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Q&A: Birth Control, Budget, LGBTQ + More!

Hey guys! We are back with week three of our question and answer video sessions where we answer some of the most asked, fun & tough questions. This week we are answering questions about birth control, our budget, LGBTQ+ more!

Be sure to check out our last two Q & A videos and more on our YouTube channel here.

Enjoying the Q & A sessions and have more questions? Drop them in the comments below!

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  1. Kathryn

    Does your believe system still discourage any form of dancing? Would Jill consider going to college? Thanks for these videos! They’re awesome!

    • Elizabeth

      We would LOVE to have more of these videos. It’s an awesome way to really get to know you on a more personal level. You have many fans and a lot of people rooting for you guys!

      • Marlene

        Is Jill interested in going to college? And are you ( ( Jill) on good terms with your parents? I mean I know there was tension, but it hurts my heart when I do not see you in the show enjoying your family.

    • Katharine

      Not sure if this is where we are posting additional questions for the next video, but my question is: will you share sam’s birth story?

  2. Kimberly

    Today’s video was great. I’m shocked that you are attending law school without debt- that is amazing! I’m wondering if you have a mortgage on your house or if you are debt free there also?

    • Kiera

      Which of your siblings are you closest to now?

    • Ilsa

      Hi I have some questions too!

      1. You said in this video no one agrees on everything. What is something you two disagree about? How do you resolve disagreements?

      2. Do you still believe in the courtship model and do you hope your kids will follow this model? What about not kissing until marriage?

      3. If you have daughters in the future do you hope they will go to college? Jill, do you want to pursue any further education and/or eventually work as a midwife?

      4. How did you two come to change your mind about how many kids you wanted? I think a lot of us remember Jill saying at your wedding she might have more than 19 kids. When and how did your thinking about this change? And how many kids do you hope to have, God willing?

      5. Is missionary work still in your hearts? Do you believe you’ll ever return to this kind of work?

      Thank you for doing these videos. I think you are an amazing example to all Christians.

  3. Katie

    If you were both asked to return to the show would you do it?
    Do you as a family celebrate Halloween?
    Btw really enjoying how honest you both are on these q&as.

  4. Charlotte

    This is for the Q & A.
    If a friend of yours was having a same sex wedding would you attend if invited?
    P.s. I love watching you guys and you are amazing!

  5. Sarah

    Do you really read the comments on your blog/social media?

    Do you read other blog/websites that talk about you, such as freejinger?

    Also, I wanted to say keep the videos up! It’s great to see the real y’all.

  6. Emma

    All I have to say is good for you, Jill! You’ve really come into your own person without changing your morals and that’s something to be proud of!

    • Sue

      I wholeheartedly agree, Emma!

  7. Hillary

    I’m enjoying watching your videos! Jill- it has been encouraging watching you talk about healthy boundaries with your family. I feel that you’ve shared in a very respectful way. I have had a similar experience (in some ways…very different in others) in having to draw some pretty strict boundaries with my parents. It has been really difficult, so it tends to evoke an emotional response when I hear others speak about their experiences! I too had a lot of help from therapists in “leaving and cleaving” and being ok with the disapproval of others. I too have faith in Jesus, and have leaned in it to get me to where I am now (happily married with three perfect children!)

    It can be very lonely to have complicated relationships with your parents, and you and your husband are being so brave! Keep going! You’re doing great. Thanks for sharing a little piece of your lives with us!

    • Hillary

      *Leaned ON my faith, not “in” it. Argh typos!

    • Jaguar Angel

      I don’t recall where she spoke of boundaries with her parents or family. Can you tell me where you viewed that? Thank you. 🙂

  8. K.F.

    Enjoying these Q&A’s a lot! I’m curious to hear more about Derick’s jaw journey! Is that still in progress? Has it helped?

  9. HOlly

    Which of your siblings are you the closest with? Do you see your family (the Duggar side) regularly still?

  10. Reeta Young

    I’m really enjoying your Q & A videos. One thing I’d like to know is if you can still have babies or did you have to have a hysterectomy when Sam was born?

    • Stephanie

      I’d love to hear more about your time in Nepal! I was born there, and was able to visit with my parents and husband in 2018. Do you have an authentic Nepali chai recipe you use to make chai at home?

    • Sheyla

      Hello. Interesting videos .
      My question is. Are u present when they record new episodes and they just don’t show you and ur fam?
      It was heart breaking for me to see they erase your children’s faces when jim bin and Michelle got the pic. Of all the gran children .
      I also ask because I do see Anna sometimes but not her husband. And I would think that is weird that he won’t be around his wife and kids in the same place?

      Do u still have contact with ur parents like before? Like holidays, bdays, activities, family night?

    • Marie

      Hi- what are your feelings on courtship now? Would you encourage your sons to follow the idea? Do you believe teens can seek partners while using their own governor to not overstep boundaries they set for themselves or were the chaperones necessary? We’re you able to be truthful and honest with each other about opinions with a little sibling listening? No judgement, I just would not like that part but kept to my standards without a chaperone! Thanks!

    • Annabella

      Whoa! Asking a woman if she had a hysterectomy is too personal. Unless you are a close friend it’s down right rude. Maybe you had to have one, but think if it’s a question you would want a stranger to ask. She said she would like more children. If she has them or adopts them it is the same.

    • Wendy

      Jill I love how far you’ve come❤️ I do wonder how your relationship is now with your parents and how are they taking your new decisions that I know they don’t approve of? When I see your parents on tv I don’t see them as bad people…they seem very genuine and sweet

  11. Melissa WILLIAMS

    My question…
    Now that you have had two c-sections, would you attempt a vbac again? Has that played a part in your family planning?

  12. Michelle

    Love y’all! So proud of you Jill!!! Live your best life sweetie. And loved Derick’s response to travel! Texas!!! No we haven’t succeeded, YET!

    • Van den berge

      Hi! I think you both are very very courageous to tackle all the hard topics in this videos. Although I do not agree with you on all Mathers, that’s perfectly fine! I still admire you guys for doing this and speaking up!

      Oh and also.. Your welcome to stay with us when you come to the Netherlands!! ❤️

      • Derick & Jill

        Thanks for the encouragement. haha and we’ll have to take you up on your offer to stay with y’all if and when we make a trip to the Netherlands! 😉

        • Debbie

          Hey there…i am really enjoying watching these videos. I do have a question about your family, Jill. Actually 2 questions…the first is are you estranged from your parents and the second is do you have any siblings that you are super close to? If you do and wouldn’t mind sharing, which ones?
          Again, thank you for sharing your heart with all of us.

      • Frank

        Do you believe it is possible for an LGBT Person to change and become heterosexual if they want to follow a traditional view of the Bible?

    • Camille Carswell

      Dear Jill,
      Honey, I have enjoyed watching you grow and admire your courage! You inspire me!! My question is who inspires you?

      May the Lord bless and keep you all!
      Sending much love from a fellow Southern Baptist,

  13. Rachael

    Love the sinner hate the sin is a big thing my pastors say a lot. You can love on and be best friends with people you don’t necessarily see eye to eye with. Just let them know up front you don’t agree with something but you still love them regardless and you don’t want that to ruin the relationship or potential relationship with someone.

    • JNo

      Your pastor is quoting Gandhi-a Hindu-not the Bible. The Duggar girl is wrong for being friends with sodomites. God killed them and required that His chosen people kill them. How much more proof do you want? Who do you chose…Gandhi or God?

  14. Antoinette Angel

    I was wondering do you visit your family and visit big house?

    What is your favorite family meals?

