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Israel and Samuel’s 1st Baseball Game!

Israel and Samuel’s 1st Baseball Game!

We enjoyed taking Israel and Samuel to their very first baseball game a few weeks ago! Thanks to Derick’s Mom and her boss (Paul), we all had a wonderful evening at the Naturals’ Faith and Family night at the local Arvest Ballpark.

For any of you who have traveled/lived outside the U.S.A., there are just some things you miss when you’re abroad that make you even more appreciative when you’re back home. Baseball, hotdogs, patriotic music and fireworks are just a few of those things!

What are some things you love/miss about America?

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  1. Regina Shea

    Hi Jill! I’m glad you two got to go to Faith and Family Night. A couple of weeks ago, our church went to Faith and Family Night in Phoenix. Mercy Me played after the game. We aren’t into baseball so we didn’t go.
    Things I love about America:
    Freedom of worship
    Freedom to homeschool
    Apple pie
    That’s just to name a few
    Freedom to have internet

    Though I’m still here in America these are what I miss:
    Decent television programs
    People not being offended over every little thing
    Trashy magazines not being displayed in plain view

  2. Reba

    Are you going to do a big post for August?

    • Derick & Jill

      Yes! Working on it and planning to post Monday morning! 🙂


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