great..,looking forward to watching more of these. As someone who’s watched you grow up on tv it’s nice to see what your up to. Miss you guys on Counting On. Just not the same without you and Derrick.

          • Nicole

            Hey 🙂

            You have tried things that aren’t in line with some of the family beliefs.
            I know dancing was a no no, but would you consider trying it?
            I have danced since I was little, across a variety of styles and I’ve always found it so freeing and great exercise.
            I also now teach ballroom dancing and love seeing couples give it a go together.


        • Shana

          I would like to start off by saying that y’all are a wonderful example of a couple and family that are very grounded and driven by your relationship with the Lord! And if you get a chance I highly recommend reading To Kill A Mockingbird. The book is so much better than the movie and the movie leaves out alot of key moments in the book! It is my absolute favorite I have read it many times and I always recommend it!!

          My question is:

          For Jill
          1. How has your choice as a couple and family to live and raise your children in a less fundamental conservative home cause a strain on your relationship with your parents and siblings if any?

          2. What advice do you have for someone that is going through the issues that can be caused by having a different form of practicing faith than their parents/ grandparents?

          (It has caused some issues for me because I’m not as conservative as my grandparents are)

          For Derick
          2. You have done alot of work in the missions field! What is your advice to someone who has a desire to go on mission work but doesn’t know how to work it around job/ everyday life and responsibilities?

      • Kevin Schuhmann

        Are you guys planning on having more children in the near future?

    • Robin

      I love the idea of balance. I believe the same way as you, but my husband doesn’t. I don’t need alcohol, and could honestly could see myself being an alcoholic, so I’ve made the choice not to drink. I have no problem with believers who drink socially, but it is not right for me. You explained it well in your video and I admire that as a couple you made a decision together. I 99999% agree it is wrong to try to hide the drinking and drink to drunkenness. Two big thumbs up to you!!! May God continue to bless you.

    • Aly

      Advice for seeking a good Christian counselor? Why would you reccomend someone see a licensed professional, as well as seek advice and help from pastors, mentors, etc?

    • Rachel

      I live in the UK and I am starting university this week at the age of 43. I have 4 children aged 10 12 13 and 16. Jill would you ever consider further study and if so what would you study.

    • Iko kandie

      What are both of your enneagram numbers/ personality types?

    • Lisa

      Where do you stand on blanket training?

  2. Cathy

    I’m gonna save this to watch during my lunch hour! So excited! lol Thanks for posting it 🙂

    • Cathy

      Just watched it! Props to you both for being transparent! For your next Q&A: Jill: what is your goal in life outside of religion? Derick- what was your childhood like?

  3. Daisy

    For the next Q&A – are the two of you comfortable being friends with people with different religious backgrounds or beliefs? For example; could you have a friend who is a Buddhist, or pro choice, or a democrat/liberal? As long as they are mutually respectful of your differences (and don’t try to change your beliefs, and you do the same for them) 🙂

    • Derick & Jill

      Thanks for your question! We are compiling them and hope to answer as many as possible in our upcoming Q & A sessions!

      • Sarah

        So if you guys watch the office does that mean you have a tv or just the computer?

        • Ruth

          If you like Parks and Rec and the Office, I suggest Brooklyn 99 and The Good Place both from NBC. Both are hilarious and have similar vibes. I think you’d really like them!

      • Anne Tyler

        Do you still enjoy thrift stores, garage sales, etc.?

      • Jess

        Do you only listen to gospel music or can you listen to contemporary music as well? And what is your opinion on dancing? Also what do your parents and siblings think about your choices? I come from a christian home and feel judged most of the time.

    • Teri

      Question for y’all: Do you, Jill, have any interest in taking college courses yourself? Is there any subject/study you would like to broaden yourself on? Thank you for your time 🙂

  4. Gwen

    I respect you both for obviously forging your own paths that are indepedent from the Duggars and not in lock-step with some of their strict beliefs. I know from experience that this can be a challenging thing to do. You both seem like great parents and I am sure your children will do great in school. I wish you all the best!

