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Morning Sickness Helps

Hey Ladies, (or friends and family of morning sick mamas!)

Someone recently asked me if I had any tips for morning sickness during pregnancy. Having had only two pregnancies myself, I am not an expert! First off, I’d recommend that you check with your healthcare provider since he or she will have the best knowledge and history of your specific needs.

That being said, a friend of my mom (Wendy Shaw) wrote a book called, “The Morning Sickness Handbook: Over 100 Remedies for Nausea Relief.” This book was given to me when I was pregnant with Samuel and it was so helpful! I literally went through it and made a shopping list for my sweet hubby of anything that sounded remotely good! (Any of you who have been morning sick know that what sounds good one minute can sound disgusting by the time you walk into the kitchen to get it!)

Anyways, while there is no cure, I thought this could be a super helpful resource to any of you mamas that struggle with morning/all day sickness during your pregnancies.

Anyone else have helpful tips for mommas with morning sickness? Feel free to comment below.

Here is a link to Wendy Shaw’s book on Amazon:

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  2. jennIfer ray

    I haven’t been hit with real strong morning sickness. Just slight nausea every so often. But whenever I get nauseous, pregnant or just sick, I always have something peppermint. Peppermint tea, Mentos, etc. It always makes me feel better. Also, this is my first pregnancy so I don’t know much. lol

  3. Regina Shea

    I remember those days well. I would have crackers by my bedside before I got up when I was dealing with morning sickness. That was the worst part of being pregnant but it is worth it because of the end results.


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