    • Wendy

      No questions. Just wanted to say that I love watching your videos! Jill, I’m so proud of you and the strong, amazing young woman you’ve become. You are so courageous to break free from the way you were raised and start a new, healthier life with your beautiful family now. I know it must be so difficult to be estranged from some of your family members but I do believe that the more authentic you become they will see your beautiful spirit and know that you’re doing what’s right for you and your family.

    • Beth

      Great question

  15. Charissa

    Your Q&A videos are my favorite. I feel like fans of the show were left in the dark after you two left, and these videos are a great way for us to finally learn who you are today and what you believe in. I feel like my husband and I would be best friends with you guys. Thanks for representing Christ so well through your responses to these questions.

    Question…Can you two describe to us what your relationship with jill’s family is like now?

    • Mel

      Love your Q and A’s! Wondering if you could share how you handle disagreements in your marriage considering both biblical and practical (i.e. with kids, division of labor, etc.) perspectives?

      • Momofmany

        Jill you are so down to earth and it is neat to get a glimpse inside your real lives outside of tv. I feel like I want to be your friend as we have so much in common and you are such a nice person . Can’t wait to see more videos!

    • Camryn

      I appreciate your input on the LGBTQ+ community and how you feel. I recognize that you personally believe that homosexuality is a sin, but again we are all sinners. I think that is a reasonable response, however I want to know if you support enacting laws against the LGBTQ+ community? If you recognize that it is a sin, do you still feel that there should be laws against LGBTQ+ rights like rights to marriage, equality, non-discrimination, adoption, etc? I truly want to know because I do not have many religious friends or friends who feel strongly against LGBTQ+ rights and I feel it’s important to hear from both sides and come to a mutual understanding Thanks!

    • EMB

      Agreed with that the Q&A sessions are great! Jill what sister would you say you are closest to or see the most. And have you thought about visiting Jinger in LA?

    • Deborah Murray

      Great video! This was very encouraging to young couples. You both did a wonderful job!

  16. Ashley

    Will this be your last Q & A or will you two be doing anymore?

  17. Kelly Davis

    Awesome, !! Loved everything about this including talking about what both of your parents taught you about budgeting. Both of y’all came from amazing families. So glad you were paid for some of the money. Did JB pay or TLC ?
    Please move forward to family unity. Y’all can agree to disagree even with JB. Life is just too short for the division. Even if y’all have to be the bigger person to rectify the situation ❤️ Jill has some amazing siblings and nieces and nephews. Michelle appears to be an incredible woman too. JB is just the controlling Daddy. In time he will loosen up or else! We have to give JB a little credit. He is pretty successful- a sinner too and not perfect. I’m sure his heart is breaking too…. love y’all! I’m a fan forever of all of the Duggar’s ! You guys are amazing parents too!! Glad your Mom is cancer free Derrick ❤️

  18. Christine McAlpine

    How are you dealing with hour estrangement from your family? Or are you only estranged from your parents? Do all your married siblings need permission from your dad to visit you at your home? You look great and I really enjoy watching the two of you.

  19. Morgan

    Do you guys ever go over to the big house and why don’t you guys ever join the family game nights?

  20. Becky

    You and Derrick are one of my favorite “Duggar” couples! I have been wondering if you, Derrick and the boys attend events with your family while they are filming, such as Joy’s gender reveal from the latest season? Also, are you still really close with your siblings, especially Jana since you two were so close as children? Which sibling “couple” has the most similar lifestyle as you and Derrick?

  21. Olivia

    I would just like to say that I really appreciate how you try and share and be authentic and still try and be accepting of others. I am not religious but I was raised in a religion and do understand that most religions follow the tenets of being kind and respectful and that only God can judge and I really do love that that is how you are. You have your beliefs but that doesn’t stop you from being a kind person and it doesn’t make you hate. And I love that. I always say if you hate someone because of your faith then you are doing it wrong.

  22. Erin

    First off- I woukd like to say thank you for these videos. It is so amazing to see some realness from what we all knew was a “scripted life”.

    Jill- I see your energy shift when you start to talk about getting your money back. I hope it was your father who had to pay you back your earnings. I’m so sorry he was overtaken with greed and felt the need to steal from you and your family. I hope (and i’m sure) this opens your eyes to other things that might not be what they seem. I can’t imagine knowing I was suppose to be a millionaire but my dad pulled the rug out from under.. not only my husband and I.. but your two children’s feet as well. You have grown so much and I am on the edge of my seat waiting to see whats next in the Dillard’s lives!

    Derick- You talk about having a platform and “personal space.” What I assume you mean to say is “read the room before you discuss certain topics.” But what I would like to say is… You are a celebrity. When you post to ANY social media.. You are posting to the entire world, not a small safe space inside of a church. Skin color and sexuality are something you are BORN with… Religion is not. It is a choice to believe anything other than scientific facts. You know as well as everyone else, the only thing holding you back… is the well deserved apology to a certain transgendered person. You tried to hurt her in front of the world… Not cool, man. Religion is no excuse. You are headed in the right direction and I’m so proud of you for that. Don’t let anyone hold you back, you can keep growing! You’ve proved you are strong and very smart. Keep moving forward. You got this.

    My question is (if you do another Q&A)..

    *Who are you really.. without the Bible? Without religion? Without talking about Jesus, Christianity, faith, church.. Can you describe yourself and what you believe in your heart?

    *Are you estranged from anyone in your family and why?

    * Are you allowed to visit your siblings whenever you want?

    • Jenna

      @Erin Some of your questions don’t make any sense. To ask a christian who are they outside of their christianity is like asking a vegan who are you outside of veganism. Just like you said being a christian is a conscious (LIFESTYLE) choice and so is being vegan or any other lifestyle choice. Everyday you choose to live that lifestyle. You don’t separate yourself from that lifestyle, it is who you are (by choice) and the foundation of how you think and live your life. I’m vegan and no one ever asks me who am I *really* outside of my vegan beliefs. My co-worker is staunch atheist and I asked him does anyone ever ask him who is he really outside of his atheism, in his heart? He said that’s a contradictory stupid question since being atheist is who I am really. And he emphasized *really*.

      • Regina Shea

        Jenna I agree with you in response to Erin. I’m a born again Christian and that’s who I really am. There are things about me that add to who I am such as I love crocheting and sewing. I like to have a “cuppa tea in a pretty teacup etc. These are a few things outside of the Bible that describe me.

    • Ashleigh

      Erin, I understand the sincerity of what you’re saying, but is a difference of opinion really the same thing as being “hurtful”? Derrick said that we’re born male & female, and surgery doesn’t change that medical & scientific FACT! I NEVER heard him say anything mean to Jazz! At all! So why should he apologize? He simply stated SCIENCE which everyone says we’re to always believe, & NOTHING people do on the outside changes the chromosomes on the inside. People can identify as anything they want, but the chromosomes are the chromosomes. Period. That’s science. That’s medicine. That’s fact. How is that mean-spirited, or hateful, or unkind?! Derrick said his truth. And he got called a HATER for having an opinion. He got FIRED from the show they never got paid for just for using his 1st Amendment right to Free Speech! I don’t like unkind people. He wasn’t being unkind. To Jazz or to anyone! He stated his opinion about the science male & female and how he doesn’t believe in transgenderism. Jazz believes in it. Derrick does not. Does Jazz owe Derrick an apology for having a different viewpoint? Of course not! So why should Derrick apologize to Jazz for having a different viewpoint, too? Things can’t just be a 1-way street! Jazz can’t be the only one allowed an opinion, but somehow Derrick isn’t… He didn’t try to hurt Jazz at all! But the false accusations of saying he’s a hater ARE hurtful – to Derrick!

  23. ashley

    would you ever do “day in the life” of videos?

  24. Kristi

    Did ya’ll ever get to the bottom of what was causing Derrick to experience the coughing/gagging while running & is he still experiencing this? Thanks for the videos!