  5. William

    Brilliant way of handling the question. And good for you for bucking oppressive fundamentalist upbringing

  6. Pennie

    Do u see more kids in the near future

    • Derick & Jill

      Thanks for your question! We will answer that in an upcoming Q & A session so stay tuned! 🙂

      • Nora

        I would love to hear how your relationship with your siblings and parents are. And if you and Anna are not speaking. There are so many rumors out there! Love your family!

      • Krystal J

        Jill: favorite you tuber? Or type of video? Do you watch vloggers, makeup videos, cooking videos? Loved the video !

    • Jessica

      Loved the q&a! Future questions:

      1. how do you two disciple and how did you decide on how to. My husband and I are first time parents to a very smart, busy, strong willed 11 month old girl and we have yet to determine this.
      2. how do you find a balance when it comes to modesty. Before Christ, I dressed very worldly (short, shorts, bikinis, etc), but after Christ I feel I started to go the opposite and was told I could be making it legalistic. I just want a good, biblical balance.

  7. Mary

    I think you are a wonderful Christian couple who are thoughtfully and prayerfully making decisions for your family. Love your transparency.

    • Derick & Jill

      Aww. Thanks.

  8. Carolyn Lowery

    I don’ t have a question but I just want to send you blessings. I am a pastor’s daughter and practically lived in the church, but my dad allowed me to grow into the person God wanted me to be and not him. I totally believe if you instill God’s word in your child, they will not depart from it. That doesn’t mean instill your beliefs because we are all different and all have different ways to worship God. It took me a while to finally understand that and I just wanted to share and encourage you both. Keep up living your life how God has directed you. Oh and Friends is a great show! My kids and I used to have “Friends night” where we would just binge watch. God Bless!

    • Derick & Jill

      Aww. Thanks for your kind words. 🙂

      • Chelsea

        This is a lighthearted question but I need to know! Who are each of your favorite characters on The Office and Parks & Rec.

        Also, I don’t know if you celebrate Halloween but you two would be the perfect Jim and Pam! And if the boys let you dress them up, they could be Michael and Dwight

    • Carly

      Do you ever feel hurt, left out, or excluded from major family events where they will be filming?

    • September

      Agree with this 100%. My husband and I both grew up very conservative fundamentalist evangelical (down to the “no pants” thing) and we met at a very conservative Christian college. We took a long break from church in our early married years and later ended up at a progressive Christian church where I feel Gods presence. For us, that is where God wants us to be and we’re raising kids that will ultimately make their own decisions but we’re giving them the framework to do that.

      And unfortunately we’ve also had some blowback from family members who still saw us as children incapable of setting boundaries and making decisions for our nuclear family unit.

  9. Leigh

    I highly recommend “Turn:Washington’s Spies.” It was a series on AMC that is on Netflix. When my husband was on episode 4, I made him start the series over bc I had been half watching it and didn’t understand what was going on…It took a couple of episodes to really get into it, but we were both hooked. We couldn’t wait for the kids to go to bed so we could watch it. It may not be light enough after a long day at law school, but as one who usually enjoys a no-brainer Rom-Com @ the end of the day, it was quite enjoyable for me. You two are wonderful examples of a loving marriage with Christ in the center… Thank you for being “you.”

    • Linda Hoyt

      Yes!! Good suggestion! Also, John Adams…and British tv: Father Brown, “Bletchley Park”, “Miss Marple”…How about “Anne of Green Gables“ and all the sequels? Also, the adorable, “Road to Avonlea“? Then there is “Wind at my Back”…and you simply must watch, “The Chosen”.

  10. Ellyn N Robinson

    Blessings on Blessings! Proud of you guys!

  11. Anna

    So proud of you, Jill. You both look so happy, healthy, and secure in the direction you want to take your family. Love how transparent you are in the decisions you are making, and the positive effect it is having on your lives. Wish you all the best!

