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Dillard Family Update—June 2017

Dillard Family Update—June 2017

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support as we have transitioned back home over the last month!

As you all know, our last couple weeks in Central America were pretty crazy ones. We have continued to stay in contact with our friends and trust that God will continue to sustain them as they persevere in the difficult areas they live.

The family of our friend who was murdered was forced to move every night due to threats on their lives. Recently, they were finally able to rent a place in a different area where they will be able to stay for the next couple months. 

The family of our other friend who passed away due to complications from dialysis and surgery are very grateful for all prayers and funds given to cover the funeral expenses. This man has one son left (the other one was murdered a couple months ago), and we believe this younger son will be able to help support his mom now that our friend has passed. 

A dear friend of ours (Brenda) from the local church in Central America, had brain surgery about a week after we returned to the States in the women’s public hospital. We praise God she made it through the surgery, recovered quicker than normal, and has made it home, where she continues to gain strength! Brenda is a single mom of a nearly 2-year-old little girl. She is mostly blind due to the tumor in her brain. Her husband left her when her tumor came back, so she lives with her sister and their family. 

During the month of July, there will be several short-term teams from the U.S. going to several countries in Central America to share the hope of Jesus, put on youth conferences, and work in schools. 

We are looking forward to the arrival of little Samuel Scott very soon. Jill and baby have continued to check out well, and we appreciate your prayers for a great delivery. 

Please pray with us for:

  • The July team’s protection and good ministry opportunities
  • Brenda’s continued recovery and complete healing from the brain tumor
  • Our indigenous friend’s continued perseverance and faith in God, even though the area they live and work in is dangerous.
  • Continued wisdom and peace for us as we continue to settle in and prepare for our little one’s soon arrival. 

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