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Easy Baked Italian Chicken ‘N Sides

Easy Baked Italian Chicken ‘N Sides

My mother-in-law makes this meal frequently, especially when delivering a meal to a friend.  This past week I took meals to two friends of ours so this recipe came in super handy! It’s so simple and tastes delicious!


Makes one 9×13″ pan (4-6 servings)

4-6 chicken breasts (depending on size), boneless, skinless, thawed

3-4 potatoes, medium, (or equivalent small red potatoes), washed, cubed

2 cans green beans, or 2-3 cups fresh or frozen green beans

1/2 stick butter (1/4 cup), cut into slices

1 pkg. Italian dressing dry mix


Grease 9×13″ pan. Place thawed chicken in middle of pan. Place cubed potatoes to one side of pan and drained green beans to other side of pan. Dot everything with sliced butter. Sprinkle with seasoning package. Bake covered at 450 degrees for 60-90 min (for large chicken breasts), or at 350 for one hour (for small chicken breasts), until internal temperature of chicken reaches at least 160 degrees (doesn’t hurt to be a little over this!).

Note: you can easily substitute potatoes and green beans for other vegetables (e.g. carrots, sweet potatoes, fresh asparagus, etc.)


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  1. Denise C

    Hello there, I have a question on your Stuffed Zucchini recipe. Am I to understand that you are saying to shovel the seeds out and then add them to the meat sauce mixture?
    In the intro you say to clean seeds out and keep in ziplock in freezer.. bit you don’t say why, then in the rrcipe you note this..”Scrape out seeds and mix together in bowl with rest of ingredients except mozzarella cheese. ”
    I just want to understand. Also, would we really need to add the seeds back into sauce if that’s what you are saying?

    • Derick & Jill

      Hey Denise,
      Sorry it was confusing!
      So in the intro of the “Stuffed Zucchini” recipe I was referring to when I have a bunch of zucchini that I want to freeze to be able to use later (I scoop out the insides but save everything…so really I’m just prepping the zucchini). But when you’re actually making the stuffed zucchini, you’ll do the same thing (scrape out the insides…seeds and all!) and then go ahead and add them to the meat sauce mixture (rest of ingredients). Hope this helps!

  2. Charity

    Thanks for the recipe! Love quick and easy dinners. Appreciate you putting this on here 🙂

  3. Af

    This was one of my got to recipes when I was newly married and then when I had kids. I haven’t made it in years! I need to remember because it’s so easy! It’s super good with boneless thighs as well!

  4. Amy

    This looks so easy. I have everything on hand which is awesome bc all of our stores are closed due to the hurricane in SC. Will be making tomorrow night as long as our power doesn’t go off!!

  5. Marie Gunduz

    Can the butter in this recipe be substituted with olive oil? I’m going to try this recipe soon. It is on my list of “to cook”. Looks good.

    • Derick & Jill

      Probably so. 🙂 I’m always substituting in my recipes too! lol

  6. Kari Lehrer

    Does the chicken get overcooked? Usually, it just takes about 25 minutes or so for a chicken breast. If I do this, would it be better to put the chicken in after the potatoes are cooked for awhile?

    • Derick & Jill

      You can put them all together. The chicken breasts I was using were really big, so they required a high heat and longer baking time…my potatoes and green beans still tasted great! If using smaller breasts, go with the shorter and lower heat. Just make sure to check the internal temp of the meat to make sure it’s cooked thoroughly! 🙂

  7. Kari Lehrer

    Thanks! I will definitely make this!

  8. Brittany D.

    I was looking for a quick, easy recipe last night and thought about your recipes and knew you would have an easy chicken one. I cooked this last night and we loved it! Thank you!

    • Derick & Jill

      Aww yay! Glad to hear you loved it.


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