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Colorado Missions Trip Update

Colorado Missions Trip Update

We had a wonderful Missions trip to Colorado with our church as part of Derick’s School of Ministry training. We caravanned with a group of about 20 people from Northwest Arkansas and drove all day till we arrived in Colorado Springs, CO. The goal of the trip was to come alongside and help a couple from our church who have recently started a new church (The Bridge Fellowship) in Colorado Springs.

Since Israel was going to be turning three the week we were there, we decided to bring the whole family along, even if that meant that, with the little ones in tow, we wouldn’t get to participate all together in every outreach opportunity. Jill and the boys stayed at the hotel some and were able to get together with some family friends part of the time too. The boys ended up starting the trip out with coughs and colds, and by the end, our whole little family had it! Thankfully, everyone seems to be getting better now.

As part of our role in helping the “church plant” in community outreach, we volunteered at a food pantry, to help organize food. We also put together meals and delivered them to the homeless in multiple locations, helped the pastor and his wife with some projects, passed out doughnuts and coffee to local businesses and schools, passed out pizzas to police and fire stations and military bases, handed out dog treats at dog parks, and picked up trash.  We really wanted to show the community that, in representing “The Bridge Fellowship” we wanted to serve and love Colorado Springs, with no strings attached. On Sunday we helped with set up and tear down for the church service and worked alongside the church staff.

Derick was even able to lead one man in giving his life to Christ! What a joy!

We were excited to have a little bit of time amidst the busy schedule to visit Pike’s Peak, Focus on the Family, and soak up the beautiful Colorado scenery!

Thank you to everyone who has supported and prayed for us! We are so grateful.


To see pictures and videos from our trip, click here

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  1. Regina Shea

    I love reading stories of people coming to the Lord. I can’t wait for the next Life Matters post.


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