  25. Lisa

    Thoughts on Santa Claus. Did you guys grow up believing and do your boys believe? What about the others (easter bunny, tooth fairy, elf on a shelf etc)?

  26. Tammy

    I enjoy watching you two. And Jill I think you got the best husband so far. At least you now see that there are different ways to live life. Not that you didn’t see it before but were so restricted at home. I know life is so good for you now because it shows in your face.

  27. Sara

    Love watching your all’s videos!

  28. Sara

    Can you tell us about some of your family traditions? Christmas traditions specifically plus others?

  29. Madeleine Payne

    I have a question. With it being October tomorrow, do you celebrate Halloween? If so what will the kids be this year?

  30. Alice

    Hi ! I love your Q&A serie. I would ask : what do you do for your quiet time ? how do you balance work/family time/rest ? Love you !

  31. Kiersten

    I’ve loved your Q&As! I’ve missed you guys on the show. A few questions I have are how is your relationship, Jill, with your family? Are you close to anyone in particular? Do you guys go to family fun nights when you are not filming? How do you find out about important family announcements, like pregnancies or gender reveals when you are not there for filming, for example, Jinger and Jeremy’s gender reveal?

  32. Ely

    I’ve enjoyed seeing these Q&As that provide insight into your lives since you left the show. I’m sorry for the division in your relationships. As someone who experienced that with in-laws in the past, I want to encourage you that the Lord can bring healing! Trust Him, be tender-hearted and forgiving— but also walk the road He has for you without the need to conform to their will. Just His. <3
    I wanted to ask you, when the family has their get-togethers (zoom calls, birthday parades, family competitions), is your family included but just not on screen? If not (I pray that’s not the case), how is it being left out of those family moments?

    Also, how are Derick’s Mom and brother doing?

    Lastly, GO POKES!

    Praying for you. Grace and peace in the name of the Lord Jesus.

  33. Cayla

    Do y’all attend family night on Mondays with Jills family?
    How has your relationship changed with your parents Jill?

  34. kate yeager delk

    oh my word!! i’m the same way with budget meetings and my husband (in the past) was more spontaneous about those. We had to learn that I reacted so poorly when he just randomly brought it up and it went no where. Love y’all’s insight.

  35. Autumn R Kieft

    My question: Do you now agree with the strict courtship rules that you had to follow? Do you believe waiting to even kiss until your wedding day is something that you would do now? Do you plan to have your sons follow a similar path, or would you allow them to follow more mainstream dating?

  36. Susan

    Been really enjoying the Q&As. Been a great insight in to who you really are as people.

    I have two Questions for you.

    1. Jill did you enjoy growing up in a large family and having the buddy system? Or did you not like it and maybe wish it would have been different?

    2. If the both of you could each change one aspect of your childhood and do it differently for your children what would it be?

    You have a beautiful family and I enjoy watching your videos and keeping up with you.

  37. Teresa

    Hi! I am really enjoying your videos. You two are very genuine and it is so nice to get to know the real you and not the gossip you. My question is how do you study the bible. I would like to do this but I am not sure how. I mean I know I need to read, but how do you study it?? What is your process? How do you pick what you are going to read, how much do you read in a setting and how to you actually study the meaning of what you are reading.

  38. Elise

    Thanks for being so direct in your videos! It’s neat to get to hear from you unfiltered about personal topics. My personal question (I feel so strange asking strangers about their personal lives, but it is my burning question) is regarding y’all’s relationships with Jill’s family. Both individually and collectively as a couple/family with the siblings and her parents.

  39. Margaret MacInnis

    I absolutely do not believe in worshipping a ‘higher power’ although I was raised Roman Catholic and practiced until I was 18. How do you feel about atheism? I practice a very humble helpful life, and don’t hurt anyone, helping others when I can. I feel I have very strong moral base in that. I simply don’t feel that organized religion has any place in my life. I’m not denying the possibility of a ‘creator’ but to worship some entity that just maybe exists or maybe doesn’t ? Not for me. I think man has created a number of these things to explain the unknown. I don’t believe in Heaven or Hell either. I believe when you die, you get turned back into dust and get recreated into other things, not necessarily living things. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Only transformed. We are only energy.

  40. gwen

    I find these Q & A vlogs to be far more interesting and informative than any “reality” TV show. Keep it coming!

  41. Kate

    Hey Jill, this is going to seem a little random, but if you like Fun Cheap or Free, I also think you might really like DoItOnADime. They’re two of my favorites!

    It’s so great to see you two growing into your own a bit. I wish you all the best! <3

  42. Ari

    I’ve watched you all for many years and the question I have always had is a political one. I want to know if you support Trump? He is a proven liar, he has bragged about sexually assaulting women and he won’t denounce white supremacism. He also said “it. is what it is” in response to all the people dying from Covid. He is also a bully and says incredibly awful things to many different groups of people. These are all very un christian things. So if you are Trump supporters, how do you justify this behavior? Also, as you have done lots of work in Central America, I would very much like to know what you think of the kids in cages at the border? I understand you are “pro-life,” but it seems a lot of conservative values are anti the health and happiness of actual living beings. If you do vote for Trump, how can you be ok with kids in cages policy after seeing what people are fleeing from in certain parts of central america?

    • Ashleigh

      Get an education, PLEASE! You have no idea that everything you are saying is a LIE! He has denounced racism a million times! Please stop being a total liar!! He NEVER said there were good terrorists in both sides! He’s made racist groups be listed as TERRORIST organizations! (KKK, which was created by Democrats, & Antifa, creates by Soros, and BLM created in the 1980’s, all Leftist Fascist organizations) His locker-room talk years ago was just that, brash & absurd & locker room guy talk. This President has done more for Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Christians, Jews and all people of Faith, Women, children, and for all Americans, more than any other President since Lincoln! He has been spied on, lied about, attacked, and been at the mercy of the lying DNC Propaganda machine, the media, at every turn! He has done more to restore peace, freedom, and prosperity than any other President in history! He has done more for Historical Black Colleges & Universities, and Prison Reform, & 1st Steps, & the Platinum Plan for minorities, & for the Environment, acreage, the parks departments, the oceans, clean air & water than any other President. And news flash: OBAMA is the one who created the CAGES for kids at the border. It was Trump who dismantled them and kept families united! Get your facts straight! Learn something! He’s also not gotten us into ANY WARS, and is bringing our troops home, while strengthening & helping our military & Veterans! He believes in peace & freedom & law & order! He supports our brave officers in blue! He is a flawed human, but God uses cracked vessels all the time! Nobody voted for him because we think he’s a choir boy or a saint! Biden is a pathological liar and is as corrupt as they come. Quid Pro Joe. He’s part of the swamp that’s out for themselves and all about keeping Americans downtrodden. Trump is working to uplift everyone and has only been derailed due to the Libs shutting down our freedoms due to Covid. While Trump shut down travel and gathered a Task Force and supplied every State with everything they needed, equipment & testing & medicines, the Libs were calling him a racist for doing that & a fear-monger. Pelosi & DiBlasio were saying to go to China Town & party and don’t listen to the racist President. THEY were wrong! Trump was right! And saved hundreds of thousands of lives as a result of his quick action steps! Cuomo killed all those people in NY by knowingly sending Covid sick people released from hospitals back into nursing homes where thousands died because of Cuomo’s idiocy! Every Governor got everything they needed in record time from Trump. Even Calif’s Newsom said so! So Ari, get a reality check before spewing your lies & your hate here, or anywhere else. Your ignorance and lack of knowledge are bordering on being dangerous!