  12. Krysten Ehlers

    I’ve enjoyed following your family. I love your openness as a couple and look forward to seeing future videos!

  13. Maria

    Question for Jill: do you have any plans/dreams about going to college in the future or do any work besides being a stay at home mom? ☺️ Loved the Q&A!

  14. Susan howser

    Being your own person is tough when you are raised in a strict household, you feel obligated to comply to the old rules to keep your parents happy, yet you need to be happy with yourself. As long as no one is being hurt and still following the rules you have set for yourself, then all is good. Personally, I find that I best address my relationship with God as just that MINE, no one else’s. I am responsible for my actions, no one else.
    My Dad and I conflicted on alcohol also (I had uncles on both sides who were alcoholics), I tried to explain to him that I could have a beer with my food and that was it, I didn’t need to over indulge, I just enjoyed the taste.
    Keep doing you and your family, be an example to your kids and those around you. Glad you have forged your own path in life, can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for you.

  15. Alex

    I love Matlock too Thank you for your transparency with some of these topics. I applaud you for being led by what you feel the Lord is leading you to do as a family and not what others may deem appropriate.
    It may have been asked before, but have you been approached about doing a solo show? Would you consider it?

  16. Beth Zimmerman

    I enjoy keeping up with your Beautiful Family,,,,and also wanted to say I appreciate you sharing your recipes on your blog. We live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which is just a hop skip and a jump from where you live in Arkansas…was wondering if you and Derick have ever brought your boys to the Big Gathering Place Park here in Tulsa? if not, it might be a good idea for a future road trip for your family to make. Such a fun place for kids and Families.

  17. Christy

    You are all missed on Counting On. Would you ever consider coming back to the show?

  18. Kendra

    What is your relationship like with your family especially jim bob
    Also can u tell us about therapy u r having
    Why did derick say on instagram that u should have been invited to family game night even tho that was for filming which derick decided ur not doing anymore. Does jill want to be allowed on camera so she can hang out at more family events.

  19. Ann

    How, what is your relationship with your family these days? Do you see them often, or does distance make this a problem.?

  20. Samantha

    Hello! I just wanted to say that it’s fantastic to see the two of you taking control of your lives, and living the way that you feel is best for you. You seem to have struck a great balance of exploring what life has to offer while keeping your values. You two are setting a great example for your children, as well as those who come across you on the internet.

    Don’t pay much attention to those who want to take away your happiness- you two are doing what feels good and right for your family, and that’s highly commendable. Keep it up!

    • Amy Faris

      Nice question and answers. I think it is great that you have come alive Jill! Having an alcoholic drink at dinner or a beer at a barbecue is just fine! I do not agree with getting drunk either. Glad Israel loves school! That is the best decision you made. My kids went to Catholic school and I was very involved with PTA. You should keep your midwife license active even though you are not practicing at this time. You never know when you may need it. Keep up with your continuing education courses
      One of the nurses I work with her son just finished law school and went to the state of Washington to takes his boards so he would be able to. Practice in all 50 states. There is only a few states that do this. I do not know if Derrick would be interested in that. God Bless you Both!

  21. Risa

    Hi! For your next Q&A, I was wondering if you still live near your siblings, since you said y’all moved for Israel’s school, and if so, do you guys get to see each other often? Miss y’all on Counting On 🙂

  22. Gloria Daugherty

    Hey hey heeey! Lol! This question is directed a bit more towards Jill…I don’t know if you’ve touched on this subject or not before but I was just wondering if the transition from the modest dress code you grew up with to the current style you have now took any “getting use to”? Were clothing pieces that bared shoulders or knees, or not always only wearing skirts something you had to get comfortable with? And btw, I totally love your style!

  23. Julia

    Jill, do you plan to go back to school after Derick graduates and both boys are in school?

