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January 2019 Pictures and Videos

January 2019 Pictures and Videos

January was busy as usual for us! We enjoyed celebrating Mima’s (Derick’s mom’s) birthday early in the month, then Derick started his second semester of law school and Israel started back to school too (preschool/kindergarten work at home). We enjoyed several fun outings with the boys, as well as some firsts for Israel: first time to build a snowman and the first time to go sledding!

What did your January look like?

What are some ways you keep/kept your littles busy during the winter months?

The photos above are considered the property of the Dillard Family and may only be used with their written permission. Please request permission to use the photos.


  1. Regina Shea

    Hi Jill thank you for sharing your January adventures. Life with littles ones is such fun! My girls are adults now and we lived in California when they were little. So we lived in Santa Barbara so we of course had no snow but we had rainy days. Those days they would build forts using the table we used for homeschooling. We hung out at the library at lot. If the rain wasn’t too bad, I would have them grab their umbrellas and go outside and jump in puddles or sing “Singing in the Rain”.

    So my January was relatively quiet. I caught up on posting book reviews on my blog and actually was able to write regular posts too. I’m wanting to write posts that will be helpful to myself and other ladies who read my blog. I recently wrote a post on “Rest” which was very helpful for me because I get stressed out and tend to take my focus off God instead of trusting Him. Now I’m studying Psalm 23 and I want to get a post about that up before the end of the week. Are you studying anything in scripture that you’d like to share? That would be a great discussion topic.

    I also have to turn in paperwork for my youngest daughter’s homeschool graduation which is due this week.( See why I’m stressed?)
    I can’t believe she’s graduating! Before you know it Jill your kids will be graduating from school!

    Other January happenings include sticking to my goals for 2019 which includes exercise and walking in my neighborhood more. We’ve had bad winter weather so I haven’t been able to walk and we are supposed to get more snow.

  2. Reba

    Joseph and Kendra should do posts like this on their blog. I can understand not wanting to have Facebook or Instagram, but they already have a blog so why not use it!?! It wouldn’t even have to be monthly, like you do, Jill. It could be just every 3 months or something. Just a way for fans to connect with them. I know they’re under contract with TLC, but it doesn’t stop Jinger and Joy from posting stuff on their Instagram accounts. I don’t see why their contract would prevent Joe and Kendra from posting on their blog!


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