      • Ashleigh

        P.S.-Unlike 47-year career politician, Quid Pro Quo Joe, Trump works tirelessly and for FREE! No other President has ever chosen to not take a salary. But this man works for the peace & prosperity & the common good of all Americans, for FREE, no salary…

  43. Roxann

    I would like to applaud both of you for the video ‘Q&A’ – y’all are very brave – with thick skin. I pray y’all have continued good health and happiness.
    I too wish your family was on ‘Counting On’ but it is understandable why you are not. As to that topic, I personally get tired reading opposing declarative statements over past comments or regarding your choice of spirituality, family, and personal beliefs when made as arguments posed within comments.
    We are all allowed to have our own standard of belief and your choices are your own and supported by many of us.

  44. Sarah V

    I know you grew up without a TV in the house. Now that you have a tv do you watch regular shows and movies or only religious based material?

    Also, how do you feel about dancing? I know this was forbidden for your family growing up. I’ve seen Jinger encouraging Felicity’s dancing and it’s so cute. Just curious on your thoughts.

    I loooove your Q&As keep them coming!

  45. Ebony loos

    Just love y’all’s Q&A and getting to know you and your family.
    I have a question, do you have friends of other race and religion and would you ever allow your children to date outside of your race and religion?

  46. Cristina

    What was Dericks whole experience with braces like? What was the reasoning behind getting your teeth worked on as an adult, was it medical or cosmetic? Do you have wisdom and advice to give to someone who desires braces but might have to endure (and pay for) more dental work?

    • Jac

      Hi Jill and Derek, following on from Cristina’s question did Derek’s mouth surgery resolve his gagging issues? Thanks for being so candid in your vlogs. You have a lot of new fans as a result of your transparency. Wishing you and your boys all the best.

  47. Katie

    Love your Q & A’s. Thank you for being so open! I know that’s not easy in the world today.

    Question: in Counting On we saw Derrick with health struggles when he ran. Has that ever been diagnosed or is it something he is still dealing with?


  48. Amy Faris

    Financial Peace is a good program. Our church has offered the class for 99$ and you would go every week. I like the every dollar app as well. Glad you are able to discuss budgets. Finances can be a great source of strain for many couples. Love your Q&A Sessions. Glad to see that you are more alive and Happy! Your boys are very happy as well! I feel for some of your siblings children as they are going toe stifled their whole lives and to me that is not right! I have this when you went to help Jessa with her Birth you needed no ones permission to do that! You are a midwife and are the one in charge and the that needs to make decisions to benefit mother and baby! I am an ICU Nurse and have had to make decisions that some people do not agree with! It saves lives! I am glad to see you and Derrick and the boys so happy! Would you ever move out of Arkansas?

    • Esther

      Question with a part for each of you:

      Jill: I am so inspired by your growth and strength. Do you have any advice or recommendations on how to choose a counselor that you can trust to guide you in tackling hard changes while aligning with Christ instead of the world?

      Derick: Do you have any advice or recommendations for supporting a spouse/fiancé, etc in their journeys while giving space but also being present?

      You two have been answering so many vulnerable questions and I hope you know that it has given me, and I’m sure many others, hope and an example to look up to. I know I can’t be the only one trying to learn healthy godly boundaries with people that I love while trying to keep that love and respect present.

      • Ashleigh

        Hi Esther, I know I’m not Jill, but I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Psychotherapist in Private Practice in Southern California. I went to a Theological Grad School and I love being able to integrate theology with psychology! I also do all my own intakes, for 2 reasons: 1) I want to make sure it’s a good fit for both of us! I want to get a feel for them & know that what a person wants to work on is something I can successfully help them with. And 2) I want the potential client to get a better feel for me as we talk on the phone, so their comfort level goes up. That’s where lots of questions gets to be asked & answered!
        If you’re seeking therapy, make sure the therapists you initially call will take some time with you on the phone & give you a good inner sense that they’re a good fit for you. Ask questions you might have to see if you feel aligned (emotionally, spiritually). You can get a lot from a phone chat intake… And look for a directive interactive therapist, not someone who will nod their head & say “I see”… Anyway, I’m sure it’s Jill’s I put you want, but I wanted to offer my perspective since I am a therapist who is a Christian & went to a Theological Grad School. Hope it’s helpful, & I hope you get even more feedback from Jill!

        • Ashleigh

          *…Jill’s INPUT you want is what it was supposed to say!

  49. Amberly

    I would like to know what your relationship with Jill’s family is like now. Do you still visit the big house?

    • Renae

      I just had to say I loved this video. My main tenant in life is “live and let live” which I learnt at uni when I realised a friend of mine did not agree with being LGBTIQ. I am bisexual however i also understand others have their own views on this and that’s fine!! You have embraced it well and I am so glad you got some money for everything you guys did for the show. You should add Australia to your list of future travela

  50. cher

    Love these Q & A’s lets us in on a part of your life that doesn’t seem to be for show.
    A question if yall do another Q&A is if yall still are close with the Bates, and based on personality traits right now what could you see your kids doing career-wise as adults! Stay safe!

  51. Ashley

    Hey Jill and Derick! I am a huge supporter of you both and have been following along for quite some time. I’m also a Christian woman who is in the LGBTQ+ community, and let me tell you, my heart stopped for a second when I saw what today’s video was about. I’ve always respected y’all, but I was afraid of what you might say when asked about LGBTQ+ topics. Of course though, you didn’t disappoint, and your response was very respectful. I was raised Catholic and always dated the opposite gender. I fell in love with a woman though, and we are actually getting married next week after being together for 6.5 years. She and I are both strong Christians and have a wonderful relationship with God. It was something I struggled with for a very long time though in the beginning – because I didn’t want to feel like I had to choose my relationship with God or my relationship with her. After years of prayer and strengthening my relationship with Christ, I know I’m exactly where I need to be. It still gets a little unnerving though when people have a strong opposition to it…that’s something that never feels good 🙂

    I urge you to look into “God and the Gay Christian” by Matthew Vines. You both seem like open-minded people, and I think you’d enjoy reading it.

    My question…how is your relationship with your family? I’m assuming you and your sisters are close…but what about your parents and brothers? Take care!

    • Cathy

      @Ashley – so happy that you’re still able to practice your faith, regardless of your sexuality. I know for some it’s hard to still hold on to their religious beliefs because it triggers old wounds. check out God is Grey on You Tube. She is awesome!

  52. Sarah

    Question: Are you still close to your laments? Or have you put some distance between you guys?

    Are you close to your siblings still?

    Are you still living in Arkansas?

    Would you ever do your own show?

    Are you guys still considering adopting someday?

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    Also, could you share more about your relationship with your family. I see you spend time with Jessa and were at Joys baby shower which is so nice – I like seeing the sisters stay close! Do you visit your family often or spend the holidays with them?

    Sorry they are personal questions. I would rather hear the answers from you than always the fake gossip.

    Have a nice day!

  55. Lyndsey

    Thanks so much for these videos, it’s great to hear something so real!

    I was wondering, Jill, which sibling would you say you’re closest too? Do you guys still go to the big house much to visit your family? What type of doctrines that you grew up believing in have you sort of changed position on? Miss seeing you guys on Counting On!

    • SuZie

      Do you practice natural family planning as birth control? Or use the copper IUD or barrier methods?

      Also, bit of a weird question maybe but do you agree with unwed virgins using tampons?

  56. Betsy

    I think this was your bast Q&A yet. I think what impresses me the most is how much you both ( Jill especially) have stepped away from your family and are forging your own path. It is just so nice to see you grow and change. I hope you realize how many people never thought you would be able to change, which you are doing. It is a pleasure to see you coming into your own. I am so glad you get a lawyer involved to recoup some of the money that you were owed. I realize you probably didn’t get near the amount which was probably pwed to you (I am thinking of episodes like your wedding). I know you love your parents, Jill, but by the same to,en, I hope you have come to realize just how much damage your upbringing did to you ( actually to all of you). Your parents’ behavior has been appalling. Your parents are fooling no one. You both are forging your own path and there are lots of us out here cheering you on.

