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Back To School Shopping For Israel…and Derick

Back To School Shopping For Israel…and Derick

It’s that time of year and this year it’s extra special! Derick is completing his final year of law school while Israel is starting his first year of school! We had fun going back to school shopping together and wanted to share the experience with y’all.

I know with the pandemic things are looking a lot different than everyone thought they would going into this school year. Our schools are starting back soon and students have the option for in person/blended classes or totally virtual. Those who choose the in person option may end up at home eventually (the blended part) if things with the virus escalate depending on the school.

Also, shoutout to all the teachers doing so much to keep us safe, yet provide a fun learning environment for our kids! We are so grateful!

Has school already started where you live? What do things look like for you this school year? Drop your comments below!

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  1. Jackie king

    Beautiful boys. Irsael will enjoy his first year.Your video is not good

    • Nadine Cosenza….I miss seeing you and your family on Counting On!! God Bless you and your family. Nadine

    • libby2130

      jill I have medical training and have wondered for a long time if derrick has marfan syndrome…people who have this are very tall and thin……and if they stand against a wall and measure their arm span from one finger tip all the way across to the fingertip on the other hand..this measurement will be longer than their height.

      people with marfan syndrome can have heart and lung problems

      • Derick & Jill

        Thanks for your concern. He doesn’t have Marfan Syndrome. We are still trying to figure out the gagging issues though and have found a few things that help slightly decrease some of the symptoms.

  2. Allitia

    Why did you choose to send him to school vs homeschooling?

  3. JPU

    I love the music you use in the video. I don’t really care for bratwurst, but I wouldn’t mind visiting when I can actually travel again. School starts on September 8 where I am. Keep doing what you’re doing; your family is a blessing

  4. JC

    So sweet! I teach Kindergarten in CT and my district is also returning in person. I wish your little one a fabulous first year! I know it will be very different than what you anticipated but just know his teacher will be sure to give him the best year!

  5. Amber

    My youngest started K4 on Aug 17th & my girls are in 7th & 8th grade and they go back on Aug 24th. We chose brick & mortar. My kids do so much better with face to face instructions. Praying your family has an enjoyable year!

  6. Melissa

    We start next Tuesday in SW MO. We have grades 1, 3, 5. Nervous

    Ann Voskamp posted this a year ago on Facebook and I’m really focusing on it.

    Even if this season isn’t going as planned, Lord
    and if it’s not at all what we hoped,
    and if “we’re* not yet quite what we hoped,
    and if life’s not unfolding to our Plan A
    and if it’s not even close to Plan B
    and if the diagnosis is not great
    and if the forecast is not good
    and if not… and if not… and if not…
    *You still are.* You still are Good & You still are God.
    And we will be the people who will still…
    The people who will still rest in it & sing it into the dark:
    “and if not — He is still Good. He is still God… so we can still & be & be at rest.”


    • Tabitha

      My 5 kids are doing Virtual School this year.
      Our school district just had a positive COVID case after 1 week of school and several people were put into quarantine who were in close contact with the student. Those people now have to do “distance” learning until they can safely return to school.

      • Derick & Jill

        Oh! Yeah, they’ve said that we may have to come back home/do distance learning if things get worse at any point.

  7. Marcetta Sharp

    I kept wondering why I wasn’t seeing you guys on the new show, when all else fails google.
    I’m glad you stood for what is biblical.It was so fun watching the school shopping video.

    The only question is why did he get the OSU book bag? Go Bucks I’m from Ohio

    • Derick & Jill

      Derick and both his parents are Oklahoma State grads, so naturally, we are all fans. 😉

  8. Sharon

    This has been my favourite YouTube video! I’m so excited to watch you guys navigate this next chapter in life. I love how you let this be all about Israel but still included Samuel a little bit.

    We live in Australia so we don’t start back until the end of January. My little boy will be starting kindergarten than as he will turn 6 in May. I am so excited to send him off to school. I know its a few months off yet but I have already started getting supplies.

  9. Heidi

    You’re kids are so cute Jill, thanks for posting! It’s fun watching them reason through counting, it’s easy to forget that we all had to learn how to do that!

  10. Arleen B Bradley

    I am so happy that you are sending Israel to a public school. He will enjoy being with other children. You and Derrick are wise parents.

  11. Tina Hungerford

    I remember doing this with my boys. It brought back sweet memories. Have a great school year Israel and Derek!

  12. Tina

    We are in Melbourne Australia and have had a second wave here but know where near your numbers. We are the only state in Australia to go into complete lockdown. Our schools have closed for the 2nd time and our kids are learning remotely at home. I am actually watching Duggars in Quarantine as we speak I just love you guys your families are just beautiful. I also come from a large family and are missing them terribly. Keep safe xo

  13. ann

    Your boys are so cute ! Israel will like school and make new friends. Thanks for sharing the video !


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