  24. Kristie

    Thank you so much for sharing your life together with us. Gads, I wish you guys were our neighbor! I have enjoyed watching from the beginning and believe God is blessing you and your family. May the Light of Christ continue to shine through you to the world. <3

  25. Rachel Brochu

    Thank you for your honesty and openness Jill. Its soo appreciated.
    Delicate question— what religious beleif practice in your every day life (you did and practiced growing up) you do not practice anymore with your own family???? And why?? Thank you! Sending you plenty of love and positivity Jill. xxx

  26. Bailey

    Interesting video!

    My question: Did you both already know when you got married that you wanted to raise a family and live slightly differently than you were raised, or was it a gradual process? What made you desire a change? And how have you processed those decisions together as they’ve come up in your marriage, life, and raising children?

  27. Pam Brooks

    Do you have any travel goals once the COVID pandemic is over?

  28. Zoe

    For the next Q & A –

    Are you or would you be friends with an atheist? Do/would you respect their beliefs without trying to convert them?
    If your children decided one day that they no longer shared the same religious beliefs as you, would you respect that? Would that impact your relationship with them?

    I thought this was a thoughtful and sincere Q&A. You both seem to be happy and doing well in the life you’ve built together! I hope for continued happiness in your futures!

  29. Courtney

    Hey Dillard’s! So love hearing and seeing how your family is doing! My question for your Q&A is, how is your relationship (Jill) with the rest of your family? Obviously, there’s more to your Families life than the Counting On series but since y’all have mostly not been apart of that anymore, I’d love to hear how you guys are doing relationally with your parents and sibs, particularly when it comes to these family events that are filmed for the show (baby announcements, Christmas show, family travels, etc). How do you all handle that as a family?

  30. Angelique

    When you started breaking away from your parents’ values was it hard for you at first? I left the Hebrew Roots movement after being in it several years and my first Christmas with a tree and such I was terrified the Lord was going to smote me – hahaha, but sad too for how brainwashed I’d become. I guess I’m just curious what it’s been like to start making your own non fundy decisions, especially in the public eye. And for Derick, who didn’t grow up with the crazy expectations you did – both familial and fanbased.

  31. Melissa

    Derick, I really appreciate how you did not overtake the Q&A like some patriarchal men do, but yet sat back and Jill took control because she wanted to. So very respectful and loving.

  32. Meghan

    You guys should watch Modern Family- it’s so lighthearted and hilarious!
    My question to each of you is if you could travel anywhere in the world, what is your dream destination?
    Also, I just want to add that I think you are doing an awesome job at raising your boys and making changes in your life. You’re clearly a smart, independent, and strong woman, Jill!

  33. margarita

    Hello Jill and Derick! Thank you so much for doing this Q&A and choosing to have that kind of transparency and honesty. I know you don’t have to share anything at all, but I appreciate it nonetheless and think it’s refreshing to see people grow as they go through life.

    For Derick, I’d like to know, what led you to want to pursue that side of law? You seemed very enthusiastic when the question came up, and I’m just really interested in what led you to law in the first place and what kind of passions you have. You seem driven and I am so glad you have found something that seems to provide additional purpose in your life, and I look forward to seeing your career develop.

    For Jill, I know your family has a PO Box, but are there things in particular that are encouraging for you? I’m a librarian and my impulse is to gift people all the books, but I also know people have particular preferences and I’ve been wanting to use your PO Box to send a little something just as a form of encouragement, but I’d love to know what actually makes you feel seen and valued. Would love to know what little things make your family feel loved.

    I know how difficult it is to make so many changes and adjustments as you learn and grow, and I just wanted to let you two know that there are so many people out here who see you and are rooting for you. You are being fantastic parents to your children.

    Oh, and I highly recommend The Good Place for some good, light-hearted, and funny TV! Made by the same people as The Office 🙂

    • DEANNE

      Hello, I enjoy watching you guys and your life. I do have a question I hope you will answer on your next Q & A. Do you guys use the blanket training method? I know Jills Mom uses that so I would like to know if you agree with this method or not. Thank you

  34. Martha

    Hello guys , love love your little family , well I want to drop a question here so my question is are you guys still know how to speak Spanish , are you guys still practicing ?
    Sending all the love ❤️

  35. Lindsey

    Do you feel left out of family functions? How after do you see you family?