  57. Lisette Noordegraaf

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    • Marijke

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    I hope you’re family wouldn’t be mad about you getting what you deserve.

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    • ELIZABEth

      Jill, now that you have really found your own voice, is there anything you would change about your answers in your Megyn Kelly interview? What would you want victims of sexual abuse to know?

  61. Elizabeth

    Super impressed with how you’re tackling some of the hard questions! Because you seem willing to answer these hard questions, I’ll add some more…

    When was each of your first times trying alcohol?

    Given that you’ve seemed to break away from many of the rules you were raised with — how do you feel about having lived your life that way for so long? How do you feel about your parents continuing to raise your sisters with these rules?

    Where do you look for parenting advice? (How much do you rely on how you were raised vs. looking to different sources?)

    How close are you with Derrick’s family?

    Have you changed churches from your parents?

    What lessons have your parents taught you that you really appreciate?

    Do you still watch the show?

    Do you feel excluded from family events because of not being on the show?

    Commonly held beliefs seem to be that Derrick was fired from the show – is this true? If so, Jill why did you leave?

    Given that many Christians find abortion and LGBTQ+ acceptable, while still holding to their Christian beliefs, could you see your own beliefs in these areas evolving?

    Are you politically active? Who do you planto vote for in the presidential election and why?

  62. Kelly-C

    I can’t imagine growing up having my whole life broadcast for everyone to see. Especially the awkward adolescent and teen years with every changing styles. Even having the dating, or in your case courting phase, isn’t something I’d personally want to share. In light of your experience, how to you feel about networks that film unique families for entertainment? Do you think it’s dangerous considering children don’t have a say in it? Is this something you are ok with or do you think it shouldn’t be happening? How can children best be protected? It appears it’s the parents who are making a living off of the children.

  63. Kaylee

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  68. Hayley

    Hello Jill & Derick,
    I am happy to see you finding your own place in this world. While I can’t claim to agree with all your opinions, it is refreshing to see you break away and speak openly about these issues.
    Since you asked for more questions, here is mine: I’m not in the USA but the news here still covers your upcoming election. I have seen a lot of religious folks backing Trump as their 1st choice for President. Being not American & not religious, I am confused by this. I don’t see any evidence that this man is a God fearing, bible abiding Christian. I was wondering if you could share your take on it, or the take of the very religious around you?
    While it would be interesting to know your choice for President, I am more perplexed by the general opinion I am hearing that he has the support of the Christian vote.

  69. Mary Harp

    Jill, my husband and I use natural cycles as our method of family planning and we love it. Non hormonal, non invasive. It also has helped me to understand my body in ways I didn’t before and feel more confident with my cycle. Have you looked into it, and what is your opinion as someone who has studied midwifery? (Ps for anyone curious about trying it out, here is a referral code:

  70. Tiffany

    Hi there, I truly appreciate your openness with these Q&A’s. I know this is a very personal subject, but I would love to know- do you still have a relationship with Josh and Anna? And if so what does that look like? How have you healed from that whole experience?

  71. Debbie

    I’m enjoying these videos! Here is my question: Will you require your children to follow any particular dating or courtship rules? If they will be allowed to set their own rules, what do you hope they’ll do?

  72. Julia

    Thanks for clearing up about not being paid to be on the show until you got a lawyer involved. Good for you. It has always been rumored that the money from the show goes to Jim Bob and not the kids. That answers that. It appears he gives “favors” (houses, especially) to some of the kids in an attempt to make them feel as if they’ve been paid or maybe to keep them from doing what you did. But if you were entitled to a paycheck for your appearances, you should have gotten that straight from Discovery, not through your father. I can only imagine how getting a lawyer involved went over with him. I can see why there might be a rift now.

    I would have believed what you said about LGBTQ+ people had you apologized for what you publicly said about Jazz. That was strongly stated by you at the time, and it’s hard to believe you were saying your true thoughts then AND saying true thoughts now on this video. They don’t mesh. You seemed to have had a lot of anger about transgenders then that you don’t appear to have now, which is unusual. I’m wondering if it was all part of being angry about no paycheck.

    In a future video, it would be helpful if you addressed what the relationship is with your father, and if it’s true that you’re not allowed to be at the house without his being there or without his permission. If that’s true it’s sad, since your parents want people to believe that their way of raising you produces nothing but happy, well-adjusted kids. It’s becoming more and more apparent that there is a side to the Duggars that nobody is supposed to see or know about. Thank you for lifting the lid on that box a little more. Deception is not right, and deception for monetary gain is even worse. Truth will set you free.

  73. Rachel

    I just wanted to suggest that you guys get a microphone for your videos. The audio quality is really poor and it’s hard to hear even with turning the sound up. Just a suggestion. Maybe check with other you tubers to see what they use. God bless.

  74. Autumn

    I like many others on here want to know what your relationship is with your family now? I noticed in the episode that Jessa made the picture of all the grand kids for your parents that some spaces were intentionally blurred out. I wondered if those were spots for your kids. It’s so hard to see division in the midst of a Christian family, but I know it first hand as well. I also wondered if you watch the episodes of Counting On? I’ve really enjoyed your Q&A videos!

  75. Joanne McDonald

    Love your philosophy on multi topic friendships. I don’t believe it’s right to call people sinners because of what they are doing, and I believe that it is in the Bible that we are not to chastise non believers. Jesus is well known for sitting down with the sinners, and I’m sure they had multi topic friendships going on. If someone wants to know your belief on a topic and are genuinely curious with no set ups then I think we should be honest. Good job you two!

  76. Beckii

    Come and visit the UK again but not London explore places like Bath, Lake District, Devon. Also, Scotland is beautiful, you need to see Ben Nevis and Glen Coe!

  77. Mary

    Hi Jill and Derrick, I’ve been a fan but had only been able to follow your vlogs recently. Im glad to knw that you have non- Christian friends because regardless of who they are , we as Christians ought to be a vessel of God’s love to everyone around us so that through us they may know Him. We ought to love and respect each one without compromising our faith.

    It is always a joy to watch your family esp those spent with your siblings and parents. God bless you!

  78. G.

    Do you guys have any sort of relationship with Jill’s parents anymore? What about the boys? Do they get to see their Lolli and Pops?

  79. Grace

    Thanks for doing question & answer videos and giving real answers! So often it is fluff. You both seem to be trying to really answer the questions and it is nice to hear honesty. I can tell Jill is thinking for herself now, where in the past I felt the Duggar family had prepped lines they gave the TV show fans. It is very brave. It can be hard to come out of that shell.

    1) Would you ever go back onto the Counting On Duggar TV Show? I know there are issues, but I would like to see a TV special on you guys. It seems you could show viewers how open minded & different Christians can be.

    2) Do you ever think about adopting a pet? Or fostering a pet (if you don’t want the full responsibility right now.) I would love to see you all foster a dog or cat! There are so many great pets in local animal shelters and pet rescues. Many foster families are needed to be a safe place to land before finding that forever home. (Bonus: People like to watch cute pets, so it could boost your views too!)

    3) The only thing I don’t think you understand is the GLBTQ issues and “not taking it personally” when it is very personal. It is good that you are open to talking about it and hearing different views. As a young woman who is bi and a mother I fear how my child will be treated. One example is I went to a church where I was not allowed to be a caregiver in the church nursery where my baby was. Let that sink in. I was thought to be “unsafe for children” at my church with my baby. It was a deeper pain then hurt feelings. I realized we were not safe at that church. So you see, it is personal.

