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My Sermon Outline

My Sermon Outline

Below is an outline of a sermon I am working on. I thought you might be interested to see my creative process! 🙂

– Derick

“What is Love?”


1 Corinthians 13



What do you think about when you think of love?

True love is often times very different than what we think of as love

Why?  Because we are in the flesh and God is in the Spirit

So, as we yield to the Holy Spirit in our lives, we will better understand love.


Foundational truths about Biblical love:

…and their implications to our lives as Christians


1)     Love is forever (v. 8)

  1. Our earthly relationships should be founded in Biblical love

i.      Marriage covenant (several US states, including Arkansas have a covenant marriage license available to display this outwardly)

2)     Love is a mystery (v.  12)

  1. One of the biggest mysteries is God’s love for us

i.      There are things healthy to ponder and there are things unhealthy to ponder (e.g. things that are not important for the Gospel that cause dissentions in the church)

  1. If you want to know God, pursue love, and if you want to know love, pursue God.
  2. If you want to know the most secret truths of scripture, pursue love.

3)     Love is supreme (v. 13) (we first know this from the longevity of love; spiritual gifts will pass away; love is greater than faith and hope)

  1. God commands it.  (Matt. 22:34-40)

i.      Love is the best thing for us and for other people

  1. God set up the institution of marriage for a purpose.   Marriage is a display and reminder of God’s love for His church.

4)     Love is unconditional  (v. 4-8) it’s a higher love – and the world does not know it, so be joyful when you suffer persecution for true love’s sake.

  1. Our love toward others should reflect Christ’s love

i.      Taught and exemplified all through scripture

  1. Example:  Love your enemy (very different from human love)
  2. We are taught to love in a way that glorifies God, because there is no way it could be attributed to us b/c it doesn’t make sense in the flesh.

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    Dear Pastor Derick,
    What a joy to read about you all, and to view your fb posts.
    Also, as one who grew up in the great state of Oklahoma, I
    was touched to see your writing about OSU & your precious father, too.
    We are privileged to be here in S. Korea for a time, so we really appreciated
    your vision & mention of Nepal and Mexico and thank you for
    your vision for other countries and everywhere the lost.
    Once again, thank you for your awesome heart & awesome family, sir!
    With warmth & respect in Jesus Christ–
    Scott & Diane Robinson


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