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Are you ready for the “Day of the Lord”?

Are you ready for the “Day of the Lord”?

In the times of uncertainty we live in including increased violence and terrorism abroad and on American soil as well as an unpredictable economy among other issues, it makes sense to ask the question, “Are you ready for the end of all things?

Are you ready for the “Day of the Lord”?

Truths to live by in a world that doesn’t make sense:


Isaiah prophesied both within his time and for all time.

Ch. 1-39 (Judgment)  ch. 40-66 (restoration and comfort)

The “Day of the Lord” was the coming Babylonian invasion and serves as a “type” for God’s ultimate coming judgment.

…written so that we might have hope (Rom. 15:4)


  • God’s restoration of His people is not dependant upon us.  God will free His people for His own sake. (Is. 48:9-11) Israel was chosen so that God would be glorified (Is. 49:3)
    • Regardless of person or nation, sin leads to punishment and repentance leads to restoration.
    • God wants us to rely fully upon Him.  We should not derive our security from man or anything manmade.
      • Instead of asking God for a sign to show his deliverance, King Ahaz looked to Egypt for security (Is. 7:10-12)
        • Are we relying on anything instead of or in addition to God’s provision for us?  (family, good works, gov’t, money, our own strength or anything within ourselves)
        • Are we seeking God first or last?
  • Through the stubbornness of Israel and mankind, we can more clearly see that man cannot save himself or be saved by the institutions of man (even religion and temple practices, realpolitik or vox populi); a greater Savior is needed (v. 14)
  • We see again a common theme in Isaiah:  Israel’s faithlessness and God’s faithfulness.
  • True success in this life can only be accomplished through the Spirit of God (30:1-2)
    • God’s ways are not what we would expect, so that He gets the glory.
      • His ways are higher than our ways. (Is. 55:8-9) so we must seek Him to know His way.
  • Blessed are those who wait on God (30:18) We must wait on God.
    • Shows a humble and contrite spirit
  • Living in the Spirit will affect where your joy/hope is found (where your treasure is, there your heart will be also) which will affect what your actions and reactions in life will be.


We will only be ready for the “Day of the Lord” if we are living in the Spirit and rely upon God’s work through Jesus on that day.

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