    4) Do you ever see yourself and your family moving states? Would you move to live somewhere new for fun or for a job opportunity? If so where would you like to go?

  80. Jenn

    Sounds like you budget like I do. Excel spreadsheets and zero dollar budgeting. It’s so much easier to see where money goes when everything is assigned a category.

  81. Ashley

    I love all of the Q & As! Jill, what siblings are you the closest with?

  82. Nicole

    Hi, Jill and Derick!!
    Big fan of yours.

    My question is- once Israel and Samuel reach the teenage years, do you prefer them to court, or are you open to what’s considered in today’s world “casual dating”?

  83. Chelsea

    I would like to know, did you get any money from the book sales that you and the other older girls wrote?

  84. BeTh

    Did all the kids get gifted a house? If so is it with or without strings attached? Can you sell it if you want? Who lives on the main property still?

  85. Ellie

    Hi Derick and Jill!

    I was hoping y’all might answer some questions about the 2020 presidential election. Neither candidate is particularly impressive to me, but I am deeply concerned by many of Donald Trump’s words and actions, as they do not reflect my convictions as a Christian. Though I typically vote conservatively, that may change this year. Voting is obviously deeply personal, but I was hoping you might share your thoughts on the candidates and the election in general.

  86. Sarah

    I was born into a very conservative, almost Hebrew roots sort of church during my formative years. No pork/shellfish, no holidays except for the Feasts, Sabbath services on Saturday, and a large focus on the Old Testament. This church owned the campground and college in Big Sandy that I think you are familiar with, before it was sold. As an adult, my religious views are very different than how I was originally brought up. My parents’ views have changed somewhat over the years to a more “traditional” Christian viewpoint, but our remaining differences have caused tension and strained relationships, which we are working on. No question, I just wanted to say that I admire how you have grown and have stood up for your own views and values. From my experience, it takes a tremendous amount of bravery and I commend you for it. Love and peace from Texas. ❤️

  87. Amanda

    A few lighter questions:
    1. Where do you get your headbands (especially the ones you wore in the last couple Q and A videos)? Do you find that they slide back a lot or do I just have a funny shaped head?
    2. What kind of curling wand do you use and will you post a tutorial for how you curl your hair? I love the loose curls you wear but can’t seem to accomplish it.
    3. What has been the most fond memory of your last year of marriage for each of you?

    And a few potentially tougher ones:
    4. (Jill) What is your relationship like right now with your parents and siblings?
    4. (Jill) What advice do you have for others who have been raised under similar circumstances (in terms of religious rules and requirements, not the TV show) now that you have begun re-evaluating your own convictions and conquering your fear?
    5. (Derick) It seems as though you were both raised to believe the Bible at Truth, but have had different upbringings in terms of how that belief was to be demonstrated. Is that fair to say and, if so, how did you reconcile those differences in the early days of your relationship and then later on in your marriage?

    • Amanda

      *AS Truth, sorry for the typo!

    • Noel

      This is random, but I know the brand of the yellow headband with flowers that she wears because I happen to have the same one :). haha. Not sure if the others she wears are the same brand, but the yellow is Natural Life:

      I have a few from them and I REALLY like them. They are comfy and cute. They stay in my hair well (I often struggle with headbands falling out). They have a lot of colors/patterns. I highly recommend them. I actually bought mine at a store at the airport, but I know my friend bought a bunch more from the website after we found them at the airport store and really liked them. The brand seems more like something you would find in a sort of random way at a smaller shop or gift shop, so it might be easiest to buy off their website. I was actually just looking at their site yesterday and thinking about getting more.

  88. Susan Howser

    Jill: once both boys are in school, do you plan on furthering your education?
    I appreciate your openness and honesty, its difficult to be transparent when you feel threatened to speak up. I was happy to hear that you sought legal action to get paid for your work.

    • Tina

      Jill do you and Derrick allow your boys to watch television? Do you all have a television in the home?

  89. Mermaid

    OMG Jill… having a natural miscarriage even if birth control unknowingly caused problems is NOT AN ABORTION!!!!!!!! It’s a miscarriage!! Please note that! And stop using the word abortion for something that’s not!

    • Sharon

      Abortion is commonly misunderstood outside medical circles. In general terms, the word ‘abortion’ simply means the failure of something to reach fulfilment or maturity. Medically, abortion means loss of the fetus, for any reason, before it is able to survive outside the womb. The term covers accidental or spontaneous ending, or miscarriage, of pregnancy as well as deliberate termination. The terms ‘spontaneous abortion’ and ‘miscarriage’ are synonymous and are defined as loss of the fetus before the twenty-eighth week of pregnancy.

    • Jac

      Go easy on her. One of the medical terms for a miscarriage is spontaneous abortion. This may be what she was referring to.

    • Anony

      Actually abortion is the medical term for miscarriage. When I went to the hospital for heavy bleeding while pregnant my discharge papers said I was seen for “threatened abortion” so…

  90. Heids

    Love that you are Dave Ramsey fans. I went through FPU and it totally changed my relationship with money. Cash-flowing law school without debt is a HUGE accomplishment, you should both be very proud!!!

  91. Maria

    I really enjoyed the video and appreciate you guys being so open. Does Jill plan on going to school for nursing or midwifery once the boys are older?
    God Bless!

  92. Regina Shea

    Thank you for another great Q and A segment. They have been really great. I appreciate you that you don’t compromise on your Biblical beliefs. Jill, I totally agree with you about hormonal birth control.
    I don’t have an questions but I will be adding your family to my prayers. It has got to be very difficult being in the spotlight and having people spread awful rumors about your family and knit pick everything you do.
    Stay strong in the Lord and don’t compromise on your beliefs and values you two have set for yourselves.

  93. Sarah E Oliver

    I just want to say how wonderful it is for the public to get to know your real thoughts from you not gossip columnist. Your videos are so warm, humorous and educational. You all seem to have a very refreshing balanced real Christian point of view on life. I smashed the like button and subscribed to help your channel and see more videos. I have watched a lot of YouTube videos and you two appear very natural and relaxed. I wish your family all the best success with this YouTube adventure and all others in life.

  94. Ashley

    Absolutely love you guys. I’m a mother of 3 under 5, working as a professor in higher ed (liberal arts university). Do you see yourselves encouraging your children to pursue college degrees? Is that a value of yours or more of “their choice” scenario?

  95. Jennifer

    Love your Q and A vlogs. You both seem so much more relaxed and it is good to see that and laughter. Keep these going it is great to learn who you really are and how you are doing it. Congratulations on your no debt agreement

  96. LAcee

    What are your thoughts on other denominations of Christianity? I.e. Catholicism, Latter Day Saints, Methodists, etc.

  97. Raylene Robins

    Thank you for opening up and sharing. I have really enjoyed your Q and A videos. 🙂 Jill, I have read the book you and your sisters wrote together and I enjoyed it. Do you think you will write one yourself?

  98. Becky

    How do you guys handle parenting disagreements?

    • Willemijn

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on these important topics! I think it’s important to emphasize that you can be friends with people you disagree with on some topics, especially in these polarized times. Good to hear that. And anyway, you wouldn’t be able to find someone who thinks exactly the same as you do, that would be boring as well. You should visit the Netherlands, welcome! If you ever visit The Netherlands, just contact us and come over for a traditional Dutch meal

  99. Michelle

    Hi there! I wonder…

    What are your thoughts about the gender system, and the social roles we are given based on our sex? No offense, but I’ve noticed members of your (Jill) family treat the children very “girly” and “boyish”. In clothing for example the girls always wear dresses and headbands, and the boys jeans and t-shirt.
    I also wonder have you talk to the children about future spouses. Could you for instance in a conversation with one your sons, refer to their “future boyfriend” as an other option to girlfriend? And also add that it’s totally fine to have romantically feelings for whoever they want to, no matter sex.

