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Video Tour of Our New Home

Everyone has been asking to get a tour of our new home and I’ve been delaying only because I’d hoped to have everything decorated before making this post. But in all reality, and keeping with tradition, it’ll probably be several months post move-in before we’ve got everything unpacked and decorated. lol

Thanks to some of the fam, we’ve got some new decor (mostly from Hobby Lobby and Amazon) and a few of my siblings even popped in one evening to help do a little decorating…so the walls aren’t completely bare. 😉

For more pics of our home building and finished home pics see our April update here!

The photos above are considered the property of the Dillard Family and may only be used with their written permission. Please request permission to use the photos.


  1. Felicia A Brown


  2. Helene

    Congratulations! Thanks for sharing the video tour, it’s a beautiful family home.

    • Lori

      Beautiful home , God Bless you and your family ❤️

  3. DAna Gilson

    Such a beautiful home. Do you like being closer to neighbors? I live in the country and have neighbors but would like to be further out.

  4. Ann Ballard

    Thanks for sharing the video. Your home is lovely. xxx

  5. Michele casteel

    WOW! Love the house and it looks pretty big for space. It is terrific you opened up the kitchen so you could see the kids if you are in there. As for those two boys….they sure are getting big! I am so happy for you and Derick and pray God will keep you blessed every day of your lives.

  6. Regina Shea

    Thank you Jill for the video tour of your home. It’s very lovely and it’s so nice you have a huge yard for the children. Have a blessed day!

  7. Jan

    LOVE your house! It’s perfect! You already have it decorated so nice. I love seeing all the pictures and videos of all your family. My Mom and Grandmother both lived in Bella Vista. They’re with the Lord now. I miss visiting northwest Arkansas. Seeing clips of places you go to in Bentonville, Rogers and Springdale brings back so many memories. Congratulations on your new home. So happy for you.

  8. Sillyhpj

    You have made a lovely home for your family

  9. Lori

    Love your house, it’s a nice size and it looks like
    Your children will have a lot of room to play in the yard, Thanks for the tour. Gods Blessings.

  10. Connie

    Your home is beautiful. I miss seeing you and your family on the show

  11. Ebony Tho

    Love your home and your family!! The master tub and back yard are my favorites! Gods continued blessings on y’all!

  12. Petra

    Jill thank you for sharing your home! Nice big yard for the boys!!

  13. Robertson

    Your house looks great. Plenty of room for the boys to run around. Are you and your husband planning on expanding your family?

  14. Connie

    Thank you for sharing your home! Your precious family is such an inspiration.

  15. Jessica Worcester

    So fun to see your house, it’s awesome! Our family just moved into our first house with two little boys, and we love having a yard; I am happy for you guys having a big yard and space inside to spread out – so helpful! Congrats!

  16. Jackie Sousa

    Loved the tour of your new home. It’s beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

    • Cheryl

      Very nice house!! Congratulations! It looks so pretty. The boys seem to enjoy it. They have a nice big yard to play in. Arkansas is a beautiful state. My mother was raised in Harrison, and I have a niece in Mt. Home, and cousins in Springdale. I don’t know if you remember the amusement park, Dog Patch USA. My cousin (Albert Rainey) owned it, and several acres surrounding. He sold all of it, and unfortunately the park didn’t stay open long after. That is how Daisy Mae came about. God bless all of you. Hugs and love sent.

  17. Jennifer Minopoli

    So cute!!

  18. Regina Shea

    Oh and a very Happy birthday to Sam! He’s so big now. Your boys are blessed to have you as their mommy!

  19. aMY2

    Lovely! Thanks for sharing! My kids are grown now, but your video took me back to when they were little! I talked and explained to them just as you were doing. They turned out great. Yours will too! God bless~!

  20. Jill-Anne

    Congratulations on your new home! Your family has settled in beautifully.

  21. Lorie Reinfeld

    Thanks so much for share your home tour with us so glad you are able to get a nice home

  22. Tori

    You have a beautiful home and children, I’ve just moved into my own home and I know how stressful and time consuming decorating can be. Although I live alone so don’t have the added pressures which you have raising a young family. Thank you so much for the years you’ve allowed yourself on tv and shared your life with us. I can’t have children and really get so much joy from watching your family grow. I’m struggling to find my path with the Lord as I don’t know anyone who is a practicing Christian but I find great strength in following your family, and watching you’re endless faith and passion for your beliefs. Thank you from the bottom of my heart xxx

    • Derick & Jill

      Aww. Thanks for sharing. Maybe you could look on They try to provide lists of Bible believing churches in your local area…the lists aren’t all encompassing, but might give you at least some ideas for churches in your area where you could find fellowship.

  23. Kaia

    Beautiful home and thank you for sharing it.

  24. Kay

    Jill, your home is lovely. I think that you have terrific taste. I noticed that also use Bath & Bodyworks Stress Relief and Energy creams – I live for them! lol They are perfect for some extra added boost in the daytime and for relaxing at night. Your boys are so handsome. Thank you for sharing your new home.

  25. Jess

    Thanks for sharing! You have a beautiful house and I absolutely ADORE the boys and the loving way you interact with them while filming!!! And I’ve gotta say your house is tidier than mine at the moment… we’re still trying to have children so I can’t blame the mess on kids, so I blame our two dogs LOL. JK, it’s totally my fault; you’ve inspired me to put down the phone and start folding that load of wash from last night

  26. Melody Louise Clark Calkins

    Good video Jill and Derrick : Nice Spacious home: Congratulations We’re Believing for a real Home Someday Soon. Apts are way too expensive goes $100 a month each yr. Pits. But GOD will Provide sometime soon

    You’re a Great Stay at home Mom ️

  27. Priyanka Patel

    Your home is really incredible and I really liked the decor. Even I wish to have a home like this. Thanks for sharing this amazing video with the audience.

  28. Faith

    Very nice house. Congratulations

  29. Eleonora

    Congratulations! your home is lovely, especially the back yard. May the Lord bless your family.

  30. Rachael Hoetger

    Hi guys! I’ve been binge-watching the vlog today (loving the gardening content btw) and just came across the house tour! I think you guys went with the same builder we are looking into, in the exact same area we are looking at. We would love to get a chance to ask you some questions about what you think of the neighborhood and building process with this builder. We are also looking at one of the 4 bedroom plans but with the flex space. Anyway, for privacy, I don’t want to say more than that. I’ve left my email and Youtube channel as a way to contact back if you should find the time! Thank you, be blessed, and stay well!


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