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The Coronavirus: Our New Normal

The Coronavirus: Our New Normal

…”and the Lord will be with you.” -2 Chron. 20:17

I’m sure your community feels a lot like ours right now as the tension and uncertainties linger while the coronavirus pandemic continues. Ironically, weeks after we registered Israel for public school, the entire state of Arkansas has now shifted abruptly to forced homeschooling for the time being. That is, effective today, all Arkansas schools are closed. However, the rush for groceries and essentials began last week and many people began shifting to work from home where possible.

Derick’s in-person classes have been canceled (moved online) and we are figuring out a new rhythm as we prepare and begin to spend a lot more time within the confines of our home. We are counting our blessings and praying for safety, strength and health for everyone here and around the globe.

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all who continue to work tirelessly on the frontlines, whether in the medical field, grocery stores, in other support roles, etc. to keep everything going and save more lives!

Last week, Jill and the boys got out to do a little shopping to try to find some supplies we were running low on. Below is a video of that shopping experience.

We want to encourage you to think about ways you can help others during this time. Personally, we are limiting our movement outside of our home to do our part to limit spread of the virus, especially for those at greater risk. We have also reached out to family and friends to share our resources. And after living in other countries ourselves, we try to be more aware of the added difficulties some of our international friends face when crisis hits, so we have been in contact with them too.

Our pastor shared a great message this week speaking directly about the uncertainties we are facing. We hope you will listen and find it encouraging! (click here for link.) Our regular church services have been canceled for now, but they will be streaming services online, as always, so feel free to tune in on Sundays at 9:30am & 10:55 (CST). (

If you are local to NW Arkansas, our church is coordinating efforts to provide support to people, including drive-through care and possibly delivery options, especially for those at greater risk (click here for more info). There are also several local businesses providing free food to families and children affected by lack of resources and school closures, including but not limited to: Wright’s BBQ, Jersey Mike’s, Marco’s Pizza, Samaritan Community Center, JJ’s Grill, and CJ’s Burgers.

How have you been impacted by the virus? What are you doing to prepare & care for yourself and others? Do you have any helpful tips to keep kids busy and/or stay connected without passing along germs? Drop comments below.

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  1. Dawn

    Thank you for doing your part ! I have Lupus and that means I’m at risk . Also on a good note ! I feel this is so good for people ! I feel we all need to slow down and focus on what really matters ! Our family and friends ! Be more appreciative of what we have and not what we don’t have ! Maybe this is a way the Lord is asking us to look to him as well as our family. I also feel like people have been so selfish worried about only themselves ! Maybe this will help people to realize life is more then you! And realize when you help others it brings all kinds of people together ! No matter color , race religion , age ect. We all matter ! So I’m praying this brings more people closer . God Bless you !

  2. Shiela

    To avoid being exposed to more germs. If you have a non emergency situation you can use an internet doctor. As for keeping the kids busy you can find educational items on the internet even science experiments you can do with them at home. Just make it fun and interesting everyday so no one gets bored or stressed out.

  3. Jessica

    Hey we feel you here in Winnipeg Canada. I managed to find two of the small four roll packs at one store, a twelve roll pack of some super premium brand (which I ended up paying $16 for because well it’s premium triple roll), and one more twelve pack for a more decent price of $11. We usually get a 50 pack from Costco for maybe $20. No sale prices are being honoured either so it feels like the stores are raising prices. My husband finally found some at Costco yesterday so now we should be good for a few weeks in a house of four adults. Fingers crossed for everyone

  4. sS

    I’m a teacher in a hard-hit state and created a resource list for my students, friends, family, whoever needs it–I’ll email it to you; lots of it is Kindergarten friendly 🙂

  5. Gabi

    I like the editing of this video

  6. Regina Shea

    I had a follow-up appointment for today for my back but my doctor doesn’t want her healthy patients coming to the office so we opted for an over the phone appointment. I’m glad because I didn’t want to be at the clinic longer than I needed.

  7. Regina Shea

    Jill I just realized that I rambled about my doctor appointment and didn’t really answer your question. Here in AZ our governor just announced for schools to be closed for another two weeks. That’s going to be hard on some parents. Our community college has canceled all it’s performing arts shows for the rest of the season. No eating in restaurants, libraries, and stores are temporarily closed. Our church Grace Church has canceled services too but are going to be having live stream services at 11am ( Arizona doesn’t observe daylight savings time so that’s an option too for church.

    Something came to mind when we learned that schools would be closed for another two weeks was that some parents will basically have to temporarily homeschool their children. That’s a piece of cake for those of us who have experience but parents who have never homeschooled are probably at a loss.
    We seasoned homeschool moms can offer suggestions, places to order curriculum, homeschool laws for their state should they decide to not send their children back to school for the rest of the year and more. We can be an encouragement to them and even pass on curriculum that we aren’t going to use.

    We are trying to limit going out for anything but there are places we have to go like helping to deliver meals for our small town’s Hungry Kids program. The children normally get bags of food to take home on the weekend from their schools but since schools are closed, bags get delivered to their homes. We also have free grab and go meals for children under 18 years of age.
    Anyway, you all stay healthy and be safe! Let’s be in prayer the will be a quick end to this pandemic.

  8. Cheri

    My daughter’s friend lost his grandfather to Coronavirus, he is on the Navajo nation. We try to help our neighbors as much as possible with sharing seeds for our gardens, eggs from our chickens and if we are out shopping we pick up items for each other. We had a lot of panic buying here in our state so we have a lot of shortages.
    Our family will also be sewing up homemade masks to share with others. My daughter will be making children’s masks while the rest of us will be making adult masks with pockets for filters. I am also going to try to post extra DIY crafts for some of my followers in the upcoming weeks. So far my pom pom bunnies and chicks were popular. You and your family stay safe out there and God bless you all.


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