  36. Betsy

    Good for the two of you taking your own path. I am glad the two of you are.working as a team for the good of your family Glad you are doing some therapy, Jill. It is so beneficial. Best if luck. A lot of people are rooting for you.

  37. Kati

    Hey – Derick mentioned that he is looking forward to working with the poor and underserved when he is practicing law. I was wondering if that includes gay and transgender people as well? That may not mean that you agree with their lifestyle, but that you choose not to judge or speak out against them.

  38. Julia

    I really appreciate your heart-based perspective on issues. Very much how we try to parent our kids. We love reading as a family and would like to know what your kids favorite books are?

  39. Lauren

    Great video! You guys responded graciously and thoughtfully to the questions, and myself as a newlywed, it is encouraging to hear your perspectives from a little further down the road in marriage.

    I have a question because you mentioned praying and making decisions for your own family:

    My husband and I are learning as a couple that making decisions, deciding on boundaries, etc. – as two individuals coming from two different upbringings/backgrounds – isn’t always totally straightforward lol. 🙂

    Do you guys have any advice or resources for a young couple about communicating and making choices as they start their own family?

  40. Hannah

    Question: Jill, do you have any desire to get a college degree? (I mean once all your kids are older…being a stay at home mom is a full time job)

  41. leann

    Hi Jill and Derrick!
    I’ve got a few questions for you: Since you both met in Nepal and lived in Central America, is there another state or country that you’d want to live in besides Arkansas?
    With Israel in school and probably Sam, Jill, would you consider going back to school, if you haven’t already?
    I remember there was an episode from Counting On that you and Derrick were considering adopting. Is that idea on the table?
    Jill, what is your relationship like with your parents?

  42. G.

    I love y’all and totally respect your striving to be your own people and live your own lives. I’m just sad that it had to happen at the expense of your family, Jill. I’m praying that you and your family can find some way to meet in the middle and reconnect. It’s tough being out of the family loop and it’s hard for the boys too. Family is important and you don’t want to have regrets down the road if something tragic were to happen. <3

  43. Avery

    What are you most looking forward to in the year ahead? Do you have any specific goals that you hope to accomplish?

  44. E.

    What type of music do you like to listen to? Who are your favorite music artists?

    You may like Meredith Andrews or Francesca Battistelli…

  45. jane

    You mentioned having a desire to help represent those who are often underserved and promoting equality in justice. Does this include trying to increase representation for people that are gay, trans, or other identities within the LGBTQ+ community?

    • Neddy Constant

      I have a question do u guys love all
      Children even transgender & Disabled?

  46. B

    Question for Jill & Derick: How long have yall been on this journey and what sparked it? For us, it seems like all of these changes like putting your kids in public school or drinking alcohol are all pretty sudden but I know yall have probably been thinking about this for longer than the day you decide to post about it online.

  47. Marijke

    So very nice to see the both of you!!
    Whenever you want to see something not work related… a little more relaxing, you could watch “Keeping up appearances”… I like the English humor!!

  48. Sarah jane

    How many more kids will you have?

  49. Lauren

    Q&A: What kinds of after-school activities do you hope to sign Israel and Sam up for when they are old enough? Boy scouts, baseball, karate, etc.

  50. Jacee Hall

    I love that you guys do you! Play date next time I’m in Arkansas?? Lol but for real!

  51. Savannah Barber

    With the holidays fast approaching, how do you handle which family to see and when? My husband’s parents are divorced so we have 3 sides we juggle scheduling to see and one side always seems to be hurt.

    Respect you guys so much!

  52. JOy k

    Hi! I was curious if Derek is wanting to stay in Arkansas when he becomes an Attorney and Jill what other aspirations/passions do you have besides what you do now? Any dreams for the future? You are a great encouragement to me and blessed be a mom! Thanks for doing your utube channel for us!