    Would love to hear your thoughts!
    Greetings from Sweden

  100. Rachel

    Hi there I am a mum of 4 living in the UK. I recently returned to college to continue my education my question is to Jill would you ever want to further your studies and what would you want to study.

  101. JoDi

    COMMENTDo you take your children trick or treating? Also growing up, was your relationship with cousin Amy restricted? How often did you get to interact with your cousins on your mom’s side of the family?

  102. Anna

    How do you discipline your children and how were you disciplined?
    It seems like you are all so well behaved!!

  103. Dona

    Hi Jill and Derick!
    I am pleased to watch you on youtube. I know people are probably asking you all the time, but I will also ask: how are your relations with the members of the Duggar family? There are a lot of rumors about it.

    Besides, I invite you to visit Poland (Central Europe) where I come from 🙂

  104. Michelle

    Thank you so much for doing the fun videos . I have two questions for you both. First, will you encourage your children to court and if so would you want them to follow the same rules that you did with having a chaperone at all times and not kissing until married? Second, are you and Derrick apart of the Skype calls, gender reveals or any other family gatherings seen on the TV show even though you aren’t on film? Thanks

  105. Christie

    Question: Why are you and Derick and kids not allowed at Jim Bob and Michelle’s house anymore without Jim Bob’s permission? Do you still spend time with Jill’s family?

  106. Sarah

    Question: Jill, in your last video, you said that a “homosexuality is a sin”. Derick has been quoted on Twitter saying that “Being transgender is a myth.” Do you still have these views? Do you believe being transgender is a real thing? Do you believe that LGBTQ people should have the right to marry each other and have children through means such as IVF, surrogacy, etc.?

  107. Megan

    Question for Jill: How does your family feel about you sending Israel to public school? Are they supportive, or do they disapprove? Specifically, how do your parents feel about it?

  108. Bianca

    Thanks for the opportunity to getting to know you better. It’s a blessing to hear your views on all questions asked.

    What do you think about (standard) vaccinations?

    I got excited when I heard you mention The Netherlands on your travel-wishlist. I would love to meet you! Maybe you can combine your trips with speaking on events to make traveling financially possible? (win-win)

  109. Johanna

    I enjoyed these Q & A videos and appreciate your honesty. I also am happy to see you relaxed and happy. You have a positive chemistry between you that seems genuine and loving.
    My questions are:
    What have been some of the struggles in your marriage, and how have you worked to resolve them? And
    What do you like to read (in addition to the Bible)?

  110. Rhea

    I love your Q&A’s so much!

    Question for a future one:

    As a Christian, I’ve been struggling a lot watching the political and social divisiveness in our country right now. It seems like hate is increasing on both ends of the spectrum, and I’m falling into a depression because it hurts me so much that a lot of my fellow Christians are spreading messages of hate instead of spreading love, peace, and kindness as Jesus would expect of us. Do you have any opinions on our current political and social climate, and any tips on coming out of this spiritual depression?

    • Ashleigh

      I’m curious, Rhea, where is the hate you say you see on the Right? It’s all coming from the Left! Even the silly Proud Boys, which are founded by a Latino guy, and mostly Hispanics, are only around to STOP the hate on the Left, the looting and the rioting and burning down of minority businesses and the murdering of children and minorities – that’s all coming from the Left! The Right isn’t doing ANY of that!!! And the Proud Boys are trying to stop that hate from escalating & creating more harm. They’re not white, and they’re not Right, they’re neutral & see themselves as Marvel caped heroes (without the capes)… I see no hate from the Right, so I’d love to know where you see it…

  111. Abby

    Do you have any baby names picked out for the future?

  112. Kelley Conway

    I watched your Q&A on Youtube. I liked what you said about being friends with non-Christians, etc., but I find that the vast majority of liberals do not accept conservatives and especially Christian conservatives. The liberals in my life are extremely bigoted and will not accept a relationship based on tolerance and respect. They demand complete acceptance from friends and family to embrace their lifestyles totally without exception. Do you encounter this in your lives?

  113. Kate Yeager Delk

    Hi! I’m curious if y’all would change anything about your dating/courtship history given where you are now? As yours was one of the first, it seemed much more strict (like monitored phone calls and texts) than some of Jill’s siblings who followed. Anything you’d change, wish you’d done differently?

  114. Betty

    I’ve loved watching these Q&A videos. Sharing your faith this way is just wonderful. Thank you for taking time out of your lives to do these. God bless!

  115. Julie

    Would you mind sharing why your son was in the NICU? I understand its personal so no worries if thats to private to share…from a fellow NICU mom.

  116. Betty

    Jill, have you thought about educating yourself further? Would you be interested in going to school yourself? What would you like to study?

  117. Tammy

    I watched your family on tv for a few seasons because I was interested in how such a large family worked. The way your parents ran their family seemed to work for them. I’m very happy to see you and Derek run your family in a way that works for you. I hope your siblings will also do what is best for their own families. Also try a strawberry daiquiri they are delicious! Cheers!

  118. Kimberly

    I have really enjoyed watching your videos. Your honesty and transparency are an inspiration to let people know that living Jesus and walking in faith is open and living to anybody and everybody!

    I do have a question. You and your whole family is so criticized so often and I wanted to know being in the media so much and living your life in the public eye with all it’s scrutiny; how do you manage that and how do you feel about YOUR kids facing that same exposure?

  119. Jill

    Did you watch the recent video Jana made of the kids playing at the big house? Did you notice that someone has put a paper plate over Jill’s picture on the front of the refrigerator? Are things THAT bad??

    • al

      i wouldn’t be surprised. if dereks willing to make a tell all book about the family

  120. Leigh

    With all of the serious questions, I would like to ask a question that is a little more light hearted. Derick, with you being in law school, I would like to know what your favorite lawyer joke is.

  121. Meg

    Still rooting for you, but I do hope you really reexamine some of your feelings about the LGBTQ+ community. I am guessing by the subtext in this video that you think being gay is a choice and so you basically ‘disagreeing’ with something a person has no real choice in the matter. Why do you care who someone loves or what they do in the bedroom as long as it is between 2 consenting adults? Most LGBTQ+ people would not consider your viewpoints very ‘accepting’ or ‘tolerent’ and these views will certainly not age well considering how much more tolerant the USA is becoming every year. At the very least, I hope you either reexamine your views if someone in your family comes out as gay and are able to accept them without all the judgement.

    • Julia

      I agree with this so much! I really admire Jill and Derek for their worldly views on so many topics. It did worry me a bit that the word “debate” was used in the context of LGBTQ+ lifestyles, as it is never a choice. I pray that they will find it in their hearts to differentiate between theft, adultery, and other sin that is harmful to others and/or coercive, and embrace their gay and transgender friends with loving openness and acceptance without debate (because no matter what, that implies a belief in fewer rights and on some level condones hate crimes against them). Relationships between consenting adults, and the self love required for trans openness is so different from any “sin” they mentioned.

  122. maggie

    This is a genuine question, and I hope it doesn’t come off as rude, but did you have to wear nightgowns to bed? Or were you allowed to wear pants inside the house?

  123. Jaguar Angel

    Thank you for sharing with us.

    I love Dave Ramsey’s tips and tricks.

    I can’t believe how big Israel is!

    My question for Jill is whether or not you are still close with your parents or if you’re estranged.

