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Happy Father’s Day, Derick!

Happy Father’s Day, Derick!

To Derick, the love of my life, my “soul mate” and the best Papa in the world!

Happy Father’s Day My Love!

I love you SOOO much Derick and praise God for you! I thank Him for giving me such a thoughtful, caring husband who is such a good father to our son. Israel loves you so much and loves getting to spend time with you. I love coming into the living room and seeing y’all sitting on the floor reading a book or playing with his blocks together.

You can tell Israel loves his papa. Every time he hears you walking up to the front door he starts saying, “Papa! Papa!” and runs over and waits for you to open it and give him the keys. I love seeing him giggle while you “wrestle”/tickle him before bed, or seeing his little chubby hand go up in the air, trying to touch the ceiling, when you toss him up in the air. Of course he loves football with papa too and it’s so adorable to see him running all over the house playing with you.

You’re such a good Daddy. Israel loves it when you bring home his favorite snack (bananas) when you go shopping. He is your little buddy and you’re his best friend. I pray for Israel that he will be like his papa, “a man after God’s own heart”…a man who “loves God and hates evil.”

Amidst the craziness of this life, you trust Jesus and continue to lead, protect and guide your family closer to Him. I only wish your dad were with us now, he would be so proud of you, honey! I can’t wait to meet him in heaven one day!

I pray for you daily that you will continue to draw closer to the Lord and love him more! I love you with all my heart! You’re my best friend, my amazing hubby and the most wonderful papa!

We love you bunches!

Your wifey + little buddy

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