  53. Anne Ellison

    Hi guys! I hope you are both well. I’m curious about hobbies! What kind of hobbies do you both enjoy in your spare time (if you have any!) ? As for us, I enjoy cooking, knitting, gardening, reading and long walks with my dog here in the Pacific NW. Husband is a ham radio operator, an internet website moderator and computer gaming. I’d like to know what your’s are! TIA

  54. Tammy L Harradine

    Jill and Derrick,
    I am a longtime follower of the Family Show/s. I am certain that as the times and events happened you had to grow, learn and accept things. I am so very pleased to see that you CHOSE to follow your heart and the LORD. We all must take our own paths. Derrick when you came along I could see you were going to love, support, cherish and take your family on a different path. Good for you, never changing who you are, following your heart. We all need that freedom to be who we are. You have really shown Jill the love and kindness you have for her and all the family. In time all good things will rise above.
    Question: How is your mom Derrick? She and your brother seem like very warm folks. I hope the boys get a lot of family time at least with them. Many blessings and prayers to her.

  55. Lyndsey

    Hey guys!

    My question for you:

    Are you guys open to having more children in the future, or do you feel done?

    God bless

  56. Mariana

    Hey guys…

    What’s both of you guys’ favorite non-Christian book?


  57. michelle

    any more kids?

  58. Marilyn

    Are you and Derek planning to have more children? If yes, as much as your parents?

  59. Natalie

    Are you still close with Jinger? And do you ever listen to their podcast? Really enjoy y’all and your videos!

  60. Cele

    Why don’t you go on counting on?

  61. Deena

    Thank you for sharing part of your life with us. I enjoy seeing your posts and videos and have enjoyed watching your sons grow.

    I have a question. Do you ever get tired of people asking over and over and over “why aren’t you on the show anymore?” I know I get tired of trading it so I was curious if you do 😉

    Another question: Have you ever actually tried dancing and if not, is it a something you would try or is it completely out of the question? I know you grew up with the belief that it was wrong but other evangelical/Baptist families have even danced recently. I guess times are changing

    Wishing you, Derick and your boys Health, happiness and continued support

  62. Kat

    Would you suggest courtship to your kids? Would you suggest all the same guideline that you implemented for your kids’ relationships?

  63. Neddy Constant

    Hi My name is Neddy Constant been a huge fan
    Since day 1 I have a question would u guys be
    Ok if your sons was gay or transgender or
    In the future would u guys be ok if your grandkids
    Was disabled?

    • No name

      Hey Jill & Derick – watch out for Neddy. You know about wolves in sheep’s clothing? She posts on that Lily & Ellie blog as if she’s such a huge fan and so meek. But if you do a search on her name, you’ll see she has posted horrible obscenity-laden responses on other web pages. She is developmentally disabled too. Just a heads-up…

  64. Neddy Constant

    How would u guys feel if your sons was gay or disabled?

  65. Grace

    What do you think of your brother Justin starting a courtship?

  66. Neddy Constant

    Would u guys ever have a tv movie about yourselves

  67. Sonya

    Hello – We love the Q &A’s! Thanks so much for doing them. Love your family. Questions for the next session:

    Do you think you will return to the mission field?

    I know this is a tough subject to talk about since you want to honor your parents and family and you do such a great job with that, but certainly any family dynamics and how you have handled leaving legalism for a more grace filled church – how the family has reacted, how you have handled that, and if you are able or would like to see other siblings leave legalism too and how you think you might help them do that if that is possible. If its tough for you to see them still within those bonds, or really how you navigate that situation..

    Thanks again – such a great series!

  68. Heidi

    I see all of your large family gatherings on counting on do your family participate in family gatherings, outings ot events? Or do you all get together outside of filming times?
    I miss seeing you all on counting on, it is good to still be able to connect with you.

  69. anon

    What do you think about your brother entering a courtship at such a young age? Do you plan on restricting your children to courtships or will they be free to date?

