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Happy Birthday Jill!

Happy Birthday Jill!

In honor of Jill’s 25th birthday, I’ve written this acrostic:


J – Just the right one for me!

I – I’ll love you forever!  …and Israel loves you too!

L –Life with you is awesome, Baby!

L –Lord willing, we’ll have many more birthdays and babies together!


Happy birthday to my beautiful wife and best friend, Jill!


25 Things I love about my wife that I’m eternally grateful for:


  1. Her love for the Lord and desire to live her life for Him
  2. Her love and care for her family and other people
  3. Her beautiful face
  4. Her God-centered convictions
  5. Her sweet disposition and quiet spirit
  6. Her love for the nations and realization of the world-wide need for Christ
  7. Her tenderheartedness
  8. Her patience with me
  9. Her teaching me about birth and babies when I had barely even held one
  10. Her sense of humor
  11. Her desire to seek and submit to God’s will
  12. Her creativity
  13. Her love and respect for her parents
  14. Her Godly example to her siblings
  15. Her hardworking and sacrificial attitude
  16. Her fun-loving personality
  17. Her ability to cook delicious things
  18. Her open-mindedness
  19. Her eternally minded perspective on life
  20. Her diligence in studying God’s word
  21. Her example to younger women of what it means to fear God
  22. Her love and care for our son, Israel
  23. Her spiritual maturity and continued growth in her walk with the Lord
  24. Her daily companionship
  25. She’s my wife!


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