  124. AR

    Jill, I was wondering do you still attend family events when they’re being filmed? Are you close to your parents and siblings still? What siblings do you spend the most time with? Do you guys ever dance? Do you do things with the kids that you were not aloud to do?
    Thank you for sharing, I hope you guys keep making these videos!

  125. Kris

    Would you consider doing a TV special on your family?

  126. RL

    I have 2 questions for you, Jill:

    1. Looking back 5 years later how would you have handled things differently when the scandals regarding your brother Josh hit the news? Can you still say you’ve forgiven him for his actions?

    2. If you have more children in the future will they be home births or hospital births?

  127. KGsands

    Hi Dillard Family! It’s so admirable to watch you guys grow as a family!

    I have a Q for your next Q&A, and you do not have to get super detailed if you prefer not to but…

    What is it like going from 0 to 60 intimacy-wise? Like you go from barely touching to sharing a bed in a matter of hours! In many relationships, that kind of intimacy is built upon as people get more comfortable with each other! How do you prepare yourselves for that leap and the other things that go with it (potty talk, passing gas, bad breath, etc)?

  128. Landon Adams

    What music do you guys listen to?

  129. Noel

    Hey there, Jill and Derick! Thank you for indulging us. I appreciate your willingness to be open about your lives, especially when it is not necessary to do so. It is amazing to see your vulnerability. I’m sure it is difficult to do, but I know there are many out there who are on the same journey of growth and will connect with you.

    I have watched your family’s shows for many years, so my questions are regarding things I saw when you guys were still on the show. Could you share some about why you decided to stop doing international ministry in Central America? Do you foresee yourselves doing international ministry again in the future? Could you share any updates on Derick’s health? I remember a specific episode where you guys discussed how he was having issues while running. I have wondered if the issue resolved. Thanks again for allowing us into your lives.

    • Noel

      One more I forgot to add…given your current path of growth (I know you already mentioned therapy), do you have any book recommendations or resources that have helped you? I am always looking for new books to read and am definitely curious about what has helped or inspired you along the way.

  130. Nicole

    Question for your Q&A: When your family gathers and films for special events like gender reveals, baby showers, etc, are you not invited? How do you feel about being excluded from family gatherings? It breaks my heart that they would choose to film rather than have you there, but I’d like to hear your thoughts!

  131. Abbie l

    is Derrick actually writing a tell-all book about Jill’s family, even after everything they did for y’all?

    Are y’all even allowed at the Duggar Family home? Or is the rumor true that Jill can only sneak in when Jim Bob isn’t home?

    Is your buddy team still in contact with you? Or have Jim Bob and Michelle banned them from talking to y’all?

    Why did you feel the need to spread rumors about Joy and Austin Forsyth leaving TLC when they weren’t true? Is there now conflict between you and the couple?

    What is the real reason you left the show? Does Jill hold grudges at her parents for not handling the Josh situation better 17 years ago?

    Do you ever wish you didn’t leave the show? If so, please elaborate.

  132. Abbie lowry

    is Derrick actually writing a tell-all book about Jill’s family, even after everything they did for y’all?

    Are y’all even allowed at the Duggar Family home? Or is the rumor true that Jill can only sneak in when Jim Bob isn’t home?

    Is your buddy team still in contact with you? Or have Jim Bob and Michelle banned them from talking to y’all?

    Why did you feel the need to spread rumors about Joy and Austin Forsyth leaving TLC when they weren’t true? Is there now conflict between you and the couple?

    What is the real reason you left the show? Does Jill hold grudges at her parents for not handling the Josh situation better 17 years ago?

    Do you ever wish you didn’t leave the show? If so, please elaborate.

  133. Alicia

    Do you support Trump? I saw that your sister Jana posted an instagram video of James writing Trump 2020 in the grass and wondered if you support him as well? If so, how do you look past all of the negative things he’s done?

    • Katherine

      Good question. I don’t understand how Christians, especially the evangelical ones, rationalize supporting a man who has done what Trump has done and who has the kind of moral values he has. Does your hunger for faith-based legislation overpower those other despicable things? If so, that’s the very definition of hypocrisy.

  134. Ewa

    You are both so smart and genuine, I love watching you. My question is : how do you share the gospel with the non believers?

  135. Noel

    Hi there, Jill and Derick! I am not sure if this has already popped up as I tried to post this yesterday, and it seems to have disappeared. Sorry if this is a repeat!

    First of all, thank you for doing these Q&A videos and indulging us :), especially when there is truly no obligation to share so much of your lives with complete strangers. I appreciate your vulnerability and opening up about your journey. I am sure it is difficult, but I also know that others will connect to your story and path.

    I have watched your family’s TLC shows for many years, so most of my questions are related to things I have seen in episodes. I apologize if you have already shared or given updates about some of these things and I have missed them.

    ~Can you please share an update on Derick’s health? I remember an episode about how he was having issues while running. I have wondered if the issue has resolved or changed.

    ~Can you please share about why your decision to stop doing international ministry in Central America? Do you foresee yourselves doing international ministry again one day?

    ~As you have been sharing about your growth and learning what is best for your family, what are some books or resources that have helped you along to where you are now? I know you mentioned therapy, which I also believe is key. I am always looking for a good book and am definitely curious about what books/resources have made a difference in your life during this phase.

    Thank you again for sharing. It has been great to see a different side of you. Hoping you remain encouraged, empowered, and in the center of God’s will.

  136. Sage

    Do yall watch the Counting On episodes?

  137. Sydney

    Hey!! Absolutely loving the Q&A’s and your insight! I’m so happy you guys are making decisions as a couple! So wonderful to make your faith/convictions your own! 🙂 That said, I was wondering how you guys feel about courting/relationships? If you could go back in time, would you keep your relationship the same way or do it differently? What will your encourage your kids in in this area (if you know yet…i know it’s a ways out lol).

  138. brittany Ceballos ceballos

    I love you on the show I still Watched 19 Kids and counting I am a Twin also my twin sister lives Jessica lives Around near us she just got done
    with her 10 years in the army Begumi Iraq Germanany How do you Feel about Handicap people Beause I Never Told this when i Frist Met you but I am Handicap I Have water on the brain Fourmer know as Hydrocephalus was Born 1987 Starting Waching a Show Called Days of our lives to keep my mind off of dieing if helped we are 33 years going be 34 years old in May 29 I have NOT meet you but I’ve Talked to you on the phone I was’nt Able to Come to clearwater fl because i was in South amercia Visiting Family but whenever your in ar hit me up my phone is 1(239)810-0311

  139. BRi

    I have watched your show from almost the beginning and I’m so proud and happy for you and how far you’ve come and where you are in your life now. You and Derrick seem genuinely happy! I don’t necessarily have a Q & A question for you but was wondering if you would consider doing a whole video about budgeting/ household organization and what tools you use like do you have a budget binder? Or how do you keep it all organized and what specific categories do you break it down into? Just any tips on how you manage your day to days would be awesome!

    I look forward to continue watching you live your best life!

  140. Jane

    God is the master of diversity. Look at only birds… Over 11,000 types and some mate for life and others don’t. In primate society, there are matriarchal and patriarchal groups as well as more egalitarian ones. There’s not only two kinds of trees, but over 60,000 of them. Make penguins hatch their mate’s eggs. Other animals have a same sex preference. A creator with this kind of love for diversity, with this beautiful imagination and sense of humor, surely knew that some of his human creations would be gay and that sometimes one would not be born XX or XY, but have one of 28 different chromosomal combinations effecting gender.

    • s

      What a beautiful comment! I love this. God’s children includes everyone – gay, straight, asexual, male, female, nonbinary…we are all worthy of love and acceptance. I really wish we had more positive Christian LGBTQ+ representation. I have hope that we will get there, eventually.


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