  70. Kelly

    Q. Did you truly set your own modesty/ courting standards. P.s I love your style but your true beauty is on the inside, so seem so kind and deserve to be happy.

  71. Kelly

    Q. If you had wanted to pursue a higher education/career as a young adult would you have felt supported? You always appeared intellectually curious I.e anatomy, languages ect, and I could definitely see you in the medical field, though I’m sure you have other interests. I know you’ll probably never see this but I hope you know you can achieve anything. Believe in yourself, in your dreams and in your power. I hope you’re all well and wish you the best. Kelly

  72. Rachel

    Since you’ve been married and out on your own, doing things a little differently than your family did growing up, what are some of the biggest surprises you’ve learned about the world that you wouldn’t have expected?

  73. Jennifer

    Do you have any pets?

  74. cheri shaw

    i just want to say i’m so happy for you jill, your hubby has been very good for you. I would like to ask if you’re going upgrade your home school with some public school? keep being strong and stay safe xox

    • Brandy Brown

      Favorite episode of The Office??

  75. Janee Mays

    You said you like to watch the office. Which characters are your favorite? & if you had an office job, who do you think you would resemble the most (of the office cast)?

  76. Liz

    Which sibling has been the most supportive of you during this transformation?

    • Faith

      My question exactly!

  77. Grace

    I was raised in a conservative Christian home with extremely similar standards to you. As I’ve grown up, I have struggled a lot with feeling like I’m a hypocrit because I don’t agree with all of my parents standards, and it’s been really hard sometimes to communicate how I feel to them. I’m old enough to move out once I’ve saved enough, and I plan to do so in the next year or two, and when I do I’ll be able to start making decisions that align better with my personal standards. I’m wondering if you’ve ever felt like that, and how you dealt with those feelings (if you did) when you started making decisions based on your standards as an adult, rather than your parents standards? Is there anything besides therapy that has helped you with some of the “darker” aspects of being raised to believe that you “had to” dress, act, and talk a certain way in order to be a good Christian?

  78. Sheila Williams

    You may have covered this before. I have seen a lot of talk that your family has turned against you with some of your decisions that you two as a couple have made. What is your relationship with your parents like?

  79. Catherine

    I would like to know if you really got an attorney to solve the money issue with Jim Bob. The Bible clearly teaches us the correct way to settle disagreements with our brothers in Christ and getting an attorney is not the way.

  80. Faith

    Hi Jill! I know this is a personal question, but can you tell us which specific siblings you still keep in close contact with and which siblings still support you? I would hope Jana is one of them, but after that, I have no clue which siblings are still your allies. As faithful watchers of your show over the years, we’ve seen in great detail how the family handled the Josh situation, but we would like a little more on how they’re treating you and your family in this situation. It seems very un-Christlike to cut off one’s child from the family, especially when said child still seems to be a faithful follower of Christ and not living in rebellion. Even your kids’ faces were blurred out of the Christmas grandchildren portrait. Unless you and Derrick requested that, that is very strange! Can you please give us an update on that? Thanks so much!

  81. heather

    I have been watching the “Duggars” and “Counting On” for as long as they have been on tv. I consider myself a huge fan of the Duggar family and I am saddened by the news that Jill and Derick are at odds with the Duggars. Marriage is about the uniting of two people from different backgrounds and different family environments and taking those experiences and creating what is unique to your own marriage and family. What have you incorporated into your family that Jill was taught growing up?
    I can’t help but notice that Derick seems to be doing his best to “erase” all of that. Jill, while your nuclear family is most important- your extended family, especially your parents, made you the person you are today and while you may experimenting with more worldly things right now, I encourage you to take the time to be thankful for the siblings and parents you have. You don’t have to be the exact same person you were when you lived under their roof, but the Bible instructs us to honor our parents– wherever you are living. Don’t be so quick to dismiss the ideals you were taught growing up. You may come around to appreciating them sooner than you think.


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